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She was Caroline Forbes. She caught people's eyes, it was just what she did. With her blonde hair, and ocean hues, you'd say she looked like a Barbie. But she wasn't. Seriously, she was not a Barbie. She refused to be judged by her hair color.
She was badass. That's why people noticed her.
She was strong. That's why people respected her.
She was a rebel. That's what made guys want her.
She was also underage, so why was this guy looking at her?

Sitting in the grill, with Bonnie Bennett in front of her, along with a cup of coffee, that was her primary goal for tonight. It was late. She shouldn't even be here, the grill was most likely only open because they were still there. A Barbie would be home in bed, at this aghast hour. But she wasn't a Barbie. The only way she would be in bed now, was if a hot guy was lying beside her. Or on top of her, or below her even, she had no real preferences in that regard. That's not to say she did not have preferences in regard to who was sharing her bed in various positions. Like that older-yet-still-sort-of-hot guy who was sitting across the bar, staring at her. Getting her back to the point. Who was he? Clad in a leather jacket, dark jeans, dark shirt, bourbon in hand. Nice. She thought. She wasn't promiscuous, she didn't sleep with every guy who offered. She didn't really sleep with any guys of her school. Because despite her confidence, in some ways she did fit the criteria of what one would consider a Barbie. She liked romanticizing, in her head only, of course. She liked pink, but only if it was lacy and sexy. She liked having a boyfriend, but only if he didn't have the hots for her so-called "best friend" Elena Gilbert, current topic of conversation. Which would explain why she'd never really had a boyfriend.

"How come she always gets the hot guys?" Bonnie grumbled. Bonnie really was her best friend. Not hot-but-null-and-void-personality Elena. Caroline graced her with a pointed look.

"Hot. You consider Stefan Salvatore hot?" She snorted. That seemed to get Bourbon guy's attention. He fixated his gaze on her. His expression was somewhat of a smirk. Caroline raised her eyebrows. Bourbon guy winked at her. Caroline scoffed, cocking her head, giving him her best 'I'm not fazed by you' look. Looking down with a blush tinging her cheeks, her conversational partner played right into her little scheme of observing bourbon guy.

"Yeah, I do. Like I said, Seattle, and he plays the guitar." She wiggled her eyebrows. A winning grin from Caroline followed.

"Maybe he is, just a little. But he has that whole 'I'm better than you cause I brood, and I'm like deep-dude' thing going on. I'm telling you, he smokes pot. He and baby Gilbert will get along fantastically!" Caroline's eyes sparkled with amusement, as they so often did in uninterrupted moments of mischief with Bonnie. Too bad they came quite sporadically.

"He's a hottie. Ask anyone, they'll agree." She shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh, so now I'm not anyone?" Caroline feigned hurt. She glanced at the guy again. He was still staring at her, touching the line of 'getting creepy'.

Inviting. That's the first thing that popped into her head when she sought to describe his gaze. She put his attempt to sleep with a simple look. Perhaps his solitude made him delusional. No one drinks alone, after all, right? Must be heartbroken. She sighed a bit. Or whipped. Or both. It was always this way with guys. They all pretended to be strong, but in reality, some girl was keeping their balls locked away in her purse somewhere. Men were a joke. Maybe this was the drunken her speaking, because they could be hot. She wasn't that drunk anyway. Sure, she had hammered herself but she could still walk. Only not in a straight line. Hence the coffee at midnight.

"You're special." Bonnie wiggled her eyebrows.

"Ssh…don't talk about my awesomeness, people will get jealous." Caroline playfully giggled. In reality, this was all dead serious. Bonnie was the only one who knew about Caroline's secret. Ironically, Caroline's awesomeness was anything but awesome, to all those big gossip mill of why she was constantly away on "vacation" or visiting her dad. Bonnie helped out too. That's why she was always visiting "family." They made an awesome team, but the danger came along with it. Poor little Elena was so naïve. And innocent. And lovable. And fuckin' perfect.

"You know there's no one better at it." Bonnie laughed.

"Ah, but you rank dangerously close, young cricket." She mocked. They burst out laughing.

He was Damon Salvatore. He was used to pretty girls fawning over him at first sight. He was not used to a girl so blatantly ignoring him. He knew he was irresistible, and the signs that he'd been sending across the bar were practically screaming at her to come over to him. What he was doing was but a step away from compulsion, and he wouldn't stoop so low, not just tonight. He'd be damned if he was so out of touch with himself that he couldn't get a young blonde to come over to him. So why was the hot blonde across the bar still in her seat, talking to her friend, instead of making a move on him. She'd been giving him looks, that he noticed. But they weren't endearing looks, they were ones of observation. She had a trained eye, that was for sure. She also knew his brother. That was interesting. Clearly Stefan had made an impression, given how she was already noticing his state of the art broodiness. She was interesting, that he was sure of too. He was going to get to know her a bit. But how?

He had arrived in town a while ago and decided to wreak a little havoc. Another Katherine had been found. Granted, her name was Elena, she was a mere human, and she was fawning over Stefan, but while getting Katherine out, he could still have a little fun with her doppelganger along the way, couldn't he?

Laughter refocused his attention on the blonde. She had a cute laugh. Although everything else about her was carefully structured to evoke desire, straying from cute by a long way. She was wearing leather pants, black, and a black top, that contoured her bust. Her eyes were deep and he couldn't quite make out which colour they were. They lit up the grill, that was a safe fact though.. Or was he only imagining this? She was attractive, there was no doubt about that, and she had fire. Anticipation built inside of him. Oh, she was going to be fun to manipulate. She didn't seem like a pushover, but he had a way of making girls beg for him.

Caroline got up to leave a while later. Bonnie had chosen to walk home about five minutes earlier. A generous tip had the bartender forgive her for extending his shift beyond reasonable hours. They agreed to call as soon as they were both home, and Caroline was bored of eye-stalking the bourbon guy.

"'Night Nate. See you in history tomorrow." Nate gave her a nod, his eyes lingering on her cleavage. Because that was what guys did. And one day, perhaps, she'd get him back for being a lecher. Not tonight though. Then she walked out the door.

After a 15 minute walk she was fairly certain that she was being followed, and something inside of her that she could only call base instinct identified it as a predator. Of all the things that went bump in the night, she hated these the most. Arrogant jerks, the lot of them, suffering from hubris of the worst kind. Most of them never bothered being careful and that's what ended the eternity that was always promised to them. She rolled her eyes. She leaned on a lamp post, pretending to check something in her shoe. When she turned around she saw someone standing in front of her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't look where I was going. I'm a klutz." A velvety voice said. Caroline cocked her head slightly. Of course.


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