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Chapter 1

The government keeps a file on all subs, the file includes their picture and as much information on that person as they can gather as they grow up. Subs remain in their parent's custody until they are 18. When they turn 17 their file is able to be seen by other Doms, though they cannot be claimed until they are 18.

"You don't have to do this you know sweetie. You can wait until you go to college, or at least graduate high school."

Blaine smiled at his mom lovingly. "I know I don't have to mom, I want to. I mean come on how creepy would it be if I was like twenty five and I had an eighteen year old for my sub?"

She sighed and shrugged in resignation. "Ok, I'll get your dad to take you down to registry tonight." Blaine grinned and hugged his mother before jogging upstairs.

Later that night, Mr. Anderson found himself waiting while his son looked over the files that had been presented to him. He looked through them all but the young man continued to glance back at one particular file.

After a few moments, he handed back all but the one and asked if there was any more information on the one person he seemed so enamored with.

"Dad." He called after a few more minutes. Blaine's father stepped up behind him curiously. "This one." He tapped the picture of a grinning boy with light brown hair and sparkling bluish-green eyes.

"Are you sure?" his father asked.

Blaine just laughed and nodded. "He's perfect."

*** two months later ***

Kurt rubbed the back of his head lightly and winced.

"Oh, baby, I'm so sorry." Mercedes winced, leaning up to check the new lump forming there. "I should've gotten there sooner."

Kurt just sighed and pushed her away. "It's fine 'Cedes. Not like I'm not used to it."

They left the girl's bathroom, Mercedes being sure to check that Karofsky wasn't in the hall before they started on their way to the choir room.

Kurt was nervous as all hell. He was officially 18. He'd been on file for that whole time, he knew that. The interviews every few years, the odd questions that some people would ask him, it wasn't like some big conspiracy that he was being tracked. Last year his file was open for viewing. Karofsky's attacks had been increased as of late because for some unknown reason, his file had disappeared. According to Dave, he was no longer in the system.

Kurt was worried as to what that meant. Did someone take him off for some unknown reason? Was he already claimed without knowing? Or was Dave lying to get some odd angle on him?

He forced the uneasy thoughts from his mind as he took his seat between Mercedes and Brittney. She had turned eighteen a few months ago and had been claimed by Santana; not that that was a surprise to anyone. Britt shot him a sympathetic look before curling into Santana further.

Mr. Shuester started droning on about their next assignment, but Kurt couldn't find it in himself to be excited. Dave had made it clear that he wouldn't be in glee club much longer.

Rachel's dramatic cry of 'spy!' was what finally roused Kurt out of his trance. He glanced up to see a striking young man wearing the Dalton Academy's uniform, the little Warbler pin rested proudly on the lapel of his coat. The teen smirked at Rachel's outburst but his eyes locked onto Kurt. A quiver ran down Kurt's spine.

While Finn tried to get control of Rachel, who was making a show of trying to get over to the Dalton boy, Mr. Shue invited the teen in.

"May I ask why you're here Mr.…" Mr. Shue trailed off uncertainly, clearly beyond his element. The Warbler just smirked.

"Blaine Anderson." He answered, looking at the elder briefly before turning his gaze back on Kurt. "And I'm here for him."

That made everyone freeze. Kurt cocked a perfectly shaped eyebrow but said nothing. After a few awkward moments Santana seemed to be fed up with their silence. She grabbed Kurt and all but threw him into Blaine before shoving the pair out the door and closing it. Brittney was laughing openly at that.

Kurt quickly untangled himself from the other boy and moved away as far as he could, pressing into the lockers behind him.

"What do you want?" he snapped.

"Now now," Blaine smirked, moving in close enough that Kurt couldn't escape. "That's no way for a little sub like you to be talking." Kurt glared at that. Blaine just continued to smirk in that infuriating way. "You really don't know who I am, do you?" he mused. "I was told you got your letter last night."

His lips brushed against Kurt's neck and he shivered involuntarily. "I didn't… I wasn't home yesterday, I was with Cedes." He explained hesitantly. Kurt had an idea where this was going, and he wasn't sure is he liked it.

"Well Kurt," the name rolled off his easily, making Kurt tremble again. "It just so happens that I'm your Dom." He eyed the shorter man carefully before saying, "you had to know this was going to happen."

"I knew." Kurt mumbled defensively. "Just wasn't expecting… this." He gestured toward Blaine and blushed a little.

A loud crash behind them made Kurt snap around. A furious Mercedes stormed out of the choir room followed by Puck, Sam, and Finn.

"You listen to me good white boy, I don't know who you think you are but you best be moving on." Mercedes snapped, moving to stand in front of Kurt protectively. The others flanked her and blocked Kurt from Blaine's view. "He's got enough crap to deal with without you!"

"Mercedes, it's fine." Kurt mumbled, putting a hand on the protective girl's arm. "He's the one who claimed me. The letter came last night. Kinda my own fault for not going home." He shrugged.

Mercedes moved, though begrudgingly, away from Kurt, not going too far. Kurt just rolled his eyes. "It's either this or Karofsky. And frankly he's cuter." Mercedes snickered at that one.

The moment Mercedes stepped away; Blaine's arms had found their way around Kurt's waist once more. He was still incredibly uncomfortable with the physical contact, but he figured he would rather have semi-caring touches from Blaine than abusive ones from Dave.

"Just go back inside." Kurt mumbled nervously. "I– I probably have to go."

"You don't actually have to." Blaine murmured in his ear. "If I had known you had glee today I would've come later." Kurt eyed the taller male warily.

"Wait… you mean you aren't gonna make me quit New Directions?" Blaine shook his head. Kurt smiled the tiniest bit and looked down. "Thank you." He paused, and then, noticing the look he was getting, added a "Sir."

Looking over toward the door, Kurt choked on a chuckle noticing how heatedly the other boys were glaring at his, err, Dom. That was going to take some getting used to.

"Uh, care to introduce me to your little friends?" Blaine asked brashly.

"Oh, umm, ok…" Kurt stumbled over his words nervously. "Th-this is Puck, Sam, and my step brother Finn. And that's Mercedes." He pointed to the young woman who crossed her arms and made a swift cutting motion across her throat before stalking back into the classroom. "She's a sweetheart, really. She's just… protective."

The pair went into the classroom, Blaine's arm wrapped firmly around Kurt's waist. A warm feeling seemed to radiate from his chest every time Blaine touched him, even in the smallest ways. Kurt didn't miss the jealous glare that was sent Brittney's way when he sat down next to her.

Mr. Shue continued as if nothing had happened, talking animatedly about the newest assignment. Blaine's hands never left Kurt for the remainder of the class.

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