I stared at the person in front of me with my mouth gaping open. He had a pained expression written over his face. He opened his mouth to say something, but I just lifted my hand to silence him.

"Don't. Just... don't..." I choked out as I held back tears. Come on. Bella, don't show your weak side. He took a step towards me while I stepped back. He reached for my hand but I pulled back before he could grab it.

"Bella, I can explain..." his velvety voice pleading.

"'I can explain! I can explain!' It seems like I'm hearing that a lot lately." I exclaimed while held back a sob. I loved him. I actually fucking loved him and he lied to my fucking face! I feel so stupid! I trusted him! I actually trusted someone and this is what I get, the girl banging son of a bitch of the town behind those geeky horn-rimmed glasses!

"No, Bella, please listen to me..." I shook my head and I bit my lip to hold back more tears.

"No. I had enough of listening to you!" I half-yelled and half-sobbed. My voice slightly echoed through the empty halls. Tears started brimming my eyes and a traitor of them fell down my cheek. I slowly backed away from him. Once he took a step, I ran down the hall heading for the double doors. He caught up to me and grabbed my shoulder. He spun me around to face him with his emerald green eyes smoldering. He pushed me against the lockers and crushed his lips to mine.