It's your fifteenth birthday. You're standing in your bedroom, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new game Beta, that's been announced for FOREVER. Fuck, you've been waiting for months now!

Wait, who even are you?

Your name is Gilbert Beilschmidt and one of your wide-spread and weird interests is writing a shitload of diaries, documenting each and every day of your life in some... strange vocabulary. Only you really understand, what's written in them and you intend for it to stay that way. Another thing, you really love is your pet bunny, Maria. Usually, you let her run around freely in your room, but you have a cage, in case your brother decides to be unawesome and tells you to put that bunny in the cage.

Everyone knows, you're awesome, but you like to make sure, they really do on regular basis. You're usually obnoxious and seem dense, but you usually know, what you're doing. You don't let a lot of things bother you, that wouldn't be awesome.

you tend to type in some half-normal style, only writing single I's big and making lots of winking emotes ;) ;D

What will you do?