Hades Own Messenger

Start: 6/16/2012 Finish: 00/00/0000

Summary: The sister of the traitor, Ephialtes, joins forces with the 300 Spartans in an attempt to bring honor to their father's name. Dilios/OC

[Author's Note: I've been wanting to write a 300 fic for a while but lost the drive before I ever could really get the thunder rolling or plot line together. Now, I do... sorta... Happy trails! ~ Cosmic Horse]

Chapter 1

As the king of Sparta, King Leonidas, began to descended from the mountain after speaking to Ephialtes, a smaller figure joined the disfigured man. "My king." Leonidas heard a soft voice call from behind him.

He turned to see a woman standing against the sun. Her wild black hair whipped violently in the wind and her tattered clothing hung against her slight frame. He noted her strong, defiant posture as well as her missing left arm. "Who are you?" the king asked.

She moved towards him with a cat like grace. She came close to him and gave a low bow. "My lord, you have rejected my brother, but I offer my services. Allow me to follow you and your noble men and kill the wounded Persian scum, offer water for the dying Spartan warriors, and tend to your men's wounds. Perhaps, I may be able to restore some honor to my father's name." she said, not moving from her bow.

"Your name?" he asked, taking the end of his spear to make her look up at him.

"My name is Eavan, my king." She said, meeting his eyes for a fleeting moment before casting them to the ground.

"Your arm?" he asked, removing his spear.

"Born without it." Eavan replied.

He nodded. "Rise Eavan." He said and the woman rose, avoiding his eyes, but not bowing her head. "How can a woman such as yourself, even think of what you have offered?" he questioned.

"My lord, I only wish to serve." She replied. "You have offered my brother the exact same thing as I have just offered. Please, let me do this."

Leonidas paused for a moment and smiled slightly. He held out his spear to her. "Show me your thrust." He said.

She held the spear as if it were made of gold. Suddenly, she thrust the spear to the side, with even more power than her brother had displayed. She then whipped around and slammed the head of her imaginary opponent with the end of the spear before whirling it back, offering it to Leonidas. "Not bad." He said, taking the spear from her.

"My brother taught me while my father was training him." Eavan explained, rolling her shoulder.

Leonidas looked her over once more and nodded again. "Follow me." He said, before continuing down the mountain.

Reaching the Spartan hold in Hell's Gate, all eyes were on Eavan. "Spartans!" Leonidas shouted, making all eyes focus solely on him. "We have been graced. The gods have sent us Eavan." He continued, pointing his spear to the one armed woman. "Treat her as a gift."

The Spartans gave their war cry before carrying on with their camp making. "Dilios," Leonidas said, making the blonde Sparta come to him. "See that Eavan is given a spear."

He nodded as the king moved off, leaving him with Eavan. He looked her over once before fetching her a spear. As he handed it to her, their fingers brushed. He then went off to help build the wall. Eavan held the spear straight, looking down to the head. Wanting to see beyond the gates, Eavan began walking to the entrance. A Persian emissary approached the wall, demanding the leader. A rather handsome man retorted crudely, making the emissary raise his whip. The man then lunged himself at the emissary, hacking off his arm. There was a short conversation before the warriors cut down all the Persians.

Once the walls were finished, the men returned for a bit of down time. Dilios noticed that Eavan was perched high up on the side of the sheer canyon. Her hair whipped in the wind and she had her arm draped over her bent right knee, spear still in hand. She was gazing off into the horizon, her grey eyes soft and calm. Suddenly, as if she could feel him looking at her, she looked down at him. Standing, Eavan began to scale down the side from her perch. She nodded in greeting. "How did you get up there?" Dilios asked.

"It was much harder getting down than getting up." She replied, giving him a smile. "I used to hunt mountain goats for wool and meat. You get good at scaling mountains to get to them. You get even better to escape their natural predators."

Leaning her spear against the pocket of her shoulder, she reached into her dirty dress, pulling up a handmade necklace of feline and canine teeth. "Really good." She said, smiling again.

Then the ground began to shake. "Earthquake." Dilios said, but Eavan's eyes grew wide.

"No... It is not the earth who trembles." She said, looking towards the entry of the canyon.

"Battle stations!" they heard Leonidas call.

Dilios turned sharply and went to his king. He took his place in the phalanx but could not help himself as he looked back for Eavan. She was nowhere in sight. But then the battle was raging closer to him and his attentions turned to fighting.