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Naruto had arrived fifteen minutes early, he did not why, but he was feeling very nervous. It wasn't the competition that made him nervous; Gai's mouth stretching techniques using the bendable ruler were surprisingly very helpful, and the secret weapon guaranteed his victory, an epic victory at that. No, it was the prospect of spending an afternoon with Ino, alone. Sure it wasn't a date or anything of the sort, but still, Ino was a girl, and he was a guy, and they were going to spend the afternoon together, eating ice cream; Naruto felt his stomach being filled with butterflies.

"Hey Naruto!" Ino shouted, breaking him from his thoughts, he turned towards the sound of her voice and saw her walking towards him, grinning.

"Are you ready for a serious butt whooping" Ino stated confidently

"Pssh please Ino you are looking at the KING of RAMEN EATING CONTESTS"

" Ramen, Naruto Ramen! This is ice cream, it's a whole different game" Ino said smirking

" Food is food, and you are going down Yamanaka, prepared to be humiliated!" Said Naruto grinning.

Ino snorted " I'm going to make you wish you never agreed" and with that she stepped confidently into the parlor, surprising Naruto who quickly followed her inside. Once seated, Ino asked "Naruto what's your favorite flavor?"


"Right, mines cookies and cream, so here's the rules, we'll both order a large bowel of ice cream, it contains three scoops" She added " and then we'll keep them coming until we can't take another bite okay; oh and the loser pays. " She said grinning devilishly.

"Okay!" Naruto shouted enthusiastically "I hope you brought your credit card Ino" Naruto laughed and Ino smirked.

"Suigetsu! One large strawberry and cookies and cream please, and keep them coming!"

Suigetsu looked over to where Ino was sitting, and raised an eyebrow.

"Ice cream eating contest huh"

"Oh yeah", Ino beamed.

Suigetsu laughed and looked sympathetically towards Naruto; "oh man Naruto, if I were you I would back out now, this woman eats like she has fifty stomach's"

Naruto simply smiled, "I like a challenge" he turned to Ino grinning "Ready?"

"Oh yeah, are you? Ino grinned

"Oh yes, and do you know what Ino, you have no chance of beating me, because-" Naruto paused for dramatic effect "I have a secret weapon, a weapon so great that it will guarantee my success" he smiled in triumph.

Ino raised her eyebrow "oh really, and what is this 'secret weapon?" she asked amused.

Naruto grinned devilishly "well since you're going to lose anyway, I guess I'll show you" he turned around and started fumbling with his clothes. Confused Ino asked "err Naruto what are looking for? You're lucky spoon or something?" Naruto chuckled and whipped around, Ino fell of her seat; for Naruto was wearing a green spandex jumpsuit underneath his clothes.

"Wha, What the hell are you wearing?" she exclaimed, disturbed by the disgusting suit.

"What? It's my secret weapon, Gai sensei told me he never lost a match when he wore this suit".

Ino held her stomach, "Y-You're wearing Gai sensei's suit?"

"Well yeah, it's washed of course"

"You're wearing Gai sensei's suit?" Ino repeated clearly horrified


"Alright guys here's your orders" Suigetsu said as he placed the bowels in front of them. He looked up and them and was about to wish them all the best when he noticed what Naruto's unbuttoned shirt revealed.

"Dude, what the hell are you wearing?"


"Yeah and it's a monstrosity; button you're shirt back up" Suigetsu demanded


"You look ridiculous"

Naruto turned to Ino, who nodded in agreement, sighing he buttoned his shirt back up again.

Suigetsu and Ino sighed in relief, "alright you guys ready?" Suigetsu asked


"Bring it"

Suigetsu raised his arm in the air and the brought it down, "Begin".

Naruto glared his bowl, Suigetsu was right, Ino did eat like she had fifty stomachs. He was on his twelfth bowl, she was on her fourteenth; Naruto had had enough, but it looked like Ino was not going stop any time soon. Ino seeing Naruto glare at his bowl chuckled "had enough Naruto?"

"Whaa, HELL NO! THIS IS NOTHING!" he shouted shoving three spoons, each laded with ice cream in his mouth, forcing his brain to swallow the now, god-damned sickenly sweet desert.

Ino smirked "face it Naruto you and you're monstrous outfit can't beat me" she said taking another spoonful.

Naruto stared in amazement, despite himself. 'How is she doing that?' he thought

Ino blushed, 'why is staring at me like that, I'm not a pig' she thought a little angrily.

"You know, it's rude to stare" Ino deadpanned

"Oh sorry" Naruto blushed, "it's just you are quite amazing you know, I've never met a girl who could eat as much as you" he said smiling

"That's rather offensive you know" Ino said a little hurt

"How is that rude? It's healthy to have a good appetite; as opposed to starving yourself, Sakura hardly eats anything. I find that an attractive quality in a girl, having a good appetite" he added smiling.

Ino blushed, "sweet talk, will not get you out of paying the bill" she said grinning

"Yeah I know" Naruto sighed. " I was just being honest"

Ino looked surprised; he was being genuine?

"Are you saying that you admit defeat?"

"Yeah" said Naruto chuckling sheepishly, whilst rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

"I have to hand it to you Ino, I don't think anyone can beat you, not even Choji" Naruto smiled

"Pshh he gave up on the 13th bowl" Ino said waving her hand dismissively.

"But umm thanks, you know about what you said before, you're a great guy, terrible at eating competitions, and you have a poor sense of fashion, she shuddered; but you're real sweetheart" Ino continued. Naruto smiled. "Thanks"

'She is so funny, and really nice, and well she is beautiful, I wonder why I did not notice it be before. I wonder if she would like to hang out with me again'

'He has such a beautiful smile, and the most gorgeous eyes. He is such a sweetie. Sakura has no idea what she gave up'

Ino smiled, "you know what Naruto lets split the bill, fifty fifty"

"Wh what? Naruto faltered "why"

"Meh, on a whim I suppose", Ino shrugged. "Now hurry up and agree before I change my mind"

"Alright, sure" Naruto grinned "thanks"


Ino and Naruto handed the money over to Suigetsu and headed out of the parlor. Ino turned to Naruto smiling "He-"

"Hey check that out!" Naruto practically shouted in Ino's ear.

"HEY!" Ino shouted angrily as she pushed Naruto. "ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME GO DEAF, BAKA!"

"Hey, hey" , Naruto raised his hands apologetically " I'm sorry okay, but look!" Naruto pointed to the pathway opposite them excitedly. Ino turned to the direction Naruto was pointing to, and her jaw dropped; Gaara and Hinata were walking and chatting animatedly to each other, and they were blushing, blushing!

"Gaara and Hinata, on a date?" Ino stated in disbelief

Naruto chuckled, placing his arms behind his head "looks like he finally plucked up the courage, that sly bastard"


"What? Gaara has feelings too you know"

"I know, but"

"But what?" Naruto asked irritated "he is a great guy and an awesome friend" he added defensively.

"No, no" Ino waved her hands in front of her face, "no please don't misunderstand, no Gaara is a real sweetie" she smiled, "but err umm, it's just I thought, well erm actually the whole school thought, err-"

"What" Naruto asked impatiently.

"Well, everyone though he and um Sasuke were you know, an 'item'"

"THE HELL!" Naruto eyes widened "H-h-h how could you say that? Gaara and Sasuke are the straightest guys I know! They would nev- eww that's ju-ju just disgusting. Oh GOD, why Ino? Urghhh"

"Well I'm sorry" Ino said with her hands on her hips "but you can't blame us" she said defensively




Ino snorted, "you're stupider than I thought"

"Why yo-"

"Ino chan, Naruto kun" Naruto and Ino turned, surprised to see Hinata and Gaara who were looking at them, very confused.

"Naruto why are you and Ino arguing?" Gaara asked

"Pff pfft, we're not arguing" Ino slung her arm over Naruto's shoulder grinning broadly. "Right buddy"

"Yeaah" Naruto placed his arm around Ino's waist "whatever are you talking about?"

Gaara and Hinata exchanged glances, "well, erm you were shouting at each other" Hinata said gently.

"Anyone would come to the conclusion that you were arguing with each other", Gaara stated definitely.

"Gaara, buddy" Naruto said as he punched Gaara on the shoulder gently "I think real question here is, when did you and Hinata start hanging out?" Naruto wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Gaara blushed, "oh well umm were reading together in the library and then we got hungry so we decided to get dinner"

"I see" Ino said, "the classic trick of the old trade," she said winking at Gaara. Both Gaara and Hinata turned a healthy shade of red. Ino giggled, "you guys are adorable together"

"Ino chan!"

"Yeah, I'm so happy for you man" Naruto grinned slinging his arm around a very flustered Gaara.

"Na-Naruto kun" Gaara stuttered.

"I can see it now" Ino said dramatically waving her hands in the air; "the beautiful lace trimmed white dress, the flowers, the veil, the 25 carat ring-"

"THE CAKE" Naruto interjected "ramen flavored of course," he added eyes sparkling




Naruto, Ino and the future couple jumped at what sounded like a very exasperated Uchiha Sasuke.

"Wha-" Naruto started

"Come on" Ino said "it came from around the corner"

The four teenagers ran towards the sound of the exasperated Uchiha. Upon peering around the corner, the four were met with a most disturbing site. Rock Lee, clad in red spandex was winking at Sasuke. Gaara, Ino and Naruto had to hold onto their stomachs, whilst Hinata used all her willpower to prevent herself from fainting.

"Why is everyone wearing those disgusting suits?" Ino exclaimed in irritation.

Gaara looked at Ino questioningly, "everyo-"

"Never mind" Naruto interjected blushing " lets just see what's going on" he said turning his head towards the unfolding scene.

"Lee, wh-"

"Sasuke, y-y-you know who I am!" lee asked surprised, tears of joy streaming down his face.

Sasuke was stunned. 'what the hell is happening?' he thought. "Well yeah, bu-"

"Shush" Lee said dramatically "I have something to tell you". With a look of fiery determination he pressed the play button on the speakers, which was on the path next to him. The infamous beat of sexy and I know it blasted in the street. Lee tapped his feet to the rhythm and then began to shake his red spandex covered bottom to the beat, adding ridiculous body feeling movements, whilst biting his lip and winking 'seductively'. Gaara and Naruto stared in horror, Ino had a mini heart attack and Hinata fainted.

Sasuke fell down in shock. Lee, surprised that Sasuke had fell, ran towards him

"D-DON'T TOUCH ME!" Sasuke shouted hysterically "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!"

"Bu-but Sasuke" Lee said, clearly hurt

"What the HELL do you think you're doing" Sasuke shouted, getting up, visibly shaken by the horrific act.

"I, well, I umm was seducing you" Lee stated bashfully

Naruto fainted, Gaara was stupefied.

"Wh, wh what?" Sasuke asked calmly

"I said I was trying to seduce you"

Sasuke faltered, "a-and why were you trying to do that?" he asked attempting to keep his face neutral.

"I well, I um, hmm, ah! Perhaps this will explain things better" Lee ran to his speakers.

"Wait, hang-" however Lee had pressed the play button and music filled the street again, this time it was a sweet tune. Ino, Naruto and Hinata slowly woke up.

"Wha, what happened" Naruto asked.

"See for yourself" Gaara stated dryly pointing at the scene, all four teens peeped around the corner, again.

Lee had turned a bright shade of red, and had an expression of uttermost calmness. He opened his mouth and sang:

" I threw a wish in a well

Don't ask me I'll never tell,

I looked to you as it fell

But now you're in my way

I'd trade my soul for wish

All this youthful clothes for a kiss

I wasn't looking for this,

But now you're in my way

You're stare was holdin'

Ripped shirt, skin was showing

Hot sweaty gym smell was blowin'

Were you're think you're going baby?

Hey, you just met me,

And this crazy

But here's my number,

So call me maybe?

It's hard to look right,

At you baby

But I really like you,

So call me maybe,

Hey you just me,

And this is crazy

But I love you,

So kiss me maybe?

All the other girls they,

Try to chase you,

But I love you most,

So marry me maybe?"

Gaara burst into laughter, Naruto stared at Gaara appalled, Hinata and Ino clung onto each other for dear life and Sasuke, Sasuke fainted.

Lee gasped horrified at what had happened to his beloved, doing what any knight in shining armor would do, he ran towards his love, and held him gently in his arms.

"My love, princess wake up" Lee whispered lovingly. Sasuke remained motionless

"Princess, Princess!" Lee shook Sasuke as gently as possible "Beloved, wake up!" Lee stated hysterically, tears pouring out of his cartoon like eyes. "Sasuke?" Lee stared at the male snow white, taking a deep breath; he knew what had to be done. He leaned in, slowly.

"Nooooo!" Lee jumped at the sound and screamed, terrified as Gaara charged towards him, aggressively pushing him away from Sasuke. Gaara then held Sasuke gently and stared at him worriedly, "Sasuke, Sasuke wake up" he said gently.

Ino, Hinata and Naruto exchanged glances; smirking, Ino giving a 'I told you so look' to Naruto approached Gaara, with Hinata and Naruto in tow. 'Uh Gaara-"

"WHAT!" Gaara shouted whipping his head towards her

Ino was stunned, Gaara never got angry, never. Only Naruto had seen him angry but that was a long time ago, she remembered Naruto telling them that a scary Gaara is someone you would never want to cross paths with; she could see that now, he was dangerous, but surprisingly sexy. Blushing at the thought, Ino asked "umm could you explain, you know, how you went all NOOOOOOO and well now you're all umm" she added gesturing towards his affectionate hold on the damsel in distress.

"I was just saving him from a near death experience" Gaara stated seriously

Ino raised an eyebrow, "how is kissing lee a near death experience?" she asked laughing

Gaara raised a non-existent eyebrow

"Okay, but still, Gaara you need to calm down"

"I AM CALM! Do you realise who you even asked that question to?" He asked

"Gaara kun" Hinata said gently, squeezing his shoulder and giving him a reassuring smile

Gaara sighed, " I appologise, it's just, I'm very worried" he said as looked at Sasuke, concerned. "We should take him to the hos-"

"Mmmm Gaara?" Sasuke stirred as he blinked his eyes in confusion.

"Sasuke?" Gaara exclaimed, "You're alright" he beamed at Sasuke

"Wh, what happened" Sasuke said sluggishly rubbing his head

"We-well, Lee er"

"LEE!" Sasuke exclaimed angrily "where is that bastard!" Turning his head frantically, he spotted Lee shaking in his repulsive, skin tight red spandex; Sasuke got up and charged towards Lee.

"Sas-Sasuke kun" lee stuttered, legs shaking

"You son of a batch of cookies!" Sasuke bellowed, "You God Da-" Sasuke stumbled and fell backwards, into Gaara's arms.


Gaara smiled "just relax for now, you're body and mind are recovering from trauma", looking up, Gaara narrowed his eyes at Lee and said lowly "Get out of here" Lee disappeared within 2 seconds.

Ino looked at Hinata, concerned; Hinata gave her a reassuring smile. She approached the 'item'.

"Gaara kun" Gaara turned to Hinata, giving her a warm smile he asked "Yes Hinata"

"Um, you should take Sasuke kun to the hospital, after what he has been through, he'll need you" Hinata smiled warmly at them.

"N,no I'm fine" Sasuke said getting out of Gaara's warm embrace, embarrassed with the position he was in. "Take Hinata home Gaara" Sasuke ordered

"Ah yes of course, but we'll take you the hospital first, is that alright Hinata?"
"Oh of course" she smiled at Sasuke "but Gaara I can just walk with Ino chan"

"Yes Gaara" Ino interjected "it's alright, accompany Sasuke, he needs you"

"I don't need anyone" Sasuke said angrily "Now Gaara walk Hinata home" he said drawing out each syllable.


"Walk. Her. Home" Sasuke glared at Gaara

"OKAY!" Naruto shouted "how about I take teme to the hospital, teme don't argue!" he said raising his hand like a teacher would, when silencing a stubborn child. "Gaara you walk Hinata chan home kay, sound good?"

"Okay" Gaara said "but I'll check up on you Sasuke after I drop of Hinata"

"Geez Gaara you don't hav-"

"OH FOR CHRIST SAKE JUST ADMIT THAT YOU LOVE EACH OTHER ALREADY" shouted a very frustrated INO. Everyone turned to her.




"Ino Chan!"

Ino stared at them in a teacher like manner, "everything would be so much better if Gaara and Sasuke admitted their love for each other" she sighed.


"WHAT? WHAT?" "I do not love Gaara, are you seriously that stupid" Sasuke stared incredulously at Ino

"And I do not love Sasuke, he is my friend and I care about him, a lot". Gaara turned and smiled at Sasuke, Sasuke smiled back. "But the person I like, like, I like" Gaara turned to Hinata and blushed "I like you Hinata, a lot" Hinata blinked in surprise, her face slowly colouring.

Naruto smiled "how about you two love birds head off now" he said; gently pushing Hinata and Gaara forward. As they headed off, Naruto, Ino and Sasuke saw Hinata blush as she slipped her hand in Gaara's and give him a quick kiss on the cheek. Gaara's face turned to the colour of his hair. 'Very attractive' Ino noted. 'Kawaii' thought Naruto. 'Cute' Sasuke thought.

"Now mister" Naruto smiled deviously "to the hospital" he said as he striked a superhero pose.

"Yeah, no" Sasuke said walking away

"I'm taking you the hospital teme, even if I have to drag you there" Naruto exclaimed, grabbing Sasuke by the collar then throwing him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Ino laughed.

"Why you dobe" Sasuke thrashed wildly, striking Naruto in the jaw.

"OWWW" Naruto wailed "you BASTARD, that's it, you give me no choice, Sasuke" Naruto paused for dramatic effect. "If you don't go the hospital I'll see to it that in every gym class you wear that hideously un-youthful green jumpsuit"

Sasuke snorted "like you could make that happen"

"I'll have no trouble convincing Gai sensei and - " Naruto smiled deviously "I'm pretty sure Tsunade would be more than happy to see Uchiha Sasuke parade around the gym in a green spandex suit."

Ino snickered "sex-say"

Sasuke paled, "you bastard, you piece of –"

"Yeah, Yeah I know I'm a genius bastard and I know it" Naruto wore a cheshire grin " now where have I heard that one before?"

Sasuke glared, snorting "Genius bastard yet you can't come up with your own titles, I'm walking" Naruto grinned and let Sasuke off his back gently. Shoving Naruto roughly so he fell onto the pavement, Sasuke stormed off towards the hospital. Ino stared at his retreating back and shook her head, helping Naruto up they both ran after Sasuke.

Sasuke glared at the woman who gave him the finger. Che, you're in my way, I'll bulldoze you over, stupid cow, don't you realise that when a man is angry move out of the god damn way. Idiots Sasuke thought, I really wish Gaara were here, he always made everything better, he had this calming aura and this way of talking. Sasuke sighed; the stupid blonde pig was right, he really did need Gaara.

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