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Blue eyes watched through the scope of the Gun Sniper's tail gun as the Judge Capsule from from the sky. Already in position at the top of a cliff, the Zoid warrior turned her attention to the four Zoids in the forest below her. Her opponents Zoids where a diverse mixture, something that few of the registered teams did. They consisted of a Zaber Fang, Stealth Viper, Red Horn, and a Command Wolf.

She idly wondered if they had spotted her yet.

As the judge capsule raised up from the crater, the blond warrior took aim at the Command Wolf.

The capsule opened and the Judge spoke. "Danger, Danger. The Area withing a thirty mile radius is a designated Zoid Battlefield, Only combatants and support personal are permitted. All Others must leave immediately." The Judge then proceeded to scan the area. "Area clear. Battlefield set-up. Battle-mode zero-nine-eight-eight. The King Team vs. The Blue Rain." The Judge raised it's arms, "Ready...Fight!" The Judge ordered, crossing it's arms.

As soon as the Judge gave the order, the Gun Sniper fired, bringing down the Command Wolf with one shot. Quickly the pilot turned her attention to another Zoid, the Stealth Viper, it quickly followed the Command Wolf out of the battle.

As the Gun Sniper pilot took aim at the two remaining Zoids, she realized that she needed to take out her opponents quickly. It seemed that they had figured out where she was and where heading in her direction. The Red Horn tried firing a shot at her, she was luckily still out of it's range.

She quickly put the Zoid out of commission, before turning to the Zaber Fang.

Just as she was squeezing the trigger, her com-badge went off. "Captain Janeway to Seven of Nine."

The former Borg drone cursed in Klingon as the unexpected distraction caused her to miss the Zoid and waste one of her valuable six shots, leaving her with only two left.

"Computer, pause program," Seven ordered, freezing the holodeck program as she answered the call, with a tap to her comm-badge. "Yes captain?" she asked, making sure to resume her cool Borg persona, at least in her voice.

"Report to the bridge. We've come across an anomaly that wasn't on your report. Your input would be greatly appreciated."

"I will arrive momentarily Captain," Seven assured the woman. "Seven out."

Releasing a sigh that her holodeck time was being interrupted, especially since it was in the middle of her favorite program, one that no one else knew she had made, let alone used.

As she ordered the program to save and end, she debated thanking Lieutenant Paris for introducing her to Anime, and indirectly, to Zoids.

A small smile appeared, and vanished as she left the Holodeck. It would certainly be amusing to see Paris' reaction.


I was just thinking of what I would do if I had access to a Holodeck, and put one of my favorite characters into the same situation. Seven is The Blue Rain, from her eye color, and the fact that she 'Rains' down bullets onto the enemy. And Battle-mode 0988 is a six-shot limit with ranged weaponry.

I'd continue this, but I don't know where else I could go with it, if anyone has any ideas, feel free to tell me, or write your own story with Seven using the Holodeck to participate in Zoid Battles. As of now, this is a One-Shot, but that could change if I'm inspired about what else I could do with it.

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