I will make this announcement. None of my stories are for adopt option or discontinued! I will finish every single one. However, I have re-read these stories and most, which I began as a child none the less, are not anything like I had envisioned or wanted. Considering I only created Oc's to kill them and they have instead gained lives of their own. Case and point Kagami and Alex. I am just informing my readers that I am planning to rewrite

Enjoy the Silence Misery Loves Company

Ares, Artemis, and Athena: The God's Awakening

Ares, Artemis, and Athena: The Beginning

Breaking Twilight

Fractured Looking Glass


Harry Potter and the Legacy of Silent Hill

I shall also be rethinking and editing

The Master of Death and the Twin Soul Bond


I really need a Title for this

This will all take some time, and each story needs undivided attention. I have already begun the process. However, I have a poll up for my readers to help influence which ones get the most attention first. While I am doing all this I will most likely be doing one shots and or re-writing rp's in story form to help keep myself motivated. I apologize for the delays and problems and hope you continue reading in the future.