I walked forward as he looked up at me, eyes wide and tears welling up in his eyes. I hated seeing him cry.

"Jim...Dad isn't coming back this time. You know that, right?"

I said quietly, sitting next to him. He didn't look at me. I don't blame him. My eight year old little boy had come running downstairs to me crying at the breakfast table, and his father walking out the door with a pack slinged over his shoulder, boarding a small merchant ship going anywhere but here.

"Jim," I sighed, "I'm...I'm sorry."

It was my fault. All mine. Leland had never spoken of leaving the family; he'd left on his spacing trips for long, long periods of time, but he'd always come back. Not this time, though. This time our fight pushed him to the edge, and this time the edge didn't have a way back up. This ledge went down, down, down, to the very bottom, and you could never find a way out. I had pushed Leland off the edge, and that is why Jim no longer had even the little showings of love from Leland to look forward too; no matter how small and insignificent they may have seemed.

I was about to say more, try and get him to at least look at me, when I felt a small hand cover my mouth, and looked to see Jim, his untidy hair hanging in his face, looking at me with a straight, cold face that no eight year old should ever have.

"Save it, Mom. It's not your fault. He was gunna' leave anyway," he said as he jumped off the window seat, "It doesn't even matter."

It doesn't even matter.

Those words circled in my mind as Jim, my sweet, chipper little trooper, stomped away, up the stairs with the scowl of a bitter old man on his young face. It brought tears to my eyes to see him that way.

It was barely a minute before he came back down, hair combed, boots on and tightening his belt.

"I'm going to go to the park. Be back whenever."

Was all the words I got as I saw him done his father's old coat, a big, burly black one with deep pockets and a collar that went up to his ears, and run out the door.

It was then that I realized that Jim was no longer a normal little boy with a mother and a father and a roof over his head, but a sad, lost kid with no one too guide him in the right direction.

It was then that I knew I'd lost my Jim.

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