"Dear Gilbert,

I do excuse for not being able to come online for a while now. But I did not forget about your birthday at all. On the contrary, I prepared this gift for a long time. I know, how long you have wished for a Sylladex of your own, so I got you one. It has two modii, the feather and the bottle modus. I suggest, you take the feather modus, but I know, you will just do whatever you want either way. Just don't do anything stupid with it. Oh and tell SH, that I'm sorry for I wasn't online in a while. You should all hear from me soon, if everything works out fine. I hope you have a great birthday.

Love, F.B."

You roll your eyes - that's so like him. And thank fucking god, you finally have a Sylladex. You turn it on. Hm, it has six cards in it. You'll have a lot of fun trying out every function...

You start the Sylladex and look at the colourful blinking lights. It tells you to choose a modus, before you can start using it. Guess, you'll try out bottle one. The six cards appear on the screen, neatly in three rows to two cards. All of them are empty, of course. Time to captchalogue now and over there's the perfect test object...

Hi there, Maria.

You lightly tap the bunny's head with the Sylladex and it disappears. One card in the Sylladex changes slightly - the bunny's in it now. First, the card's on top, then it slowly descends until it's on the bottom left place. Hm... Anything else you could captachlogue? What'll happen if you use all free places?

Guess you'll try that out right NOW.

You take the box of cranberries, you'd bought yesterday and two bottles of orange juice. This leaves two free spaces... The cards mix and the bunny is now on the place in the bottom right place. Well, what a weird modus. You like it.

What will you take next... What about the chick on your head? You reach up and try to captcha it, but it flies away quickly, tweeting angrily at you. Guess it doesn't approve of your idea. Well, is there anything else...


Oh, someone's signed in You can wait, you have all day to mess around with your Sylladex. Let's see, who's online now... Oh! It's HH. Finally.

- hellaciousSuperior began pestering histrionicHankering at 17:39 -

HS: hey there..

HH: hey~

HS: sup? ;)

HH: nothing, really~

HH: oh and happy birthday of course

HS: ty.

HS: I got your gift, it's awesome as fuck.

HS: but mine will beat yours. ;)

HS: sorry.

HH: we'll see about that =p

HH: did you talk to SH?

HH: hope he isn't mad or something

HH: =/

HS: I bet he's not. ;o

HS: what do you want with him so badly anyway?

HH: i got some ...information to share with him

HH: it's something, you wouldn't understand

HS: that's...

HS: hilarious actually.

HS: haha.

HS: hahahahah.

HS: I know exactly, what's going on.

HS: C;

HH: think what you want =)

HH: yawn

HH: i'll be going now, have a good evening

HS: yeah, bye. ;)

- histrionicHankering ceased pestering hellaciousSuperior -

You check the progress of the Beta. It's installed, but... huh? What is this? You can't open it or anything, it's just there...?

SS signs in. Good timing. You'll ask him about the game.

- hellaciousSuperior began pestering sereneSmoulder at 18:03 -

HS: heeeey!

HS: ;)

HS: ...

HS: ;?

No answer whatsoever. You sigh. Well, you guess, he's spacing out or fallen asleep again, he tends to do that after starting his computer... and pesterchum signs in automatically. You shrug and support your head with one hand. Well then. Waiting time again.


You shut your eyes and pocket the Sylladex. It pokes against your thigh uncomfortably. Minutes pass, as you blend out the world surrounding you. ... Or is it only minutes?

Flap, flap.

You jump and look around, as some weight settles down on your right hand. Two black eyes stare at you lifelessly. It's the chick. Damn, it really is pretty cute... You remove your left hand from under your chin and pet it's head. It tweets lightly and raises both of it's small wings contentedly. Sooooo adorable... You put it back on your head and check the time on the computer screen.


Wow, you've been out for long. And sure as hell, two chums have been pestering you. One of them being SS, answering you.