Chapter 10

Eavan was working in the fields when a rider on a brown horse came galloping up the road. He rode into the heart of the city and called for attention. Eavan entered the square, Alcibiades cradled in her sling. Castor weaved through the gathered crowd to stand near Eavan. The rider spoke. "There is victory for Greece!"

A cheer rose up from the people. "Your warriors march for home." The rider finished before mounting his horse again.

"Rider, when was this?" a man asked, asking for all.

"I set out a month ago." The rider replied before galloping off.

"Another month." Eavan whispered, a smile creasing her face.

The month flew by, each evening met with Eavan standing on the road, looking to the horizon. The day came when the Spartans marched home. Eavan saw them first and let out a call. Everyone gathered as the warriors marched towards the town. They entered the city, reuniting with loved ones. Each man passed by Eavan, who searched the sea of faces for the one she longed to see. There! For the briefest moment, she saw him. She began pushing her way through the warriors until she got all the way through. She looked back. Did she miss him? She paused as the group moved off. There.

Dilios had searched through the crowd, looking for Eavan. He thought he saw her once. Eventually, he found Castor. "Dilios!" the boy cried, completely forgetting himself, flinging himself into the legs of the man he had come to know as his father.

"Castor." Dilios acknowledged, trying to maintain his Spartan hardness. "Where is Eavan?"

The boy pointed through the dissipating crowd. She stood, her back towards the fields, looking at him. Her body was still against the gentle blowing wind. He began to walk towards her. He could see her face and she was on the brink of tears. She moved into a run, coming up short. "Eavan?" Dilios asked, but she pressed her hand against his lips.

She reached into her sing, producing Alcibiades. The child woke up and saw Dilios. He cooed at him. Dilios stared at the child. "Husband." Eavan said, making him look at her. "Your son."

Dilios dropped his shield and spear to hold the boy in his arms. The child cooed and smiled up at him. "My son." Dilios said, looking down at the boy.

"Alcibiades." Eavan said, approaching him. "His name is Alcibiades. I hope that is alright."

"It's perfect." Dilios replied, tucking the child in one arm to take Eavan in the other.

Castor approached and hugged Eavan's legs. The family was complete. Dilios guided his family back into the city. There, the people had gathered to hear the report about the battle. Giving Eavan back Alcibiades, Dilios entered the circle and stood near the fire. He began his tale.

Eavan laid her head against Dilios' chest, hearing his heart beat against his rib cage. She pressed a kiss over his heart, waking the sleeping Spartan. "What is it?" he asked, brushing her hair.

"I missed you." She said, sitting up and straddling him.

Dilios, now fully awake, smiled and said, "I missed you to."

He brought a hand up and took a hold on her back of her neck, bringing her down to kiss him. He broke the kiss by saying, "How has Castor done while I have been away?"

Eavan sighed. "He has made friends both older and younger than him. Out of them all, he is doing better than most. However, I fear that leaving our house will damage him greatly." She confessed, rolling off him.

"Why do you say that?" Dilios asked, rolling to his side,

"I have relied upon him to help me doing things that any normal mother would never require of her son." Eavan said, emphasizing normal.

"Do not speak of yourself that way Eavan." Dilios said, grabbing her hips and forcing her against him. "Never."

"If I had been born in Sparta, they would have cast me aside and you never would have known me." Eavan said, tucking her head under his head.

"And I would have never known your love." Dilios said, burying his face into her hair, inhaling her scent. "I would have never known love."

Eavan paused, taking in his words. She then kissed his neck, eliciting a slight moan from Dilios. "I shall speak to Castor tomorrow." Dilios said, taking his hand and tipping her face to look at her.

Eavan smiled and kissed her husband, cradling his face with her hand. He slowly brought her under him and proceeded to show her his love. Eavan melted against him, realizing just how alone she really was and just how loved she really is.


[AN: I know that this is a short story, but I had to get it out. There won't be a sequel unless demanded. Ok, happy trails! ~Cosmic Horse]