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1. The new readers should first read the first season Digimon Tamers Rise of the Hackers, the second season Digimon Tamers Rumble Arena Championship, the third season Digimon Tamers Street Battles: Tamers vs. Hackers and the fourth season Digimon Tamers Awake of the Demon Lords and the special Digimon Tamers A Horror Trip before they start to read this season.

2. There's gonna be a new kind of Digimon analyzer (similar to the one from the previous).

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6. Next chapter will be published next week.

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[Opening Song Gib mir ein Zeichen/Going, Going my Soul by Digimon Data Squad plays]

1. Chapter

Start of the DRA Tournament! Underground Battles ahead!
A man tipped something on a computer. He was in a kind of laboratory with many electronical gadgets, mainly computers and laptops. There were many wires on the floor. The man had a white shirt, a blue tie and brown trousers. He had a pale face and black short hair. His cold black eyes glared at the computer screen.

"It'll soon be finished. I just need a good source of energy." he muttered, looking at his new computer programm. He worked on the programm many years and it seemed like it'll be soon finished. He then stood up and went to the coffee machine to get himself a cup of coffee. After the first sip he glared at the brown bitter liquid.

To activate his programm, he needed a strong source of energy. Not electrical energy. He needed a special kind of energy. And he knew where he could get it.

He went to the desk, picking up a piece of paper. It was actually a poster to announce the Digimon Rumble Arena Tournament that will begin this week. Though it was actually the begin of April and the begin of the new school year, the gouverment deceided to start the DRA Tournament earlier. The reasons were unknown. Though, he knew that the gouverment was afraid of the Digimon and any possible new invasion or war. That's why they started a new tournament to find out how strong the bond between the Tamers and their Digimon are, which is the strongest Digimon and if there's any possibility that the Digimon could went against the humans.

The man knew that the Tournament was his chance to activate the programm he knew he'll use that chance.

[What the Hell by Avril Lavinge plays]

A 13 year old boy was running through the streets of DigiCity with a bunny like Digimon sitting on his shoulder. He had short green hair, blue eyes, and freckles on his face. He wore a green T-shirt with blue sleeves, blue shorts, green white sneakers and on his brown belt was a green card box and a white D-Power with a green strap hooked. On his back was a green backpack.

"I just hope Arisa didn't oversleept again." said Kenny Matsumi.
"Well, you know Arisa. It's hard to wake her up if you don't threw a can with cold water at her. With the water inside the can. Momantai." Terriermon giggled. Kenny could only role with his eyes at Terriermon's comment.

Terriermon. Level: Rookie. Attribute: Data. Type: Beast Digimon. Attacks: Terrier Tornado and Bunny Blast.

It is an extremely precious Rookie Digimon that is a twin to Lopmon. While Terriermon has only one horn growing from its head and has a calm but robust personality, Lopmon has three horns growing from its head and has the personality of a lonely crybaby. It is a Digimon shrouded in mystery, and it can be classified as a Beast-species Digimon from its body structure, but it's still not understood what kind of digivolved form it will take on. Also, it is rumored that it is sometimes born with its twin. It's a very cute type of Digimon, and from its calm behavior it doesn't seem like a "Combat Species", but when battling, it shows that it is more powerful than it appears.]

He stopped as he came in front of the DigiCards shop Arisa's parents owned. The doorbell rung as he entered the shop which didn't only sell DigiCards, but also mangas and was pretty sucessfull. Behind the stand stood a 15 year old girl.

She had brown chesnutt colored eyes. Her brown hair was binded in low untidy pigtails with black ribbons. She wore a purple T-shirt with black slevees, a dark blue jeans miniskirt and black shorts. On her feet she wore black boots and on her arms she wore fingercutted black gloves which were long as her elbows. On her skirt was a purple belt with a red heart and on the belt was her white D-Power, with a dark purple ring and strap, and her dark purple card box hooked. On her neck she wore a purple scarf and a Tag with a Crest. She was reading the newest Xros Wars manga.

"Oh, hey Kenny. Hi Terriermon. What's up?" asked Arisa Bunya. Kenny glared confused at her.
"What's up? Man Arisa, didn't you get it already? The Digimon Rumble Arena Tournament will start today again." said Kenny.
"I know." replied Arisa calmly.
"So, what are you waiting for? Ain't you coming?" asked Terriermon. Arisa shook her head.
"Nope. This year I won't compete at the Tournament." she said.
"What? Aw com'n Arisa, without you and Impmon, this Tournament will be boring." said Kenny. Arisa smiled.
"I'm sorry Kenny, but I deceided to stay home this year. Since I'm the winner of the last year's Tournament I deceided to give the others a chance." said Arisa. "Alright." said Kenny, a bit disappointed.
"Hey, momantai." said Arisa.
"That's my sentence." said Terriermon.
"I know. Don't worry, I and Impmon'll come and watch you two fighting when the Surviving part is over." said Arisa. Kenny nodded.
"Ok, so see ya." he said.
"C ya." replied Arisa.

"So, are you sure that we shouldn't compete at the Tournament? Ba-Boom!" asked Impmon. Arisa nodded. It was evening and they were walking through the streets of DigiCity which seemed to be pretty empty. Arisa was also wearing her black, short-sleeved jacket.
"Alright. This was your desicion. Though it'll be sure boring without someone to fight." Impmon crossed his arms behind his head. Arisa sighed.
"I just thought that we maybe need some rest. I know how much you like to fight." she said.
"A rest? Ba-Boom!" asked Impmon.
"Yeah. A rest from saving the Digi- and Real World." said Arisa.
"I know what you're talking about. First we had Yung and Omegamon Zwart..."
"Then the Hackers and Milleniumon. And Yung again."
"Don't forget Reapermon. Ba-boom!"
"Next there were also Lucemon, Belphemon, Leviamon, Deamon and Barbamon."
"And at least but not last..."
"Ogudmon!" both finished the sentence.
"If we don't count in the Wild Digimon who entered the Real World. Remember the Parasimon? Ba-boom!"
"Yeah. I think we really need a vacation." said Arisa and sighed.

"Arisa, Impmon!"

The two rose their look as a 15 and 1/2 year old Akari Inoue with red hair and dark red eyes runned towards them. She had a dark red T-shirt with a black heart in the middle and on her right shoulder, red-black check skirt and black white trainers. On her belt was a black card box and a white D-Power with a light purple ring and strap hooked. She was followed by a BlackGatomon.

"Hey Akari!" Arisa greeted the Hackers leader.
"I thought you two were at the DRA Tournament. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon.
"Nah. When we heard that you won't come we deceided to stay in DigiCity." said BlackGatomon.
"And we're not the only ones." said Akari.
"Who else is staying?" asked Arisa.
"Takuto, Guilmon, Ken, Wormmon, Akira, BlackAgumon, Nanami, DemiDevimon, Noah, Wizardmon, Shawn and Coronamon." said Akari. "Are you coming with us?"
"Where?" asked Arisa.
"It's a surpriese." said BlackGatomon. Arisa shrugged.

"So, did you told your parents about..." Akari asked.
"Yupp." Arisa nodded.
"What did they say?" asked BlackGatomon.
"I first want to know what your mum said? Have you told her?" asked Arisa. Akari smirked.
"My mum was only surprised, but she accepted Lil. I don't think that she does even know about the existance of a group called 7 Great Demon Lords." said Akari. "And what about you?"

"Well..." Arisa remembered the day when she told her parents about Impmon being the Demon Lord of Gluttony.


"Am, mum, dad, we have to tell you something." said Arisa as she and Impmon entered the kitchen.
"What, that you two eat all the cheese and salami I wanted to use for the pizza?" asked her mother.
"No." replied Arisa.
"Honey, I ate it." said Arisa's father, sweatdropping.
"Then go to the supermarket and buy some or else you can eat only the dough." said Arisa's mother. Arisa's father turned to his daughter.
"What is it?" he asked.
"Well, you better take a seat. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon.
"Why?" Arisa's mother turned to her daughter. Arisa took a deep sigh.
"Am, you know the Digimon group called 7 Great Demon Lords?" Arisa asked.
"Of course we do, dear." said Arisa's father. "That was the group you two fought a few weeks ago."
"Well, I lied about some parts." said Arisa rubbing her head.
"Weeell..." Arisa had no idea how to tell her parents the truth. Impmon rolled with his eyes and stepped out.
"Gee, this'll endure till Chineese New Year." he sighed. "Okay, what Ari-chan wanted to say is that I'm a member of the 7 Great Demon Lords. Demon Lord of Gluttony Beelzemon to be precisise. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon. "WHAT? OMG!" Arisa's mother yelped and she seemed to be ready to faint. But instead, she took the frying pan and started to chase Impmon around the kitchen. "Ow I'll show you, none evil's gonna near my daughter!"
"Ack, leave me alone!" Impmon's eyes wided as he runned around the kitchen.
"Come back you freak!" yelled Arisa's mother. Arisa and her father sweatdropped. Before her mother could hit Impmon, her father took the frying pan.
"Honey, please calm down!" said Arisa's father.
"I won't. We're speaking here about our daughter's savety!" yelled Arisa's mother back. Her father looked at Impmon and Arisa.
"You two go in your rooms. Now!" he said. Arisa and Impmon twitched and listened to Arisa's father.

"It turned better out then I thought." said Arisa as she was sitting on her bunk bed.
"I really wonder what they're gonna do now. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon, who was lying on the couch under the bed.

"Arisa, Impmon!"

Both jumped on the floor as Arisa's parents entered the room. Both sweatdropped as they saw that Arisa's mother was clenching a frying pan in her hand.

"I and your mother talked about you two, but we want first hear your part of story before we come to a conclusion." said her father. "You two do get along, don't you?"
"Sure, besides some argues here and there, you can call us a 'Dream Team'." said Arisa.
"And you?" Arisa's father turned to Impmon.
"My mission is to protect Arisa, no matter what cost." said Impmon.
"Ain't the Demon Lords supposed to be evil?" asked Arisa's mother suspiciously, clenching tightly the pan.
"Actually yes, but I regreted for my sins and choose a different path." said Impmon.
"If that's so, I guess it's then okay for you to stay with Arisa." said Arisa's father. "What?" Arisa, her mother and Impmon exclaimed.
"Are you sure?" asked Arisa's mother.
"I am. Besides, Impmon never harmed Arisa." said Arisa's father.
"I'm still suspicious about him." said Arisa's mother.
"Maybe because your ancestors were supposed to hunt Demons?" said Arisa's father.
"Don't change the topic." hissed Arisa's mother.
"Hey don't worry. I'm maybe not the Digimon you wished to be Arisa's partner..." started Impmon.
"That's right. A Gatomon would better suit her." said Arisa's mother. Impmon and Arisa rolled with their eyes.
"...but I know I'm a Digimon who'll protect her better then anyone else." said Impmon.
"He's right. And please put down that pan." said Arisa's father.
"I won't." replied Arisa's mother.
"Tsk, I doubt that you'll have a chance in a fight against me with that pan." said Impmon.
"Ow, I think I would." replied Arisa's mother. Both had a few seconds a starring contest and then Arisa's mother sighed. "Alright, you can stay."


"But if something happens to Arisa, I'll make sure that you won't rebirth as a DigiEgg."

Both Impmon and Arisa quieted down.

-End of Flashback-

Akari and BlackGatomon only giggled at that.

"This way. The others are already waiting." said Akari. Arisa and Impmon follwed them to a building in the middle of the city and they were now going downwards the stairs.
"What is this place? Ba-boom!" asked Impmon.
"A kid and his Digimon were talking about a place called Underground Arena when Shawn and Coronamon evasdropped them. They asked the kid about the Arena and they showed them this." said Akari.
"What?" asked Arisa. They were now in front of a steel made door on which was a sing 'Don't Enter'.
"It says don't enter." said Impmon.
"Only if you don't know what's behind the door." replied BlackGatomon. Akari opened the door and they entered a corridor.

"What kind of Arena were you talkin' about? Ba-Boom!" asked Impmon.
"Remember how the gouverment shut down the Street Battles?" asked Akari. Arisa nodded.

After the Parasimon Invasion, Thomas told her that the gouverment is getting suspicious about the Digimon and that's why they shut down the Street Battles to make sure the Digimon won't battle anymore in the Real World. That was bad since lots of Digimon hated it to not battle and their Tamers were equaly angry because of that since they now had no manner how to vent (mostly) thier rage through a battle. That's why almost every Tamer joined the DRA Tournament.

"Yeah, I do, and?" asked Arisa.
"That's why a guy called Yukio Morikawa opened the Underground Battles Arena." said Akari.
"The place is amazing. Beside having arenas for batteling, it also has a kind of lounge." said BlackGatomon.
"Cool. I really'd like to see it." said Arisa.
"We're here." said Akari and opened a metal gate.

As they entered it they found themselves in a large room. They saw many Tamers and Digimon. In the room were few couches, tables, vending-machines and computers. The lights which came from the lamps on the roof were smoothered. Arisa noticed a few doors which were probably leading to the arenas, washroom and one which was signed 'Only for workers'.


They turned around and saw 5 boys, 1 girl and 7 Digimon walking towards them.

"Impmon!" exclaimed the smallest, white Digimon with expando ears and the Zero Unit on his forehead. It tackeled Impmon and the Imp Digimon found soon himself lieing on his back with the smaller one sitting on his belly. Low giggles from the group around them were heared.
"Creampuff, why the heck are you doin' that?" asked the annoyed Impmon.
"We're playing tag. Your turn." said Calumon.

Calumon. Level:In-Training. Attribute: None. Type: Unidentified Digimon. Attacks: Shining Digivolution.

It bears the Zero Unit on its forehead, and has a habit of ending all of its sentences with "~calu".]

"We ain't playing tag. Now would ya get down?" Impmon glared at Calumon, whose ears shrinked. "Today please? Ba-boom!"
"Okay." Calumon jumped off Impmon who then stood up.
"This is slowly turning into a running gag." said BlackGatomon with a smile.
"This is slowly startin' to annoy me." replied Impmon.
"What is Calumon doing here?" asked Arisa.
"He didn't want to got to the DigiWorld so Hikaru left him with me and Lil." explained Akari.

"So you finnaly got here too." said Takuto Satome. He was a 16 year old boy with black hair and red eyes. He wore yellow-red googles on his head and a red baggy T-shirt with a hood and a printed dinosaur mark on the chest. He also had brown trousers and a red D-Power and a red card box hooked on his belt. He wore red-white trainers. His partner was a Guilmon who stood next to him.
"Yeah, so this is the Underground Arena?" said Arisa.
"Yupp, and it perfectly matches it's name." said Nanami Yuki. She was 13 years old and had purple hair and blue eyes. She wore black googles, a black T-shirt, purple jacket and black jeans. On her head was her partner, a DemiDevimon sitting.
"Hey, how about a soda and then you can tell us why the champions of the DRA Tournament didn't want to participate." said Ken Fuji. He was a 16 year old boy and had dark blue-greenish hair and blue icy eyes. He wore a green T-shirt and blue jeans. He also wore glasses. Next to him was a Wormmon. He was also Akari's boyfriend.

"Terrier-Tornado!" Terriermon whiped out the Salamadermon with his attack. Salamandermon's HP went to zero.
"Good job Terriermon!" said Kenny.
"Thanks." replied Terriermon. Kenny looked over to Karin, Lopmon, Rene and Renamon who had a double battle against an Allomon and a KoDokugumon.

"DigiModify, Omnimon, Supreme Cannon activate!" Karin swiped her card. On Lopmon's arm formed Omnimon's Garuru Cannon.
"Supreme Cannon!" Lopmon fired a ice blast at Allomon, making his HP go down to zero.
"Diamond Storm!" Renamon jumped above the KoDokugumon and fired sharp leaves at it. Soon, KoDokogumon joined Allomon.
"Yeah, we won!" exclaimed Rene.

Karin Matsumi, a 15 year old girl had short green hair and brown-orange eyes. She wore a red sleeveles T-shirt, white pants and red-white sneakers. A blue jacket was binded around her waist. On her blue belt was a brown card box and a white D-Power with a pink strap hooked. She was Kenny's older sister and her partner was Lopmon.

Rene Kamiya, a 16 year old girl had brown shoulder long hair with a red-yellow haripin on the side and green eyes. She wore a purple T-shirt with a red heart and a yellow thunder which reached from her left shoulder, behind the heart, to the right bottom of the T-shirt. She wore light blue jeans, a brown belt and blue-yellow trainers. On her brown belt was a white D-Power, with a sky blue ring and strap, and a blue card-box hooked. On her hands she wore yellow sweatjoins. Her partner was Renamon.

On the other side of the forest was a 3 vs. 3 battle between a Jagamon, a Liliymon and a Seadramon in one group and a Paildramon, a Dorugreymon and a OmegaShoutmon in the second team.

"Okay, let's give them the reall meaning of being beaten to a pulp!" exclaimed Dean.

"Desperado Blaster!"
"Metal Meteor!"
"Beat Slash!"

The HP of the three foe Digimon went to zero. Paildramon, DoruGreymon and OmegaShoutmon de-digivoluved to Veemon, Dorumon and Shoutmon. The 3 boys joined their partners.

Dean Hagane, a 16 year old was a blue haired boy with sunglasses on his head. He had dark blue eyes, a purple T-shirt, a brown vest without sleeves, blue jeans and black fingercutted gloves. On his brown belt was a white D-Power with a dark blue strap and ring and a blue card box hooked. His partner was Veemon.

Akita Kinue, a 17 year old was a 'strong built' boy who had a black short hair, a red-black jacket with short sleeves, grey pants and a pair of purple sneakers. He wore a white scarf with a dinosaur like creature on his head. His partner was Dorumon.

[Analyzer: Dorumon. Level: Rookie. Attribute: Data. Type: Animal Digimon. Attacks: Dash Metal and Metal Cannon.

Dorumon is carrier of the X-Antibody. Because it has an old-style interface on its brow, it has been conjectured to be an experimental "Prototype Digimon" from before Digimon were discovered. The personality of natural Combat Species Digimon manifests particularly strongly within it, so its combat instinct is high, and it often barks and snaps at everything, but it seems that it was tamed by someone it once bit. The data that is said to have been hidden within the deepest parts of its DigiCore, during an experiment, is the potent life-force data of the legendary beast, the "Dragon", and it is said it has the potential to grow into a mighty Digimon.]

Taito Akiyama, a 16 year old boy. He had black hair and red eyes, a white red baseball cap, turned back. He wore a red T-shirt with a white collar and white sleeves and brown pants. He wore red sweatjoins on his arms. He was Rene's boyfriend and his partner was Shoutmon.

They looked over to an another 3 vs. 3 battle between a Meramon, a BlueMeramon and a Skull Meramon in one group and a Leomon, Angewomon and Angemon in the second group. Also, a boy with an ExAgumon watched them.

"Fist of the Beast King!"
"Celestial Arrow!"
"Hand of Fate!"

The three attacks hit the Meramon and reduced their HP to zero. Leomon, Angemon and Angewomon de-digivoluved to Elecmon, Patamon and Gatomon and got joined by their Tamers and the boy with the ExAgumon.

Satoshi Tsukino, the one followed by ExAgumon, was a 16 year old boy with black hair, brown eyes, a white T-shirt with a yellow-orange Digimon Adventure Logo on the front and brown pants.

Patamon's partner was the 14 and half year old Ryoma Hinaki. He had dark blue eyes, brown hair and had also freckles. He wore a blue T-shirt with yellow sleeves and dark blue pants, and dark blue sweat joins. On his belt was an white D-Power with a cream orange colored strap and ring hooked.

Gatomon's partner was the 14 and half year old Haruka Hinaki, Ryoma's older twin sister. She had brown hair, binded in pigtails with cherry like hairbands, and light blue eyes. She wore a yellow T-shirt, a short blue dress, which reached to her knees and had on the end a yellow triangle. She also wore yellow sweatjoins on her hands, and had her pale pink D-Power hooked on her yellow belt. She wore black shoes and white socks.

Elecmon's Tamer was the 15 year old Hikaru Motimiya. She had blue eyes and brown hair, on one side binded by a red ribbon into a pigtail. She wore a black longsleeved shirt and a red dress. On her feet she wore white-blue sneakers and black stockings. Her cards and her D-Power were stuffed in a white heart shaped bag. She was Dean's girlfriend.

"What a battle." sighed Hikaru.
"Hey, don't worry, there'll be more." said Dean.
"It was a good idea to keep together. This is the easiest way to beat all the Tamers and their Digimon here." said Haruka.
"Sure, but I'm wondering how our friends in the Real World are doing." said Akita.
"They're probably fine." replied Taito.

"Okay, so why didn't you join the DRA Tournament? Got asleep again or what?" asked Shawn Blaze.

Shawn was a 16 year old boy with spiky brown hair, red jacket with white lines, blue jeans and red and white trainers. He had green eyes, a pendent around his neck and a scar over his left eye. On his belt was a red D-Power with a red strap and ring and a light red card box hooked. His partner was a Coronamon.

"I wanted to join but Arisa didn't want to. She said that she was tired from all this batteling. Ba-Boom!" Impmon took a sip from his can of Sprite.
"Aw, com'n, how can you be tired from batteling? I mean it passed about 4-5 months since we had a decent battle." said Coronamon. Everyone knew that he was talking about the Demon Lords and Ogudmon who they'd battled last autumn.
"Speaking of decent battle, you still hadn't told us what's up with this Crest of yours." said Noah Drake.

Noah was a 16 year old boy who had black hair and dark blue eyes. He wore a black jacket with a flame designe on the back and a gold shirt with blue lightning bolts on it crossing on it, blue jeans and sneakers. His partner was Wizardmon.

"Well, everything I know is that this is the Crest of Balance and that it can make Impmon digivoluve to his Warrior Mode." said Arisa, holding her Crest which looked like a red heart with a thunder inside the heart. On the right side of the heart was a white angel wing and on the left side was a black angel wing. The Crest had a dark purple backround. On the backside of the Tag was the mark of the Crest of Gluttony.
"Okay." said Noah, still a bit suspicious.

Arisa sighed. What she said was actually half-true but she didn't want to tell them the whole true. That she was a Crest Keeper and Impmon alias the Demon Lord of Gluttony Beelzemon, when he was in his Warrior Mode, a Demon Guardian and that Akari and BlackGatomon alias the Demon Mistress of Lust, Lilithmon were also a Crest Keeper and a Demon Guardian though they didn't got their Crest. Or that a creepy Digimon, who was sealed away behind the Gate of the Seven Seals wanted to kill the 7 Great Demon Lords and their partners. And only she and Impmon knew the whole truth.

"Anyways, why didn't you join the DRA Tournament?" asked Arisa.
"I told you already. I'm here because you are here." said Akari. She was the 2nd placed in the last year's Tournament and though being Arisa's best friend (in Akari's opinion), she also considered herself as Arisa's rival.
"I wanted to go, but in the last sec I changed my mind after I heard a kid talking about the Underground Battles." said Shawn.
"I met Shawn leater and he told me and DemiDevimon about it and we deceided to check it out." said Nanami.
"I was told by Sam about the Underground Battles." said Ken. Sam Fuji was Ken's 17 year old brother and had a MarineAngemon for a partner. He was working for the Digimon Rangers Organisation.
"I was on my way to the DRA Tournament as I bumped into Takuto." said Akira Tatekawa. He was a 16 year old boy who had brown messy hair and blue eyes. He wore black googles on his head, a black baggy T-shirt with a hood and wore brown pants. On his black belt was a white D-Power, with a black ring and black strap, and a black card-box hooked. His partner was BlackAgumon and he was Arisa's boyfriend.
"We had a little argue and that's how we came too late to the Tournament." said Takuto. "That's all your falut."
"My falut? It was your fault that we missed the beginning." said Akira.
"Ow, yeah?"

"Stop it!" said Arisa. She sighed. It was all the same story. Since the Digimon Tamers and Digimon Hackers were formed, each member found his rival. Arisa's was Akari, Rene's was Ken, Hikaru's was Dean, Kenny's was Akita and Takuto's was Akira. Beside being rivals, both boys also batteled for Arisa's heart and Akira won, which made Takuto angry. He managed to overcome his feelings in the last few months, however, he still hoped for a chance to become Arisa's boyfriend. That's why both boys didn't like each other.

"I'll get an another can of Sprite." Arisa stood up from her seat and went to the vending-machine. She got herself an another can and just as she turned around she bumped into a boy.

"Hey, watch out where you're going!" yelled the boy at her.
"Me, tsk, and what about you?" replied Arisa. She glared at the boy. He seemed to be her age.

He had red eyes and red-brown colored hair and wore red goggles with a black band. He was wearing a black T-shirt with a silver print of a dragon, jeans which were ripped on the right knee, black sweatjoins, each with a silver dragon print and black sneakers. Next to him was a Dracomon who glared angrily at Arisa.

"Sweet." muttered Arisa under breath looking at Dracomon.

"Huh?" Impmon looked at Arisa who bumped into a boy with a Dracomon. The others looked also at them.
"Looks like trouble." said BlackGatomon.
"And where's trouble, there's Impmon too. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon and went to his Tamer. BlackGatomon sweatdropped.
"He'll only make the situation worse." she said.

"If you're looking for a card battle, then you're on the wrong place." said the boy.
"Ha, I'm not looking for a card battle, Rookie!" replied Arisa.
"Who do you call Rookie? I'm the strongest Tamer one around." replied the boy.
"In your dreams stupid! Ba-Boom!" Impmon jumped in between them. Dracomon growled.
"Hey, what's the matter dragon? Didn't took your pills, heh?" Impmon mocked.
"Wanna battle?" growled Dracomon.
"Can you read mind? Sure, why not. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon.
"Impmon!" Arisa hissed at her partner. She really didn't want to battle.
"What, are you afraid of losing?" taunted the boy.
"No!" replied Arisa angrily. They soon got joined by the rest of the group.
"Okay, then follow me." said the boy and went to one of the doors. Arisa and the others followed him and Dracomon.

"Sheesh, first day at the Underground Arena and you got a challange." said Ken.
"Tsk, I and Impmon'll show that guy who's stronger." said Arisa. "Right?"
"Of course. I just waited for that. Ba-Boom!" nodded Impmon.

"Here we are." said the boy. In front of them was an entrance to the arena. He turned to Arisa. "You can still withdraw if you're afraid."
"You should be the one who's afraid." said Arisa and added a bit quiter. "You have no idea who you're facing."

Dracomon growled. Guilmon and Wizardmon twitched. Something was familiar about that Dracomon.

"You think it might be him?" asked Guilmon.
"There's no mistake it's him. I can sense his aura." said Wizardmon.
"Hey, what are you two talking about?" asked Noah.

But before the two Royal Knights could answer, the group entered the arena. It was huge. Reflectors illuminated the arena and on the right and left side were banks. Arisa and Impmon went to one side of the arena and the boy and Dracomon to the other side.

"Before we begin, I'd like to hear your name." said Arisa.
"I'm Ryo Monogami, 15 years old." said Ryo.
"My name is Arisa Bunya and I'm 15 and half years old. I'm turning 16 this summer." said Arisa. The boy blinked in surprise.
"You're Arisa? That girl that won the last year's Tournament?" asked Ryo. Arisa nodded.
"Well, it'll be a pleasure to beat the Champion." said Ryo. Arisa rolled with her eyes.
"Can we just move on?" she asked.
"Sure. Do you know the rules?" asked Ryo. Arisa shok her head.
"Well, the rules are actually similar Street Battles rules. You can activate an Arena card but you don't have to. Cards and Digivolution are allowed, as long the Digimon dosen't get so big that it breaks the roof." said Ryo gesturing upwards.

Arisa noticed that the room big enough for a Digimon WarGrowlmon's size, but for a Digimon like MegaGargomon or GranKuwagamon it was a bit too small. She didn't care since she knew that the arena was perfectly sized for someone like Beelzemon.

"The winner is the one whose Digimon didn't faint or got deleted." said Ryo with a smirk.
"Alright. So let's fight!" replied Arisa.

"Hey Boss!"

Akita turned around and saw two boys and their Digimon running towards them. The Tamers gathered around and were curious about what's happening.

"Kev, Len?" Akita glared at his two followers/friends. [A/N: Read Digimon Tamers Rumble Arena Championship, chapter 3. The Card Thief if you already forgott about those two.] Before he joined the Hackers he was friends with Kevin and Lenny, two boys whose partners were Gorillamon and Minotaurmon. They were the ones who stole Kenny's cards, almost half a year ago.

"What are you doing here?" asked Akita.
"We want a battle Boss." said Kevin.
"Yeah, after you betrayed us." said Lenny.
"Betrayed?" Akita blinked in surpriese.
"Yeah betrayed. You're now hangin' around with those losers then with us." said Kevin.
"Hey, who do you call loser!" replied Kenny angrily.
"Do you know them?" asked Hikaru.
"Yeah, these are Kevin and Lenny, also known as Kev and Len, Akita's old friends. They were the ones who stole my cards." said Kenny.
"Why don't you better watch out for your things?" asked Karin.
"Can we leater talk about this?" asked Kenny, sweatdropping.

"Hey, no fair. It's two against one." said Akita.
"Then choose someone of the loser team to aid you." said Lenny.
"Ok, I choose Kenny and Terriermon." said Akita. Kenny blinked in surprise.
"Me?" he asked.
"Well, you heard him. Let's battle." said Terriermon.

"What, this little crybaby whose cards we stole?" Kevin and Lenny laughed.
"I'm not a crybaby!" yelled Kenny.
"You are." said Karin.
"Sis, shut up!" said Kenny.
"Oho, he has courage." said Kevin, smiling deviously.
"That won't help him much." said Lenny.
"Com'n, we can beat them." Akita encouraged the younger boy. Kenny nodded.
"Sure." he said.

They took a red card where it was in yellow color 'Digi-Arena' written.

"DIGIMODIFY, DIGI-ARENA ACTIVATE!" said all four and swiped their cards. Lines formed on the ground and made it up like a battle field. On their D-Power screens appeard a picture of their own and their opponents Digimon with a orange line under the line. The line showed each Digimons HP.

~Terriermon 100 HP Dorumon 100 HP Gorillamon 100 HP Minotaurmon 100 HP~

Rene and Hikaru checked Gorillamon's and Minotaurmon's data.

"Minotarumon. Level: Ultimate. Attribute: Virus. Type: Animal Digimon. Attacks: Darkside Quake and Bull Fighting Attack." read Rene on her D-Power.
"Gorillamon. Level: Champion. Attribute: Data. Type: Beast Digimon. Attacks: Power Lifter and Energy Cannon. It is a Power Digimon endowed with the arm strength to crush anything and the leg strength to crush things underfoot no matter how hard they are. However, it surprises the opponent with light movements that aren't expected from its physique, and siezes the opportunity to add to the attack with the Energy Cannon on its right hand. It found its aesthetic in "Hit And Away"." read Hikaur on her D-Power.

"Okay, so let's show'm how strong we are." said Kenny, pulling out a Blue Card. He swiped it through his D-Power. "DigiModify, Matrix Digivolution activate!"

[Shinka Theme Slash!/Spiel dein Spiel by Digimon Tamers plays]


"Terriermon Digivoluves to..."

Terriermon got covered in a green DigiEgg like cocoon. His form changed.



"Gargomon, Matrix Digivolution to..."

Gargomon fused with the Crystal Matrix and his form again changed.


"Woa, seems like the doggy learned a few new tricks." said Kevin and turned to Gorillamon. "Attack!"
"Energy Cannon!" The Champion leveled Digimon fired a blast at Rapidmon. Rapidmon swiftly escaped it.
"Too slow! Tri-Beam!" He fired a triangular shaped beam at Gorillamon. The gorilla Digimon yelped in pain.

~Gorillamon 60 HP~

"Sheesh, you took down about 40 HP." said Kenny as he looked at his D-Power.
"You see Kenny. We became much stronger then we were last time." said Rapidmon.

"Aw, man, what is this Digimon?" Kevin took out his D-Power. "Rapidmon. Title: Keen Hound. Level: Ultimate. Attribute: Vaccine. Type: Cyborg Digimon. Attacks: Rapid Fire and Tri-Beam. It reliably brings down the opponent with movements near the speed of light. Also, it freely uses its gigantic ears as radar, can act even in the dark, and is also able to detect the existence of distant enemies. The silhouette of its body makes you think of a shaved poodle. During battle its neck protector shuts."
"The crybaby really made his Digimon digivoluve to Ultimate?" said Lenny in surpriese.

"Bada-Boom!" Impmon threw a flame at Dracomon. Dracomon escaped it and glared angrily at Impmon. Ryo took out his D-Power, a white with a blue ring and red strap.

"Impmon. Level: Rookie. Attribute: Virus. Type: Mini Devil Digimon. Attacks: Bada-Boom and Infernal Funnel. It loves pranks, so it enjoys seeing the embarrassed appearances of its opponents. Also, it is said that when Impmon appears, electrical appliances temporarily go crazy, so an electronic image going out of order or ceasing to function might be because Impmon was pulling a prank. Although it is a Digimon that loves mischief and malice, it never toadies to the strong, but stands up to them with a strong attitude. However, the truth is that it has a lonely side." read Ryo on his D-Power. Arisa took the time to check Dracomon's data.
"Dracomon. Level: Rookie. Attribute: Data. Type: Dragon Digimon. Attacks: Baby Breath and G Shurunen. It is an ancient, pure-blooded Dragon Digimon that is said to be the "Progenitor" of all Dramon-type Digimon. It possesses physical ability to a degree that could not be imagined from its small build, and both its power and its quick wits are top class among Rookie Digimon. Although its personality is ferocious, Dracomon can show its gentle side only to the others it has recognized. It has wings, but it is unable to fly because they are not sufficiently developed. Also, it has a nature whose primary trait is wanting to collect "shiny things", with an especially strange attachment to gems and metals, and it eats and assimilates its favorite things. Amongst the scales that cover Dracomon's whole body, there is one scale that is called the "Gekirin". If it is touched there, Dracomon loses its mind to an excess of anger, and indiscriminately fires its "G Shurunen"." read Arisa.

Dracomon again growled. Impmon put his hands on his hips and hmpfed.

"What da heck is wrong with ya? Ba-Boom!" he asked.
"Hey, Guilmon, Wizardmon. What were you two talking about a while ago?" asked Noah the two Digimon.
"We think that that Dracomon is actually the Royal Knight Examon, who dissappeared a while ago." said Wizardmon. "Kotemon told me that Examon vanished a few months after Ogudmon's defeat. And he hates the Demon Lords."
"Well, no we know why he's growling at Impmon so much, since he knows that Impmon's actually the Demon Lord Beelzemon." said Nanami.
"It was actually Daemon who destroyed Examon's village, but Examon hates the whole group." said Guilmon.
"I didn't knew that. I'm sorry." said BlackGatomon.
"Hey, you don't have to apologize Lilith." said Coronamon and turned to the battle. "But seems like Impmon'll have a hard time beating Examon-Dracomon."

"Baby Breath!" Dracomon fired out a high temperature sigh at Impmon.
"Pillar of Fire!" Impmon shielded himself by creating a firewall.
"G Shurunen!" Dracomon made the horns on his head glow intensely, then fired a beam shot from the back of his mouth. Impmon jumped out of the way.
"Summon!" He summoned a bunch of icicles and threw them at Dracomon making a direct hit.

"Okay, then let's go a level higher! DigiModify, Digivolution Activate!" Ryo swiped his Digivolution card.


"Dracomon Digivoluves to..."

Dracomon got covered in a blue DigiEgg like cocoon and his form changed.

"Coredramon (Blue)!"

"Okay, let's see what do we have here. Coredramon (Blue), Level: Champion. Attribute: Vaccine. Type: Dragon Digimon. Attacks: Blue Flare Breath and G Shurunen II. Coredramon (Blue) is the digivolved form of the Dracomon who assimilates plenty of Blue Diamante, a rare gem mined from mountainous regions with very high altitudes. For them to live on steep mountains, they have grown wings and can fly at a high speed. Digimon having "-dramon" in their names must contain dragon-gene data (dragon DNA) in their digicores. The higher the ratio of dragon DNA, the more the body shapes like a dragon type. Having a dragon DNA ratio of 100%, Coredramon is a pure-blooded Dragon Digimon. Sheesh, didn't we have a fight with a Coredramon?" said Arisa.
"But the last one was green. Ba-Boom!" replied Impmon.

"G Shurunen II!" Coredramon's horns glew and it fired diffusing laser beams indiscriminately from his mouth. Impmon jumped in panic to avoid the laser beams. One hit the ground right in front of him, making him fly backwards.

"Impmon!" Arisa yelled. Impmon stood up. Coredramon growled.
"Ha, face someone who's at your level!" yelled the angry Impmon.


"Impmon Warp Digivolution to..."

Impmon got covered in a purple DigiEgg like cocoon and behind him appeared the Crest of Gluttony. His form changed.


Coredramon roared now.

"Demon Lord Beelzemon! So we meet again!" he hissed angrily.
"What did he say?" Ryo blinked in surpriese and checked his D-Power. "Beelzemon. Level: Mega. Attribute: Virus. Type: Demon Lord Digimon. Attacks: Double Impact and Darkness Claw. One of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it represents Venus and the sin of Gluttony. While it possesses the power to command the many Devil Digimon, it dares to observe a solitary existence. It is said that it could stand at the peak of the dark army, "Nightmare Soldiers", if it cared to, although it is also said that there exists a Demon Lord Digimon which surpasses even Beelzemon. It rides on the gigantic motorcycle-type machine, "Behemoth", holding its cherished shotguns, the "Berenjena". Although its personality is cruel and merciless, it is also exceedingly prideful, so it would never attack the weak." he looked over to Arisa. "Is it true? Your partner is one of the 7 Great Demon Lords?"

"As a matter of fact, I am. Watcha gonna do now?" asked Beelzemon.
"Destroy you! Coredramon told me about your wrongdids!" said Ryo and pulled out a card. "DigiModify, Examon, Ambrosius activate!"

In Coredramon's hands appeared his Ambrosius spear. Coredramon again roared and charged his horns up. Beelzemon rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"G Shurunen II!" Coredramon fired laser beams at Beelzemon. This time the beams hit him but before Coredramon realized it, Beelzemon appeared behing him, pulling out his Berenjena Guns.

"Double Impact!" Beelzemon fired at Coredramon. The dragon got hit by the bullets, however, he managed to swiftly threw the spear at Beelzemon.

"DigiModify, WarGreymon, Brave Shield activate!" Arisa managed to swipe her card and Beelzemon got WarGreymon's shield which protected him from the spear. However, the spear managed to break through (only the tip) WarGreymon's shield. Coredramon de-digivoluved to Dracomon.

"I guess we won." said Arisa as Beelzemon de-digivoluved to Impmon.
"Hey, what the heck is wrong with ya? Ba-Boom!" Impmon went to Dracomon who tried to stand up.
"Baby Breath!" Dracomon fired a blast at Impmon. Impmon bowed down to escape the attack. Dracomon growled.
"This wasn't our last battle." he said, before he joined his Tamer and went out of the arena.
"Maaaan, what's his problem? Ba-Boom!" groaned Impmon as he got up.
"Are you alright?" asked Arisa. Impmon nodded.
"Seems like Examon deceided to keep an eye on you." said Ken.
"Wait a sec, that was Examon? Ba-Boom!"

Everyone sweatdropped.

"DigiModify, Digivolution activate!" Akita swiped his Digivolution card through his D-Power.


"Dorumon digivoluves to..."

Dorumon got covered in a grey DigiEgg cocoon and his form changed.


"Now, Dorugamon entered the battle." Lenny held his D-Power. "Level: Champion. Attribute: Data. Type: Beast Dragon Digimon. Attacks: Cannonball and Power Metal. It is a ferocious Digimon that possesses the disposition of a beast and a dragon, and is such a heavyweight that most Digimon run away just at the sight of its shadow. Although it exhibits that ferocity of a wild beast when it comes to battles, it also has the intelligence of a dragon, and is usually very docile. Because it has an old-style interface on its brow, it has been conjectured to be a digivolution of a "Prototype Digimon"."

~Rapidmon 85 HP DoruGamon 70 HP Minotarumon 45 HP Gorillamon 20 HP~

"Okay, let's end this!" said Akita.

"Rapid Fire!" Rapidmon rapid-fired homing missiles from both of his arms at Gorillamon. The gorilla wanted to escape the attack but got hit and his HP turned to zero.
"Bull Fighting Attack!" Minotarumon fired a blast at Dorugamon.
"Power Metal!" Dorugamon countered with a large iron sphere from his mouth. Both attacks ended in an explosion.
"How about a double attack?" suggested Rapidmon.
"Sure!" replied Dorugamon.

"Tri-Beam!" Rapidmon fired a triangular beam.
"Cannonball!" Dorugamon fired an iron sphere from his mouth after he accumulated his power.

Both attacks hit Minotarumon, causing his HP go to zero.

"We won!" exclaimed Kenny.
"Like I told you before: You are the worst fighters I ever saw." said Akita. Kevin and Lenny only glared at them before a Data Stream picked them and their Digimon up.

First battles at the DRA Tournament and at the Underground Arena and the Tamers managed to win. What else waits them you'll find out in the next episode of Digimon Tamers Underground Battles!

[Ending Song Regenbogen/3 Primary Colors by Digimon Tamers plays]

Hi, Akari's speaking. (Yeah, we deceided to countine with this kind of preview). Anyways, next time, I and the Guardians will have our battles. The Guardians, you'll see, the battle will be some kind of Angel vs. Demon battle. And me? Well, I and Lil will face someone who I still hate. And she hates me. I'm leaving you to come to an conclusion. Stay tuned for episode 2.:~Meeting of the Rivals, Akari's Quest!~ Don't Miss it!