LbN: Sequel to The Only One. Written for Faberry Week: Superheroes.

Their son was three when Rachel and Quinn's suspicions were confirmed. They were in the nursery of Fabray Mansion, enjoying a rare afternoon to themselves, when it happened.

"Mommy! I want Mr. Penguin."

Rachel tossed the stuffed animal to her son with a smile. "Okay, Justice. You have Mr. Penguin, Big Lion, and Momma's action figure…."

"Aunt Brittany's too!"

Quinn handed him the Rainbow Mist doll. "Time for nap, buddy."

"Okay," he sighed, starting to climb into his pirate ship bed. Halfway up the ladder, he sneezed.

Quinn always stood behind him as he got into bed, to make sure he didn't fall, but it turned out that she didn't need to this time. "Oh…er…I guess we owe Santana fifty bucks."

Their son was floating.

"Personally, I'm glad he inherited your ability to fly, rather than your super strength."

"Magical blood, honey," Quinn reminded her, grinning proudly at her son. "He'll develop more powers as he gets older. Don't count your chickens. I can't wait to see how strong he gets."

"Lucy Quinn Emerald Fury Fabray, if we have to constantly replace the furniture because you two take up arm wrestling, I will cut you off."

Justice giggled, bobbing up and down in midair, nap completely forgotten. "I fly! I fly!" he squealed, zooming out of the open door.

"Oh god, he can already control it," Quinn said. She ran to the room's intercom and hit the button. "Brittany! Catch him!"

"Catch who—Holy crap!"

"Well…this family just got even more interesting," Rachel said, chuckling.

"Can't wait to see what our next one can do," Quinn said, kneeling to kiss Rachel's belly. "Come on…let's see what the other pregnant lady is doing."

"Knowing Santana? Still petitioning Breadstix to add an online delivery service."