Rizzoli, Isles and Grey

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Jessica Grey is anything but a normal teenager. Unlike many other teenagers her age who worry about acne and dating Jessica is a mutant and developed superpowers when she started puberty and has to worry about giant robots, crazy preachers and bigoted crowds on top of everything else. Although her life is often chaotic one of the constant sources of stability has been Doctor Maura Isles, the Boston chief medical examiner and Jessica's godmother.

Walking into the kitchen Maura sees Jessica sitting on the floor sharing a strawberry with Bass, the medical examiner's pet tortoise. Smiling at the sight Maura asks the tall red headed teen "Jessica sweetheart do you have anything planned this evening?"

"Bass and I were going to watch a tortoise documentary on Animal Planet. You want to watch it with us or do you need me for something?" Jessica inquires of her godmother with a smile on her face.

Maura tells her god daughter "I am going to a charity gala tonight and I want you to come with me as one of my guests."

Thinking for a moment Jessica then smiles and tells her godmother "Ok Madrina I will go with you but on one condition: you let me paint your nails with various super hero logos and wear the paint job to work."

Maura, not wanting to pass up some additional bonding time with the teenager, smiles and tells her "You have a deal, now go get dressed because we leave in two hours."

Before getting up from the floor Jessica gives pats the large tortoise on the shell and tells him "It looks like we are going to have to reschedule big guy. How about we watch Crocodile Hunter tomorrow morning and cheer on the reptiles with a plate of those organic strawberries you like." This comment causes Maura to smile wider due to her god daughter's fondness for her unusual pet.

As Jessica gets ready for the gala the doorbell rings and she hears her godmother ask "Ian, what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you Maura; do you have time to talk?" Ian said, with a thick Australian accent to the medical examiner.

"You can't keep doing this Ian!" Maura states before taking a deep breath and politely continuing "I told you the last time you were here that I moved on and am currently seeing someone. Now if you will excuse me I have to get ready for a charity gala which means you will have to leave."

"I am not going to leave until you give me what I came here for Maura!" Ian tells Maura as he grabs her arms and attempts to kiss her while forcing his way into the house.

Jessica, hearing the commotion in the living room, exits her bedroom wearing a black and pale green evening gown with a slit going up to just above the knee on either side along with an X shaped gold necklace. She notices Ian gripping her god mother's arms and is currently trying to shove his tongue in her mouth. As she continues to approach the two she tells the Australian "I suggest you let go of the nice lady and leave now before things get messy."

Ian looks the teenager in the eyes and tells her "Stay out of this little girl; this is between Maura and myself" as he grips Maura's arms tighter.

Jessica, now floating several inches off the ground and her eyes begin glowing red, states to Ian "Oh hell no, you did not just call me a little girl!"

The Australian's eyes widen, seeing Jessica's eyes glow red and floating off the ground along with several pieces of furniture floating around her. Once he lets go of Maura, he begins backing off and states "What kind of freak show do you have going on here Maura?"

Maura, now visibly angry that Ian called her goddaughter a freak, takes a couple of steps forward and knees Ian in the groin then looks at Jessica "Sweetie what is that one phrase your father is so fond of saying, Hero Up isn't it?"

Jessica, hearing her god mother say 'Hero Up', smiles and tells the medical examiner "Oh hell yeah It's on like Donkey Kong now!" as she telekinetically grabs Ian and tosses him like a rag doll out the front door and into the door of his own car. As she floats out the door and approaches Ian Jessica states "You know I was having a very nice evening: I had a good meal, got invited to spend some extra quality time with Madrina but somehow I end up with a thin white douche going all dumbass and thinking it was a good idea to ruin the nice evening, damn it you got me to monologue."

As Ian struggles to get up after being tossed like a ragdoll he looks at the long legged redhead in front of him and whispers "who or what the hell are you?"

Jessica, as she lifts Ian up telekinetically, tells him "My name is Voodoo and I am a mutant, born with an enhanced genome that gives me superpowers. You piss me off at your own peril and one of the things that will seriously piss me off is the fact that you put your grubby little dick beaters on Madrina after she nicely asked you to leave."

As Jessica cocks her fist back and is about to punch Ian in the face Jessica's maternal aunt, Jane Rizzoli, pulls up in front of the house and gets out of her car. The brunette detective, dressed in a black dress, sees her niece utilizing her telekinesis on Ian asks her "Sweetie, before you beat the crap out of him and get blood on your very nice dress can you please tell me what is going on here?"

Jessica looks at her aunt and informs her "Bitch Fist (telepathically hearing Maura think Language Jessica) here showed up out of the blue, wanting to talk to Madrina and after politely being asked to leave he tried to force his way into the house while trying to make out with her. After being rudely asked to leave by myself he tells me that it was none of my business and called me a freak which forced Madrina to knee him in the groin and me to utilize my powers."

Jane looks at Maura who nods at the detective "Would you like to press charges Maura?"

Maura, after kissing her girl friend on the cheek, informs her "So long as he leaves town and doesn't come back I won't press charges."

The brunette detective looks at Ian, who is still being held by Jessica's Telekinesis "Dr. Faulkner I am going to comply with my girl friend's request and not arrest you but you better leave town tonight and not come within 500 feet of either her or my niece again. If you come near them again I highly doubt that my niece will control her temper as well as she currently is right now not to mention I will arrest you for stalking then throw you to Interpol."

Jessica narrows her eyes at the Australian and states "You better pray that my Aunt gets to you first because if I catch you anywhere near my Madrina or myself again I will not hesitate to forgo the world of cardboard and enough damage that one of Madrina's associates won't find enough of you to fit in a zip lock bag." before dropping him on his ass.

"Can you really do that to someone?" Jane asks her niece with an eye brow cocked.

"Yeah I can do that; I can also make him think he is a 6 year old girl wanting her hair braided too." Jessica explains to her auntie.

After listening to the banter between the two women Ian quickly gets into his car and speeds away from Maura's house. Maura looks at her god daughter and cracks a smile before stating "That is a wonderful gown Jessica, which line is it from?"

"It is from Van Dyne's spring formal collection; I think her spring professional line has some excellent shoes that would go great with black scrubs." Jessica states with a smile.

"You two should finish getting so that we can be at the charity event on time." Jane informs the two other women with her.

"Sure thing Aunt Jane but if we plan on avoiding being late you and Madrina will have to keep your hands off each other and not act like me and Talia." Jessica replies to her maternal aunt with a smirk which causes Maura to giggle at the thought of Jane and herself making out like a hormone driven teenager.

Once Jessica and Maura were ready Jane asks Maura "Whose car are we taking Maura?"

"If we are going to go to the Gala I suggest we ride in style and take my car Aunt Jane." Jessica states to the brunette detective with a smile on her face.

Maura cocks an eye brow then smiles as she states "It would make an excellent impression if we drove up in a classic muscle car."

"If we take your car you will obey every traffic laws young lady, I do not want to write you a ticket for anything." Jane sternly tells her teenage niece, who gives her aunt a smile and a nod. Jane smiles and states "Well ladies, let's go."

A/N: For anyone who is wondering Madrina is Esperanto for godmother and seemed to fit Maura better as a term of affection compared to Jessica calling her Aunt Maura. Also those who review this story please be constructive about it and suggestions are always welcome.