A/N: Hello! This story is a revision of the episode Amy's Choice to see how it might be different if my OC/Time Lady the Professor was the one to be infected with the psychic pollen instead of the Doctor and since she is different than the Doctor, this chapter will be very different than the episode. Since this is taking place semi-in medias res in terms of my revision of the show, I throw a lot of references to scenes and events that take place in my Academic Series (Reunion to Remembrance, six stories). It is written on the assumption that the reader knows who the Professor is so it might be better to read that first to truly understand why certain events happen in this revision.

I mentioned in my Amy's Choice chapter (of Revitalization) that I believed the Professor would never put the Doctor in danger and that Amy and Rory would be left to deal with her darkness themselves, here we will see this come into play. He is in one dream world, they are in another and with her mind I could see none of them realizing it's a dream, unlike in the actual episode. I'm making this a 4-chapter story, semi-short chapters (compared to the length I usually go in a single chapter), because I want to make it more like an episode, ending on cliffhangers/'commercials' and such. I hope you enjoy.

And please, really let me know what you think about these chapters, good or bad or anything else, I get really nervous about original chapters/stories. On with the show I suppose...

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The Dream Lady - Part One

The Doctor rolled over in bed, his arm automatically moving to wrap around the warm body next to him, pulling the woman closer as he snuggled his face into her hair, the faint burnt orange light growing stronger as it filtered in through the windows. He scrunched his face as he tried to keep asleep, not wanting the dream to end, not wanting to wake up in the dark room of the TARDIS…

"Morning Theta," a voice whispered to him, the woman turning in his arms to face him, resting her forehead against his own, still half asleep herself.

He sighed internally, the dream could go on no longer. He slowly opened his eyes and looked into the sparkling gray eyes of the Professor across from him. He frowned a moment, gray eyes? He reached out hesitantly, pushing a lock of golden hair behind her ear and blinked, shouldn't her hair be more of a strawberry blonde? And the light…that burnt orange light…

He shot up in bed, their sheets falling off his bare chest, and turned, looking out the window to see the second sun was just rising in the south, the view out their window of the mountains was breathtaking, the silver-leafed trees glowing in the dawn, shining a warm light into the room, an incredible sight to wake up to.

"Theta?" the Professor whispered, pushing herself up to look at him, more awake now from the sudden move, "Are you alright?"

"What…" he breathed, shaking his head. He blinked a few times before running a hand through his hair, feeling oddly like it should have been more floppy, for lack of a better word, his racing hearts starting to slow, "Yes…yes I'm fine Kata."

She scooted closer, making sure to hold their sheets up more, knowing how distracted he could get when he saw her like that, and reached out, cupping his cheek to turn his face to her, looking at him softly, searching his eyes, "What's wrong?"

He smiled softly at her and reached up, pressing her hand to his cheek, he never could hide anything from her, "Just a dream dear," he leaned forward and kissed her gently.

"What about?" she asked, smiling as he pulled away.

He blushed faintly, "It's going to sound silly, well...mad actually..."

She gave him a gentle laugh, "Which is one of the reasons I Bonded to you," she told him, "My madman…"

"My Academic," he whispered, kissing her again. It had been a very close call. She had been invited to the Academic program just after she graduated and actually planned to tell them no. It was nearly unheard of for a potential Academic to say no. They'd very nearly had a row about it, in fact, it had been her dream to be one, and there she was, about to turn it down, for him he later discovered. In the middle of their argument she'd basically shouted that she hadn't wanted to spend the last two years of her schooling away from him let alone another 200!

And then she'd kissed him.

And, in being true to himself, he'd forced her to accept while also convincing her to break the rules. They'd begun a whirlwind romance, full of secret meetings, messages, dates, nights…it had been one of the most exciting times of his life. 200 years of nearly getting caught, but if there was one thing they were good at, it was sneaking around and getting into all sorts of trouble without getting caught. He'd gotten a position in Intergalactic Relations, to hold his mind during the times when they really couldn't be together and it had kept him sufficiently distracted, whizzing about the Universe, trying to help keep peace and maintain the timelines.

As soon as she'd graduated as an Academic, they were free. They'd Bonded within an hour of the graduation ceremony finishing and wasted no time in beginning their lives together, officially joining their families together. Within a week they'd discovered that their family would be growing, the Professor was pregnant and he'd never been so happy. She'd gotten their families together and announced it there, having not even told him till then. His brother had timed it, he'd hugged her for nearly seven minutes, kissed her thoroughly for six and a half.

And then their first child had been born, and then their second, and third, and their most recent child, who had only just turned eight. Four children in a little more than three hundred years, most families only ever tried for two, but it hadn't bothered them, they wanted a large family, they loved each and every one of their children with both their hearts and then some.

"Theta?" she asked softly, seeing him getting lost in thought.

He shook his head and smiled at her, "I was dreaming that you and I were whizzing off in a TARDIS, through the galaxies, having adventures like we talked about in school."

She gave a little laugh, "Well we're set to start one next holiday," she rubbed his back a bit, feeling him shiver as she touched his bare skin, "Not quite how we envisioned it…"

"But so much better," he agreed, kissing her forehead.

They went on trips across the Universe every holiday. When their children came home from school, they went off as a family, and they were some of the best times they'd ever had. Not quite how they'd dreamed of when they were children, just the two of them, but now with their children, who were quite the handful when they got started. All of them were just as much of a handful as their father, but just as brilliant as their mother. A fascinating combination.

"There's more though, isn't there?" she tilted her head, her hair falling over her shoulder like a waterfall.

"We had two others with us," he nodded, thinking back to the dream that was rapidly fading, "Humans, I think. They were our friends. Our Companions."

"What were they like?"

He smiled at her, she was always so curious to hear his dreams, "They were to be married," he paused in thought, straining to remember, "She had red hair…he had a…" his smile turned into a smirk, "Schnoz."

"You are terrible," she laughed, leave it to him to make fun of someone's nose while also teasing her about when she'd tried to pick a name for herself.

"And you love me anyway," he whispered, kissing her again. God, he could spend the rest of his lives doing that, kissing his beautiful Bonded.

She reached up, running a hand through his slightly long brown hair which naturally seemed to slick back without use of products. She pulled away a moment later, her hand resting on his chest as she stared into his brown eyes, "Come on love," she started to get up, taking the sheet with her, "We have much to do today."


She paused and looked back at him, laughing, "No?"

His smirk grew far too devious and saucy for her virtue to be safe she knew…

"No," he whispered and, before she could even react, he'd reached out and pulled her back onto the bed, tickling her sides as she squirmed with laughter before that was muffled by his lips as he rolled them over on the bed…


Amy winced as she rolled onto her back, reaching up to rub her forehead, her eyes closed tightly. Her head was pounding! She blinked blearily, frowning when she saw she was in some sort of white room. She frowned, sitting up quickly and looking around. No, she was in a white corridor. The floors were black, the walls white along with the ceiling which also had a line of lighting running along it. She looked behind her to see a wall but before her was the rest of the hall. She was standing in a dead end.

"What?" she breathed, pushing herself up. She walked over to the walls, pushing on them lightly, resting an ear on them and knocking, just testing them. They were real, wherever she was…

"Doctor?" she called, turning in a circle as though he might be hiding behind her, but there was no one, "Rory?" she added after a moment, but there was no reply, "Professor! Doctor, what's going on?"

There was only silence and the faint buzzing of the lights above her.

She sighed, rolling her eyes at this. The Doctor must have gotten them lost somewhere…again…

She shook her head and headed down the corridor, no other place to go regardless. She paused at the end, seeing that she was at a T junction, a hall to her left and one to her right, both with turns at the end of them. She hesitated, glancing left and then right before heading left quickly.

She wandered down a few more halls, took a few more turns, before she heard something hissing. She turned a corner and gasped, finding herself face to face with Prisoner Zero!

"Silence will fall!" Zero hissed, baring its teeth at her before lunging at her.

She screamed and jumped back, turning to run down the halls, but she could hear him crashing after her, "Doctor!" she screamed, "Professor! Help!" she stumbled and fell, Zero reaching her, biting down hard on her right leg. She screamed, kicking him with her other leg before scrambling to her feet and limping off around a corner, rushing down the corridor to another turn, flying around it and pressing herself against the wall, panting as she listened, waiting…

After a few moments of silence, she turned and peeked around the corner to see that Zero hadn't followed her. She let out a breath of relief before looking down at her leg, it was bleeding a bit. She winced, sliding down the wall, her leg out before her. She pulled off her scarf and wound it around her leg, tying it as tightly as she could. She let out a shuddering breath as she sat there, shaking, whatever it was she was expecting, seeing Zero again and getting bitten hadn't been it.

Where was she? What was going on? Where was the Doctor?

She swallowed hard, pushing herself to her feet, using the wall behind her as support. She put a bit of pressure on her leg, standing on it more, only to wince and shift her weight back to her left foot. Ok then, she was standing in a series of halls, with an injured leg she could barely stand on, with Prisoner Zero somewhere out there, and the Doctor nowhere to be seen…no problem…

She mentally smacked herself before shaking her head. Big problem. But she knew she couldn't just stand there and wait for Zero to find her again. She took a breath and pushed off the wall, wincing as she tried walking on, limping so as not to put too much pressure on her leg.

She placed a hand on the wall, using it for support and stability as she continued on. She took a step around a corner and gasped as something whizzed past her. She looked to her left to see an arrow embedded in the wall just beside her head. There was another whizzing and an arrow landed just by her right hand. She quickly fell to the floor and scurried back around the corner, peeking around it to see a wall at the end of the hall had a number of holes in it from which arrows were flying out.

She caught her breath a moment before quickly getting up again, rushing down the hall as fast as she could, about to turn around the corner before stopping. She cautiously looked around it and glanced at the walls, seeing nothing there and hoped it was safe. She stepped around and hurried down the hall.

She moved around another corner to see it was a partial dead end, more like an alcove really with what looked like a large TV monitor in the wall, "Hello?" she called, reaching out to feel along the sides of it, looking for a button that would turn it on, hoping it was a communication device or something, "Hello? Is anyone there? Where am I? What's going on? Hello! Doctor?"

But the monitor remained off.

She sighed, "Stupid," she muttered to herself before smacking the screen, "Rubbish you are!" and turning to continue on back down the halls, cautiously peeking around the corners.

Wherever she was, she needed to get out of there fast.


Rory woke with a gasp, jolting up before rubbing his forehead as he bashed it on something above him. He winced, looking up and around, confused, he appeared to be in a room, dimly lit by a few dangling lights. He squirmed a bit, seeing that he was lying in what looked like a wooden rectangular box with one side missing. He shimmied out to his right and ended up rolling off the side of it, falling to the floor on his back with a groan. He stood up, using the edge of the box for support to see it wasn't a box. It was more like an enlarged bookshelf big enough for someone to lie in. He frowned and turned around, eyeing the rest of the room, there were no windows he could see and only one door at the other end of the room, across from him. He stepped past the 'bookshelf' to see there were actually rows and rows of them set up in the room, some with a single meager blanket lying there. Other than that, the room was empty.

He cautiously walked over to the door, trying it, but, of course, it was locked. He sighed and walked over to the 'bookshelf' closest to the door, sitting down and leaning back against the corner of it as he stared at the door, waiting. Wherever he was, someone had put him there and if they locked the door, they didn't want him to leave, so they must want him for something. And if they wanted him, they would come to him. All he could do for now was wait.

Besides, it wasn't like he was the Doctor, he didn't have a sonic to open the lock with.


The Professor hummed lightly to herself, a soft tune of her own, as she stood in their kitchen, making breakfast. She couldn't help but smile as she felt his eyes on her. She glanced over her shoulder to see her handsome Bonded leaning against the doorframe to the room, watching her intently. But she blinked, seeing the thoughtful, nearly sad look on his face.

She turned the heat down so as not to burn anything before she turned and walked over to him, draping her arms around his neck as he stood straight, his hands moving to her waist, pulling her closer, "What is it Theta?"

He gave her a soft smile, "It's just that dream…" he sighed, closing his eyes and resting his head against her forehead, pulling her closer still.

"What else was troubling about it?" she asked, moving one of her hands to his cheek, cupping it as he looked at her, "Was it a nightmare?"

"It's hard to say," he admitted, "The dream itself wasn't bad," he smiled a bit, "I'd taken you to Earth, to Venice," he recalled, "You were cross with me and I desperately wanted my sweet little Bonded back," she laughed at that as he smiled at her, "It was also a wedding gift for our Companions too…"

She blinked, waiting for him to continue, but he didn't. Instead he just reached out and gently began to trace her face, staring at her with a slightly furrowed brow, concentrating. She waited a few more moments before reaching up and taking his hand, kissing his knuckles, "Something about my appearance is troubling you," she reasoned. He smiled, she was always so remarkable at reading him, at guessing his thoughts even when not reading them, at working out a situation from just a few clues, "Had I regenerated in this dream of yours?"

He nodded, his expression saddening, "Nearly a dozen times."

Her eyes widened a bit at that, "So many?"

It was hard to believe that she'd regenerated so often, they were both still on their first incarnations and had no plans on doing anything to jeopardize that. They wanted to be around as long as they could, watch their family grow and grow, be a part of the lives of their children, their children's children, and so on.

"I had as well," he told her, "The same amount. In fact," he squinted, as though trying to remember a specific detail, "We'd both regenerated into our eleventh bodies together."

She gave him a happy smile and kissed him quickly, "There, you see? Not such a nightmare was it?" she turned and headed back to the slowly cooking food.

"It's not a nightmare to be so near the end of our regenerations?" he called, watching her go.

"It's not a nightmare to start another life along with you," she corrected.

He couldn't help but smile at that. There was his Kata, his optimistic Kata, she always could see the best in a dark situation, look to the brighter side. He walked over to her, coming up behind her as he wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her back to his chest and watching her cook as he rested his chin on her shoulder, dropping a little kiss to her neck, making her laugh at the tickling sensation.

He nuzzled the side of her neck, his one kiss turning into a trail of little ones. He smirked, feeling her shiver in his arms, "You should stop," she whispered, though she made no move to make him do so.

He grinned, nibbling on her ear, "And why's that?"

Her gaze flickered to a clock on the wall, "I doubt you'd want to scar your son," she remarked jokingly.

And sure enough, not five seconds later, there was a door slam above them and quick, tiny thumpings on the stairs.

He stepped back and turned around just as a little boy with curly chocolate brown hair and gray eyes appeared in the doorway and ran for him, "Daddy!" the boy shouted, dashing over, his arms wide.

The Doctor grinned widely, scooping the boy up into his arms, "How's my little Sigma doing this fine morning?" he asked, tickling his son's stomach, making the boy squeal a bit in laughter, "You excited for today boyo?"

"Uh huh," Sigma nodded quickly, very, very excited for what he knew would be coming, "Can we go now daddy? Please!"

He opened his mouth, about to agree, he never had been one to say no to his children, but thankfully his lovely Bonded had a firmer resolve, "Not just yet Sigma," the Professor walked over, kissing her son's temple, "First you must eat your breakfast and I expect you to finish all of it and your Guvino juice mister."

"But mummy…" Sigma turned to her.

"Yeah," the Doctor nodded, "Mummy…"

He and Sigma exchanged a look before turning to her with sad eyes and little pouts on their faces. She just laughed and shook her head, "I invented that look," she reminded them, "Doesn't work on me boys."

The Doctor sighed and turned to his son, "Your mummy's right," he told Sigma, tapping his stomach, "Let's get some food in you first and then we'll be all set to go."

"Promise?" Sigma looked at him.

"It's tradition," he smiled.

Sigma nodded and squirmed till he was set down before dashing out of the room to wait in the dining room.

The Professor shook her head at him, "What?" he asked, seeing her fond look.

"He is YOUR son," she told him, "Running everywhere."

He laughed and walked over, taking her hand and kissing her palm, "He's YOUR son too," he whispered, "Those sad eyes would do me."

She shook her head and turned off the heat, their breakfast all ready for the start of their last day with their son.


Amy groaned a bit as she wandered down what must have been the hundredth hallway, her leg was tingling, nearly numb now from the constant walking on it. She wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not, she knew it couldn't be good that she couldn't feel her leg anymore, but then again…it did hurt less…

"Doctor?" she called, still trying to find them, "Doctor! Rory! Professor?"

She didn't know why she kept calling out, no one had answered her so far.

She stepped past another wall with a monitor on it, turning around a corner only to gasp and fall to the floor as a light shot at her. She looked up from where she'd fallen on her stomach to see four Daleks trundling towards her.

"Exterminate!" they shouted, aiming their laser arms at her and firing.

She rolled back, moving to a sit, and scrambling back and away from them. But they kept on at her. She turned and crawled towards the corner once more, using the wall to pull herself to her feet.

"Exterminate!" one shouted and a laser shot past her, narrowly missing her ear.

She screamed, running down the hall but the Daleks followed. She ran as fast as she could, down as many halls, around corners, but she could still hear them, their lasers still firing at her. She dashed around another corner, not bothering to check if there was any hidden danger behind it, what could possibly be worse than Daleks anyway? And then she found out just what, she'd run into another wall a few feet in...a dead end with Daleks behind her, definitely worse than just Daleks.

"No!" she shouted, banging on it.


She closed her eyes tightly, trapped…


But then a whooshing noise sounded, cutting off the Daleks. She opened her eyes and spun around, only to see a wall behind her where there hadn't been before. She ran over to it, pressing her hands on it, moving them around, trying to find some sort of switch, some sort of trigger, to open the wall again, but there was nothing.

"Doctor!" she shouted, banging on the wall, "Doctor help! I'm trapped! Doctor!"

There was still no reply.

She let her head fall against the wall, resting her forehead against the white metal, shaking her head in despair. What was she going to do now? She was trapped, there was a wall behind her, two on either side and now one before her…how was she going to get herself out of this mess?

She sighed, turning to rest her back against the wall instead, when something caught her eye. She looked up to see a familiar button sticking out of the wall before her, a 'Forget' button, like the ones on the Starship UK. She frowned and walked towards it, eyeing it closely, looking at the wall, it hadn't been there before. She KNEW it hadn't…

She turned back around, not about to press it and forget what she'd seen, Daleks and Prisoner Zero hunting her, only to stop short. Now there was a booth with a Happy Smiler sitting in it across from her.

"What is going on?" she demanded, stepping closer to the Smiler, "Why am I here? What happened?" the Smiler's face turned to Angry, "No!" she nearly stomped her foot, "You tell me what's going on! Now!"

That hadn't been the best thing to say, for a moment later the Smiler's face turned to Very Angry and the booth started to open. She stumbled back as the Smiler stepped out of the booth and advanced on her.

"Stop it!" she shouted, moving back until her back hit the wall, just beside the 'Forget' button, "Leave me alone!"

But the Smiler just kept coming. It reached out for her and she quickly moved to the side, out of its grasp. She ran back to the wall where its booth was stationed and hit it, "Help!" she yelled, "Please help! Doctor! Professor!"

She turned around and the Smiler was now walking towards her again. She looked around for anything to help, but there was just the booth. She started breathing heavily as it got closer before she grabbed at the booth, using it as leverage as she kicked at the Smiler with both legs. She winced, nearly falling to the floor as a pain shot up her injured leg, but it worked.

The Smiler stumbled back from the force of the kick and hit the 'Forget' button itself, slumping down the wall. The wall to the right slid open to reveal another set of halls and she quickly limped towards it, the wall sliding shut behind her once more.

She let out a relieved breath, happy to no longer be trapped in the little room despite still being trapped in wherever she was. She hugged herself though, if the Daleks and Zero and the Smilers were there…what else was hiding around the corners and down the halls…

"Exterminate!" she heard the Daleks cry as they trundled around the corner to her right.

She turned and fled down the nearest corner, just narrowly avoiding a laser that singed her hair.


Rory looked up as the door creaked open. A rather severe older woman with reddish hair pulled back into a tight bun and rectangular glasses in a black pantsuit stepped in, what looked like a small car antenna in her hand. She closed the door and leaned against it, crossing her arms as she eyed him.

"Um…hello?" he offered, getting up, not really sure what was happening.

"Mr. Rory Williams," the woman remarked, eyeing him, "I've been waiting for you."

"Um, you have?" he didn't quite feel very good about that little fact.

She nodded, "You have something I want."

"What?" he frowned.


He blinked, "Um, I think you might have me confused with the Doctor, he's the one who tends to know things…"

"No, he actually knows fairly little about this."

"About what?"

"Amelia Pond."

Rory swallowed hard, a pit forming in his stomach, "What about her?"

"You know her, yes? You're her fiancé?"

"Last time I checked," he answered hesitantly, with the Doctor in the picture, he wasn't always certain how long it would last even with the Professor being there.

The woman smiled, a rather terrifying one if he had to describe it, "Excellent."

"W-why's that?" he eyed her warily.

She stepped closer, "It's alright Mr. Williams, just tell me one little thing and you're free to go."

The pit grew, "What thing?"

"What does Amy fear the most?"

He let out a nervous laugh, "Why would I tell you that?"

She tilted her head, "Well, if you want to make it out of here alive…"

He swallowed hard and shook his head, "No, no thanks…I'll just be leaving now…"

He moved to step for the door, but the woman just reached out and stuck him with the antenna. He fell to the floor as electricity coursed through him, making him strain and groan, leaving him shaking and panting when she pulled it away.

She sighed, "I was so hoping to do this the easy way," she stepped over to him, looking down at him, "Pity."

And stuck him again.

A/N: I hope you're all curious now, about what's going on, where everyone is, what their dream worlds are about. I also hope that it's off to a good start. I was trying to keep this chapter as 'light' as I could since the episode began on a fairly light note, it'll definitely be getting worse for our Companions next chapter. Hopefully any confusing things will be explained by the time the story is over :)

This version of Amy's Choice was actually really hard to write. With all the Professor's seen and done, it was really hard to keep her Dream persona from going completely evil, I'm not sure I succeeded or if I even really wanted to. The Master himself admitted that the Professor would often figure out his schemes and tricks before even the Doctor and best him at quite a lot, so I can imagine, if she were ever to 'join the dark side' that she might even be worse than the Master, but luckily she's got the Doctor to ground her and remind her of all the good there is in her and the Universe.

As for the cover I made for this story. The woman I picture to be the Dream Lady would be similar to Anne Robinson from Weakest Link, more specifically I picture her from the episode involving the Doctor Who cast.