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Mist: So… Endgame.

Whistle: Now that Young justice has been officially ruined for Mist, I'm surprised we're even bothering to write anything for YJ anymore

Mist: Those dumb Bast-

Whistle: Keep it PG Mist. Swearing won't bring back Wally

Mist: How could they kill him? Those horrible monsters! Then they had the gall to cancel the series!

Whistle: And they're replacing it with two crappy shows. *Sigh* cartoons will never be the same.

Mist: Where are we gonna go whistle? There aren't any fandoms out there for us.

Whistle: I don't know… I don't know…


falling and falling

into eternity

the endless void of uncertainty

who am I to say anything

holding onto a false truth

will get us nowhere fast

only pulling you down

into a pit of despair

blinding you with your fears

holding you with tears

so even if it's with your last breath

call out the one word that you must say

don't die to regret

all you could have said

don't make the mistake

that no one can ever take back


Mist: RIP Wally West. A true hero.

Whistle: You are not ok.

Mist: No, I'm not

Whistle: You sure you're up for the chapter?

Mist: I have to be.

Whistle: Ok, what everyone is about to read is a possible future story that would take the place of Make Believe. If everyone likes it and wishes for it to continue, then we will upload it on its own. If people want it uploaded in connection to KN101, then its chapters will continue to be uploaded on the same page. Or if you hate it well….

Mist: I'll cry


Prologue: Never say goodbye.


Darkness consumed him as the world around him grew cold and silent. Far too fast, even for a speedster, his body lost the ability to move. His ability to breath left him next, as the world grew further and further away. An empty feeling filled him as everything went away. He wanted to make a sound, a movement, anything –desperate that he might have somehow survived. Because that's what heroes do, they survive.

But not this time…

This time he knew he wouldn't be waking up again. He'd never get to say goodbye to everyone. Never run. Never see the ones he loves.

Because it was all over.

That's why he had retired in the first place, to get away from all of it. Now he wished he had never put on that stupid suit. Had never even been in the lab that night that seemed so long ago. Had never tried to replicate his uncles stupid experiment.

Now, he didn't even remember why he had wanted to become a hero in the first place. It's too far away, slipping from his memory as he brain shut down.

He was dying too slowly.

Everything was too slow for a speedster.

After he did that stupid experiment, he seemed to leave the world behind. The only people he was able to connect with were other speedsters, and the people who were able to slow him down to regular speed.

Like the Rogues.

He found it funny that he was thinking about a team of villains in his final seconds. At the same time it made sense. The Rogues had become close to him through all of these years. He was going to miss them a lot.

Or do you miss people when you're dead?

Well, he was about to find out… He could feel his heart beat slowing even more, almost stopping.

Too slow…

That's when another thought hit him. Why was his heart beating at all? Wasn't he disintegrated?

So cold…

He bet Captain Cold would like a place like this. Or was it a place? Or just his body going numb?

He felt like years had passed since he was first hit, and he was actually becoming bored of waiting for death to claim him. He had always thought that disintegration was a quick and relatively painless death. Well, apparently he was wrong because his death was taking forever.


Suddenly Wally's ears were being bombarded by an extremely annoying buzzing noise that he couldn't identify. It was like it was all around him and he didn't like it at all.

Apparently a peaceful death wasn't on the menu today.

Then the strangest thing happened.

He fell.

Wally had never been more shocked in his life then when he felt himself fall as though he had only been in something and not dead. Was this another part of dying? Because if it was, death sure had a lot of parts to it.

"Come here! This one's alive!" A voice Wally didn't recognise screamed.

'Alive?' Wally thought to himself. 'I'm alive? But how?'

"Thank god, I thought there would be no other survivors!" Another voice exclaimed, sounding relieved.

"Ya, he was stuck in this ice, it must have protected him during the earthquake," The first voice said.

"I don't recognise him," A third, female, voice said, sounding suspicious. "What if he's one of 'them'?"

"He's what, eight? I doubt he's a threat," The first voice argued. "Besides, we can't just leave him here, he's half-dead from the cold."

Wally was confused by their words, he's not eight, he's twenty-one! What on earth was going on here?

He heard the woman sigh. "Fine, we'll take him with us," She finally agreed, "But you're responsible for him. Especially if he turned out to be one of them. With any luck his parents are tourists and survived the earthquake so we can get him off our hands."

"It doesn't matter either way, no one can leave the island," The second man said. "Not with that stupid force-field in place!"

"We are of more use to the world in here then out there," The woman objected. "In here we can search for Oblivion, and hopefully the weapon will choose one of us as its wielder so we can get rid of this blasted demons."

"But no one has seen it in a thousand years…" The man holding me sighed quietly, not letting his companions hear him.

"Either way, that child needs medical attention," The woman said gruffly. "And for your sake he better not turn out to be a demon… Or I will personally cut off your -"

Wally passed out from exhaustion before she could finish.


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