Chapter One

His days seemed shorter, his nights longer, and the rest in between almost obsolete. Sitting in the back seat of the stretched limo, Jason Morgan pours himself another glass of scotch, praying for the day that his best friend, Sonny Corinthos, returns to reclaim his position as the head of the organization. Politics, even the mob version, wasn't something Jason took interest in. He hated the suits and, even more so, the company he must keep.

Guards are necessary to keep up the image, something he never quite cared about, but insured Sonny always kept up with. He didn't sign up to run an entire organization, but it was something he took on for the man that taught him most of what he knew. He owed Sonny in so many ways and taking on the business barely put a dent in that.

Though he rarely ever looks forward to the future, knowing it was something that could easily change and morph, Jason looks forward to the day he can return to his usual t-shirt and jeans. Back to days of his leather jacket and riding the open roads on his motorcycle.

Rain's pouring down outside and he knew that it would be a day without meetings. The five families and others in the business hated commencing business meetings on days like this. It was all the more reason why Jason wished for days like this almost every day. Of course he wasn't granted this type of reprieve much, being located in the small town of Port Charles, but today he was and he'll make the most of it.

Staring out the window of the limousine, Jason finds his attention drawn to a petite woman walking through the rain as the driver stops at a red light. She doesn't look dressed for the weather they've found themselves in yet she's walking through the rain as if she doesn't feel it pounding against her skin.

Maybe she really didn't feel it. Maybe she didn't even realize the rain falling from the sky. For a split second he thinks she can feel the weight of his stare because she stops for a moment. She glances around before her eyes meet his. He knows for a fact that she can't see him, the tint paired with the rain falling makes it impossible, but he feels like she can. The way she stares at him, its as if she could see him.

Even through the tint and the rain, her blue eyes stood out from the rest of her, they were so deep, so conflictingly beautiful. She drops her gaze not too long after his limo starts driving through the green light, continuing her venture to wherever she was headed as he was continuing his venture to his penthouse.

Finally getting to the building that housed his penthouse, Jason finds his sister waiting by the elevators, a sad look on her face that had him wishing he had continued his ride through the rest of town - at the very least, gotten something to eat because he was certain he wasn't going to be getting any rest.

"You okay?" he asks in that tone he always uses when talking to his sister.

"Not really." she sighs, putting on a slight smile for his benefit. "I kind of need your help."

"Come on." Jason hits the up button on the elevator. "We'll talk in my penthouse."

Leading her into the elevator and up to his penthouse, Jason gets her a glass of water before sitting to hear what she has to say and what he'll have to help her with. Looking at his sister, he can see that a lot was weighing on her mind.

The way her shoulders are slumped, the slight bags beneath her eyes, and the look of pure fatigue throughout her form. He didn't know what he was about to do, but he knew he'll be agreeing to just about anything to help her out.

"So what's going on?" Jason initiates the conversation, knowing that he would have to help her along if he wanted any real information to pour out of her.

"Do you remember my friend Elizabeth?" Emily questioned, though she's certain he doesn't. "She's a waitress at Kelly's. Anyway, she's missing and I need your help to find her."

"Isn't this a job for the police?" Jason voices though he can see that she found that laughable coming from him. "What can I possibly do to help?"

"You have men working for you." Emily points out. "Please! You have to help me find her...she's not in the right state of mind and I'm afraid something bad can happen to her."

"Why do I feel like you're leaving a big chunk of the situation out?" Jason eyes her intently. "Start from the beginning."

"Elizabeth was in a car accident last year." Emily sighs, wishing she didn't have to go into detail. "She was in a coma for about nine months, but awoke in spite of what the doctors foresaw."

"So she disappeared from the hospital?"

"No. She disappeared from the rehabilitation facility." Emily concedes, pulling out the flyer that they've put up all over town. "She's somewhere in town, but no one has been able to find her."

Taking the flyer from her hands, Jason was in a whole different type of silence, one that stuns him to his core. It was the girl he had seen walking through the rain. The girl with deep blue eyes that put him at awe for the first time in his life. The girl in the picture, for some reason, wasn't as captivating as the girl he had seen in the rain. A part of him wanted to find her, just to put his own thoughts to rest.

"I'll do what I can." Jason says, handing the flyer back to her. "But I make no promises."

"Didn't think you would." Emily counters, smiling slightly. "Knowing you're looking for her puts my fears at ease. Thank you, Jase."

Showing her to the door, he hugs his sister goodbye before sprinting up the steps to take a quick bath and change into something more his style. Something inside of him told him he had to find the young woman, to help her if that's what she wanted and - in spite of his sister's request - help her run if that's what she wanted. Whatever she wanted him to do could only be done if he pulls off the first step - finding her.

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