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Chapter 20 – Meeting of the Musicians

The summer rays beat down on me lightly as I walk down the dirt road outside the village, the lush, green trees lining the path swaying in the light breeze that is blowing through. Taking a deep breath, I let loose a content sigh to savor the wonderful feeling of nature surrounding me.

What a picturesque setting right now. Sun high in the sky, butterflies fluttering by, little animals scampering about...

"Hurry up, you're walking way too slow! I thought your name was Dash, not Slug!"

...The annoying birds chirping about nearby.

I let loose a huff of frustration at the sudden break in the serenity, before turning to my travel companion who is way ahead of me. "Mystia, I'm trying to enjoy the scenery here, so can you please calm down? If I remember correctly, I was the one taking you to Kourindou, so you can afford to be patient."

Just as I claimed, Mystia Lorelei and I are on the path to the second hand store outside the Forest of Magic, just so I can fulfill the promise I made to her before I met my unfortunate accident with a certain pyro. That particular promise is to teach her how to play the guitar. But because I refuse to let anyone use Arashi, besides myself of course, we have to find one for her to use.

"I don't need you to come with me, you know. It's not like you are going to pay for anything anyways." The night sparrow huffs, halting her progress up the path.

"Fair is fair. If you want to learn how to play, you have to pay for your own stuff." I retort evenly, not moving a bit faster to catch up. "Also, do you even know what you are looking for? Not all guitars look like mine you know, and you might have to get more things considering its condition."

The grill stand owner pauses at that, before reluctantly turning back to join back up with me. "You have a point, I guess..."

Taking a glance over at my employer, who has now slowed down to my pace, I again take note that she is out of her usual work clothes, and is wearing the same brown dress I've seen her wear when we first met, with the hat, feather accessories and all.

It's funny seeing her in something different for a change. Then again, I never really see her at any other time besides at work, so that explains a lot.

"Something wrong Dash?" The night sparrow youkai asks me, noticing the stare I subconsciously have been making.

"No, nothing wrong." I quickly reply, shifting my gaze back in front of me. "I just never see you wearing anything other than your work clothes. It's something I'm not used to."

"Speak for yourself! You're not exactly wearing your usual clothes either." She points out, indicating the current attire Alice made me a couple days ago.

"I told you, my old clothes were destroyed by Mokou. I just got these to replace them..."

"Yeah well... It's not a bad look for you. I suppose I can get used to it." She relents, before letting a calm traveling atmosphere reenter, much to my enjoyment. After a while though, Mystia couldn't help but break it again. "...This is about where I first found you. You remember that?"

"You mean the time when you used your singing to confuse me and knock me out?" I chuckle humorously at how I put it, making her look embarrassed. "Yeah, I remember. You had me start working for you under threat of death, if I recall correctly."

"Hey, I can still kill you, you know." She snaps at me quickly, not liking my teasing a bit.

I am not phased in the least however, raising an eyebrow at her. "Then why haven't you? I'm sure I warranted enough reason too at some point or another."

My hunch proves correct when I render her speechless with my direct approach, before she finally sighs out in acceptance. "Alright, fine. So you grown on me a little, so what?"

"Nothing." I chuckle to myself, and just before I took a chance to tease her some more I spot a building coming up, the very one we were heading for. "Well, we're here."

"Finally!" Mystia exclaims impatiently, actually taking flight with her wings to reach the shop faster.

Freely laughing at how eager my companion is, I decide there is no harm hurrying the rest of the way as I run after her. No longer than a moment later I reach the already opened door, which reveals the male shopkeeper trying to deal with the bird youkai. "Please, can you slow down a bit? I can't understand what you are talking about."

"Ugh, I don't know how to explain it any clearer! I am looking for a guitar, an outside world instrument!" Mystia complains, before noticing my arrival. "Like the one he is carrying!"

"Hmm?" He looks past the winged youkai at her indication, wasting no time recognizing who I am. "Oh! You are...Dash-san, correct? Long time no see."

"Good to see you too, Rinnosuke." I greet as I walk up to my fellow male, giving him a friendly bow with my head. "I'm sorry I have not come by since my first visit, but I have been real busy."

"It is quite alright. In truth, I didn't expect to see you until much later. Such is the reality for most of my customers." The silver haired man remarks, before he connects some mental dots. "So I take it you know this energetic girl?"

"I have a name!" She exclaims, crossing her arms in agitation. "It's Mystia Lorelei. And this human works for me at my grill stand, so yes, we know each other."

"Ah, I see. So you did manage to find work after all Dash-san?" Rinnosuke evaluates, giving a friendly smile. "Good for you. Once again, I apologize I couldn't hire you myself, but I'm glad you managed somehow."


"Excuse me?" Mystia speaks up again, making us give her our attention. "We're here for a reason you know, or did you forget?"

"Sorry, my bad." I reply sheepishly, before I regard the shop owner seriously. "Like she says, we actually came here on business, and we hope that you can help us find what we are looking for."

"Are you now?" Rinnosuke evaluates us curiously, dawning a professional look. "Well I will do what I can, but it all depends on what this something is."

"We're looking for a guitar for Mystia to own. It would look something like this." I bring Arashi around from its position on my back, holding it in plain view. "Would you happen to have something like this?"

"Oh yes, now I remember. You had this with you last time, correct?" He inspects the instrument with an analyzing eye, before standing up from his seat. "Please wait a moment, I'll go see if I have one in the back."

"Do you think he will have one?" My current companion asks, looking hopeful at the prospect.

"Could be. If there is anywhere that one would be, I would think it would be here."

We remain waiting for Rinnosuke to return from the backroom, briefly browsing the various objects and nicknacks he has spread around. Mystia shows some varying interest in some of the items, asking me about some of them. While I am explaining to her about a refrigerator, which seemed to fascinate her to no end for some reason, the man in specs returns, holding a lengthy object in his arms. "From what I can tell, this is a guitar. ...But it looks a bit different than the one you own. What is your take on it Dash-san?"

Glancing down at the supposed guitar, I can immediately confirm that it is indeed one. However... "Wow, I didn't think I would see one of these here."

"It kinda looks like one. Why does it look so weird though?" The bird youkai asks, looking at the stringed instrument oddly. Her confusion is justified, consider the guitar Rinnosuke is holding is slightly smaller than mine, and the red body of it isn't hollowed out like my Arashi is.

"That's because, in a way, it is different." I reply, taking a hold of the guitar from Rinnosuke's arms carefully. "This is what's called an electric guitar, although it is a bit of an older model than the ones I know of. It is played pretty much the same as mine, but the music it can make are louder and more electronic sounding than mine."

"It sounds like you know quite a bit about them." He observes with interest, listening to to every word I am saying.

"Well, I have played one a few times before myself, so I know some things about them. But I prefer the more natural sounds an acoustic can provide." I let a smile leave me as I talk about the one thing I know the most about, before setting the instrument on the shop owner's counter with a sigh. "Unfortunately, without the proper equipment it won't reach it's full potential. A real shame..."

"Yes, I believe I know what you are talking about." Rinnosuke claims, adopting a thoughtful expression. "Apparently, this electric guitar gives its sound to something called 'speakers' through the use of electricity so the music inside can be released, but the sound can't be heard by us unless it is sent through an object called an 'amp'. Such a complex way to play music..."

I stare at my fellow male incredulously after his explanation, eyes wide with surprise. "That...is actually pretty accurate. How do you know about that?"

"Simple, I've come across this information through the use of my ability. I can determine the name, history, and purpose of an object just by coming in contact of it."

Well...that explains a lot. I always wondered about that ever sense he gave me that can opener. That's one mystery solved.

"That sounds like a very useful ability for a shop owner."

"You would think." He admits, before looking a little disgruntled. "Sadly I can't figure out how to use an item using my ability. It can really hurt a sale sometimes, not knowing how something operates..."

"Yeah, I suppose it would." I concur, feeling some slight pity for his inconvenience. "Back on topic though, do you happen to have an app and some speakers?"

His reaction isn't something I wanted to see, considering he immediate shakes his head in a negative. "I checked before when I obtained this, but I don't seem to have anything that fits the description."

"Figures... It would be too good to be true if that was the case." I sigh at the unfortunate news, before looking at who wants a guitar in the first place. "Well, it looks like we came across a dead end. Sorry Mystia."

"I don't see the problem." She responds with mild interest, looking over the electric guitar on the counter. "You said you just can't play it properly, right? Doesn't that mean it is still possible to practice with it?"

"Eh? Well yes it is possible, but wouldn't you rather have a guitar you can actually play? I'm sure we could find one eventually."

"Yeah, I know that." She replies stubbornly, still not letting her eyes leave the instrument. "But maybe we could find what we need for this elsewhere. Besides, I would rather start practicing now."

"Do you even know what you are saying?" I ask dumbfounded, not quite following her thought process. "From what I know, technology isn't exactly plentiful here. Where in Gensokyo besides here in this shop would we find an app and speakers?"

"If I may give my input..." Rinnosuke jumps in. "...I might know of someone who could probably make one for you. The kappa."

"Kappa? What do you mean?" I ask, confused at where he is taking this conversation.

"The kappa are well known for their capacity for technology, most of them being engineers. If anyone can get you what you need, it would be a kappa."

Wait a second, that sounds oddly familiar... Where have I heard of that before? It rings a bell somewhere...

No less after thinking for a second the figurative light bulb goes off in my head, my face transforming to one of recognition. "Now I remember! I met a kappa once way back when I first arrived! Her name was...Netoori I think?"

"Ah, you must mean Nitori. I know of her." Rinnosuke states. "She is one of the more well known kappa in Gensokyo. Marisa mentioned her in passing one time if I recall correctly."

"So you think we might be able to get what we need from her?" I ask uncertainly. "I haven't really seen her since my arrival, I wouldn't know where to look for her."

"Kappa are very cautious around humans by nature, it won't be easy to find one if they don't want to be found." He remarks, taking a seat behind his counter again. "But it isn't impossible."

"More reason to get this then." Mystia adds in, approaching the shop owner. "So how much? I can pay for it."

"Well, with everything considered, I would say it would come around to...1500 yen. Does that sound fair?"

Geez, only that much? That is extreme cheap for an electric guitar! Heck, even I would by it if it is that cheap, even if I wasn't going to use it.

"Fine, that sounds fair." The pink haired youkai agrees, taking out the correct amount from...somewhere in her dress. She hands the money over to Rinnosuke, who takes it gratefully into his hands, before picking up her now owned electric guitar. "...It's heavier than I expected."

I laugh at her initial reaction to her new instrument, though it is completely understandable. "The size might be a little smaller, but it isn't hallowed out on the inside like mine is."

"I see..." Mystia shifts her guitar in her arms at that, trying to hold it properly like she has seen me do so many times.

"Well then, are you satisfied with your purchase?" Rinnosuke asks, putting away the money he just received in that odd pouch he keeps on his front.

"Yes, I am. Thanks a bunch!" She chirps happily in response, before turning to me with a excited look. "Now Dash, you are going to have to start teaching me like you promised."

"Of course I am, I did promise after all."

"Good. Well then, I suppose we can start heading back now." The pinkette states, turning herself to head out of the cramped store.

"Wait, already?" I whine to my employer, who just turns her head back to look at me. "I didn't even get to visit with Rinnosuke yet! It's been too long!"

"That's too bad then, because I say we're going. I want to start learning right away, and we can't do that here." With her last word on the matter said, Mystia leaves out the front door, leaving me standing with my fellow man.

That was pretty selfish of her... Ah well, it looks like I'm not changing her mind.

"It is fine Dash-san, you don't need to keep me company." Rinnosuke claims from behind his counter, showing only mild amusement at my predicament. "You better hurry, or else she will leave you behind."

"...Yeah, I suppose I should. She is my boss after all, best not to keep her waiting." I relent dumbly, before making my own way out while I wave to the silver haired man. "I promise I'll come back sooner next time. It's nice seeing you again."

"Likewise, take care of yourself out there."

With goodbyes exchanged, I leave out the front door of the second hand shop, quickly catching up with the night sparrow ahead of me. "Honestly Mystia, do you need me to start teaching you right now? There is another time you know."

"Of course! Now hurry up or I'll leave you behind." She retorts, again walking ahead of me like she did on the way to the shop.

I chuckle at the familiar antics my boss shows me, doing my best not to lose sight of her as we walk back the way we came. "Yeah, yeah..."

It took maybe an hour or so to reach our destination after we left Rinnosuke's shop, which quite frankly is only a clearing in the middle of the woods, just outside the village. There really isn't anything to remark about it, besides maybe the couple of stumps sticking out of the ground which look ideal to be sat on, which the two of us gladly did.

Immediately as we both take a seat, the bird youkai starts to grill me, so to speak. "Alright, so how do we do this? I watched you play several times, but I'm not quite sure what to do."

"Well, I suppose we start with the basics. First off, try strumming the strings a bit, see how it feels for you. Like this..." I explain as I set Arashi into position in my grasp, strumming the strings calmly and with ease.

"That's it? No problem." She replies confidently, mimicking what I do as best she could.

Immediately as she starts strumming her newly owned instrument, I take notice of something odd as she starts fumbling with her fingers. I frown slightly at the sight, but decide further look into it is needed. "Okay, you can stop."

"Huh?" Mystia does as I ask and stops, looking at me confusedly. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, nothing like that. I just want to move on." I wave the question of quickly, before moving my fingers on the neck of my guitar into a basic chord. "Could you try holding your fingers like this on the bridge of your guitar like this? That's the long part, by the way."

"Yeah, okay." She again starts instantly to do what I ask, but this time her trouble is much more visible to me as her fingers fail to fall into place.

It's her nails, they are way too long to properly play the guitar. This might be problematic...

I let out a frustrated sigh at the discovery, before I again motion for her to stop. "...Alright Mystia, that's enough."

Dejected at not properly doing as I asked, she sets down the red electric guitar by her side before looking across to me. "How come I can't do it? It looked simple enough..."

"I know what it is. Your finger nails are much too long to play properly. Unless you get them shortened, I'm afraid you can't learn how to play."

"What?! But I've always had them this long, as long as I can remember! Can't I learn how to play how they are now?" The grill stand owner asks desperately, clutching her fingers to her closely as if they were going to fall off.

"I'm being serious here. Long nails normally aren't a problem when it comes to playing, some guitarist even purposefully have them longer to help with strumming, like using a pick."

"A what?"

"Ah, never mind." I quickly disregard my last comment, seeing as it has no purpose right now. "The point is, yours are so long that they lose any practical purpose. I honestly didn't see this coming when I agreed to teach you."

Mystia's disheartened look hits me pretty hard as she looks down at the guitar she just purchased, her face looking sadder than I have seen her get before. "So what am I supposed to do?"

"That's for you to decide. It's either you cut them off, or give up on learning guitar."

I hate being so blunt with her, but I need to get it across clearly. If she attempts to keep trying to learn like this, she might damage her instrument. And then she can never learn how to play anyway.

The silence is a bit overbearing as I watch her try to come up with a decision, her face contorting in different shapes of sadness and focus. After a good amount of time passes she starts to speak, trying out the words she wants to say slowly. "I...I want to..."

"Down there! We found him!" Suddenly Mystia gets interrupted by a cry from above, capturing both of our attention to see who that could possibly be.

The sight I see is an oddity to be sure. Flouting down to us in a loose triangle formation appears three girls, each wearing matching hats, vests, long sleeve shirts, and skirts, with frills decorating the collar of their vests and the rims of their hats. Also, each of the girls have their own color scheme for their own clothes, with one dressed in black, the next dressed in red, and the last one in white.

After the three descends down to our level, they remain flouting just above the ground as they all stare directly at me, unnerving me a little. Shortly after, the one in red speaks up first. "Yeah, I think that's him. He has the same guitar that was described, black with a stormy design on it."

I'm getting some serious warning flags raised here! How do they know about Arashi?!

At the mention of my guitar I swiftly move it out of direct eyesight, watching them warily. "Okay, what's going on here? Why do you know about my guitar?"

"Simple." The one in black states, looking at me with a gaze of apathy. "One should know about who they are looking for before they start searching for them."

"Why would you be searching me?" I ask confusedly, staring at them oddly. "I'm just a normal musician. Do you need me to play a song for you or something?"

The girl who is dressed in white giggles at my inquiry, looking at me with excitement in her eyes. "Oh, I think we are quite capable of doing that ourselves~!"

"...Eh?" My nonsensical response is rewarded once I take a closer look at the girls, and realize that there are three instruments flouting behind them, with one flouting behind each girl. The one in black with blonde hair has a violin, the one in white with light blue hair has a trumpet, and the last in red with brown hair...

Does that freaking keyboard have wings!? What's going on, last I heard instruments don't float or have wings! Arashi better not take off on me like that!

"Dash, do you even know who these three are?" Mystia asks me with condescending in her tone. "These are the Prismriver Sisters! You know, the ones you filled in for when you arrived?"

I stare in slight shock at my boss, then back at the sisters when I hear that bit of information. "You're the Prismriver Sisters? As in, the poltergeist musicians?"

"I'm glad you've heard of us." The one in red confirms, a smile spreading playfully on her face as her keyboard flouts in front of her. "I'm Lyrica, the youngest sister."

"I am the elder sister, Lunasa Prismriver." The one in black says next, letting her violin float to her side.

"And I'm the middle sister! Just call me Merlin!" The one in white exclaims, having her trumpet hover in front of her face as if she is ready to play it.

"And with the three of us..." The one named Lyrica starts, flouting between her two sisters. "We make up the Prismriver Ensemble!"

All three of the sister pose at the announcement, each setting their instruments to how they would normally be played, but without making contact with them at all with their hands.

...Was that rehearsed or something? That seemed incredibly...oh what's the word...unnecessary? Flashy? Whatever it is, it seemed to fit them pretty well.

I stare wordlessly at their over-the-top introduction, before chuckling as I get the urge to do something along similar lines. Something possibly stupid looking. "Well, I don't seem to have a flashy title like yourselves, but allow me to introduce myself properly. The name is Tadashi Rizumu, the human who comes from the outside world, and the guitarist who plays Aura Songs..." I dramatically bow before the sisters with one arm before me, and the other holding Arashi to my side. "...Or just Dash for short. It's a pleasure to finally meet you Prismriver Ensemble."

My over exaggerated performance manages to earn me some slightly giggling from the group in front of me, and when I look up I see the giggles mainly coming from the middle sister Merlin. "He's funny. I like him!"

"He is somewhat amusing." Lunasa adds, looking at me with those bored eyes she seems to have. "However, we didn't come to share a few laughs with him."

"Oh? So what are you here for?" I ask, straightening myself back up to address them properly.

"Why not Lunasa?" The youngest sister in red asks, pouting slightly and blatantly ignoring me. "It's rare to meet other musicians in Gensokyo, there is lots we can talk about. He even uses a string instrument like you, out of all of us you should have the most in common with him about things."

"Our preference in music has nothing to do with this." Her older sister replies, crossing her arms in front of her seriously. "Did you forget why we sought him out?"

"Of course I didn't." Lyrica huffs, turning her nose up and away from her sister. "I just wanted to know a bit about this guy before we fought him, that's all."

I hate being left out of conversations like this... Wait, did she just say fight?

"Wait wait wait wait wait! You three want to fight me!?" I ask in panic, waving my free hand in front of me as I back up a bit.

"In a sense." Lunasa confirms, flouting closer to me from her sister's side. "Tadashi-san, as rival musicians we wish to challenge you to a spell card duel."

Say what now!? Why am I sudden;y getting challenged to a duel? This is crazy!

The silence afterwords is deafening as both Mystia and I stare at the poltergeist in shock, but soon I am able to find my voice again. "H-Hey, hold on! What is this all about? I never even met you three and you want to duel me?"

The one in white giggles again at my reaction, making me wonder if she is the highly amused type. "Oh don't be modest. We've heard that your music is supposed to be as good as ours. It really interested us!"

"Speak for yourself." Lunasa differs, not loosing that air of neutrality. "It is hard to believe a human can compare to us. That is why we wish to challenge him, to see who is better. Would it be him or us?"

"B-But Dash can't fight you!" Mystia yells out, suddenly grabbing everyone's attention. "He can't even use danmaku, let alone a spell card!"

The three look at her in shock for a moment, before Merlin speaks out again playfully. "How pathetic~!"

Ugh! That was incredibly mean~! So what if I don't use danmaku, that isn't such a big deal, is it?

"Hm, this proves a problem then." Lyrica thinks aloud, looking down at the ground in thought. "How are we going to settle this then?"

Getting over the earlier diss on my ego, I look at the three in confusion. "I understand wanting to find out who is better out of us, I'm curious too. But why challenge me to a duel? That has nothing to do with music."

"The majority of differences in Gensokyo are usually solved through a spell card duel." Mystia explains. "Just by winning a duel with you they could have made you acknowledge them as the better musicians. Is that right?"

"Pretty much." Lunasa confirms. "But it won't prove anything if he can't fight back. It would just look bad for us."

"Well..." I start as I let the words just slip out of my mouth. "Why don't compete in another way then?"

"I got it!" Lyrica exclaims, face glowing in excitement. "If we can't settle this with spell cards, we can settle this with a different method that we do share, our music."

"Huh? With our music?"

"Hey yeah, that will work." Mystia agrees, nodding with approval. "You both can each play some songs, and whoever performs the best is the winner!"

"Slight problem." I interject, thinking about the plan. "We would be biased to our own music, which would get us nowhere in determining who is better. It would just lead us straight back to square one."

"That is simple to fix." Lunasa adds in, returning to her relatively unamused look. "We only need an unbiased group to judge for us. Preferably a large number of people."

"An audience." I conclude, but remain unsure still. "But where are we going to find that many people? You can't gather an audience just like that. It takes planning, a lot of time, and..."

"That's easy~!" Merlin states excitedly, jumping on in on the planning process. "There is going to be a summer festival in the Human Village pretty soon. We can do it there!"

"Ah yeah, we were going to perform for the humans there anyway, weren't we?" The sister in red recalls, smiling at the idea. "It's perfect. We can perform for them at the festival, and they can decide for us!"

There is going to be a festival? Huh, I wonder why I didn't notice... Then again I have been gone for a while.

"Then that settles it." Lunasa confirms with her sisters, earning a nod from each. "On the day of the festival, we will settle who is the best in Gensokyo."

"Fine by me." I claim confidently, tightening my grip on Arashi subconsciously in excitement. "I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking foreword to it."

"Heh, I like your attitude Dash-san." Lyrica chuckles, before giving me an equally confident smirk as all three of them begin to rise into the air again. "Be ready for us by then. And try not to fail too badly, would you?"

"Oi! If I were you I would be worried about myself!" I yell at the retreating poltergeist, before just staring up at the sky where they left, complete with a shit eating grin on my face. "Oh man, I can hardly wait. I wonder what their music is like?"

"They are something else." Mystia claims, walking up to besides me. "Trying to beat them when it comes to music will be challenging."

"I'm hoping for it. I haven't had a good test for my music ever since I got here. It will be a day to remember, for sure."

We remain looking up at the sky for a moment, thinking of what is to come, before the night sparrow walked over to the stump she was sitting on earlier, grabbing her guitar. "Well then, I think we should start heading back. It's getting late, and way past my bedtime."

Pfft, that's right. What the heck is she doing up still? Sucks to be nocturnal I suppose. All the excitement must have got to her today.

"Yeah, let's get out of here."

We both start to come back the way we came, following some unseen path that Mystia somehow seems to know. Only just a few minutes after we have started walking the pinkette speaks up again. "So Dash, do you know exactly when this festival is supposed to be?"

I freeze in my tracks at the question, causing my traveling companion to look back at me. She then smirks in amusement as she watches my eyes widen in surprise, before they quickly begin to twitch in frustration. "Ah dammit."

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