Because you're you and I'm me


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It's strange to think that sometimes change isn't as bad as we think it will be.

When we're faced with change, most of us can't easily accept it.

How we strive to deal with change, that defines who we are.


Caroline Forbes had never felt more alive. Looking at herself in the reflection of the quarry's water, she barely recognized herself.

This was not the face of the girl who let herself be tortured and subjected to manipulation for the longest time.

This wasn not the face of the young woman who fell in love with a vampire despite telling herself that it would never work.

No, Caroline Forbes, the old one, was erased.

In her place stood a creature so magnificent, she couldn't stop looking away. The veins under her eyes were popping up and playing around a bit, and her eyes were shining a bright green, and somewhat bloodshot.

This is what the mixture between a demon and a vampire looked like?

I look like a queen.

She snarled at her reflection, demon teeth longer next to equally sharp vampire teeth. It looked deadly, and vicious, but at the same time it looked glorious.

It felt right.

There were no other way to describe the high she was on.

That was, until Jeremy started groaning behind her, clutching his neck. The smell of the blood invaded her nose, lulling her senses and pulling her into the darkness she'd come out of just moments ago.


Damon was pacing. He needed a plan. Was Caroline still at the falls? Probably not. Then he heard it.

A conversation between Matt and some woman in the grill. Asking for Caroline, stating to be an old friend.

That didn't sound good.

Elizabeth Forbes would be home by now, and if he could guess this woman's intentions, it would only mean bad things for the lovely woman.

So he followed her. He didn't see much of her, only platinum blonde hair and a figure to die for.

It didn't even occur to him that she wouldn't be oblivious to anyone following her, but it sure as hell suprised him when he was flung inside of the house, and held to the wall by sheer force of will. Sheriff Forbes dropped a bowl of food in shock, and couldn't bring out a word.

"You need not speak. I am quite content to simply wait until Caroline returns."

"What do you want with Caroline?" Damon asked, but something tightened around his throat.

"Tut tut, no talking. I've got big plans for that little girl."

The smile on her face could only be percieved as psychotic.


"Caroline what the hell happened?"

Oh, he was scared. Sighing, she pushed herself towards him, frowning at the way he flinched.

"I'm a vampire."

There you have it. It's all out now. You still going to be my best friend? My brother? My closest confidant?

Moments like these remind her of the dark days. The time before her torture when she was desperate for approval from everyone.

She'd lived so long without it that she stopped realizing that some people's opinions still mattered.

That she'd almost forgotten that her hard exterior couldn't ever hold completely. That there'd always be people who could weasel their way into her dark, dark blackened heart.

Damon comes to mind.

Damon is quickly, but forcibly removed from her mind.

"Oh." Is all that Jeremy gets out.

Oh. Is all that Caroline can think, and it causes a little fountain of hope to erupt inside of her. Hope that Jeremy might not abandon her. Hope that perhaps even though they've all changed so much, they might still have a shot at retaining what they had when they would have considered their life normal. Mundane, even.

But for now she needs to find words to convince Jeremy that she can still be the Caroline into whose house he wanders unannounced and brings sushi and studies math with and goes to parties with and still the same sister he's always wanted.

So she looks for words.

"Yeah." Is what finally makes it out of her mouth, eloquent as she's always been, followed by a sharp nod.

Walking on thin ice here.

"How..." he starts, then clears his throat. "How exactly is that possible?"

She sighs, and dips her feet into the quarry. She carried an unconscious Jeremy down here once she regained her control, to wash the blood off of him.

Blood that she had spilled.

"Well you know how vampires are made, Gilbert." Her tone is somewhat bitter, but she can't help being snazzy with him. Even though it could potentially ruin everything she is trying to salvage out of their relationship.

"That is very much true, but I was under the impression that demons couldn't be vampires, or you couldn't be a vampire, or you'd become a killing machine. I might just be imagining things, because I'm feeling rather dizzy." Jeremy explains, running a hand through his already too messed up hair.

The words are out of her mouth before she can stop them.

"That'll be from the blood loss."

She wants to drown herself in the river for that comment. As if she really needed to remind him that she sunk her fangs into his flesh and drank and drank until she had enough.

He coughs.

"That'll be it, yeah."

"I know it's a wide shot, but do you think you'll be able to forgive me for that one day?" She brings out, glancing at him out of the corner of her eyes. He laughs.

The bastard actually has the audacity to laugh, when she feels as though her entire social circle is breaking apart because she's become too different.

Too different for them to accept.

Too violent.

Too much of everything she always hated.

But now that she is a vampire herself, she really doesn't hate it at all. Because it makes her feel stronger than she's ever been.

The feeding on blood will be what might cause the following problems, but if the hunger is somewhat sated, then she'll admit to liking the strength that now flows through her.

But can her friends accept that?

Her family, however little might be left of it?

"Caroline. Would you grace me with a look or do I have to worry about your anger blowing up in my face?"

Reluctantly, her head turns to him, and their eyes meet. He's smiling.

"Your vampy ways will take some getting used to, but I've never abandoned you before. Why would I start now?"

"Because I attacked you. Because I now feed on blood. People blood, Jeremy."

"So what? It doesn't matter what you do. What matters is who you are to me. You're my sister, Forbes. A new pair of fangs won't change that."

And then he holds out his arms wide for her, and with a sob, she clings to him, breathing out thank you after thank you.

His laugh rings in her ear, and the feeling of happiness runs wild inside of her.

Until her cellphone beeps.


"Greta, what did I tell you about leaving the apartment?" Klaus' voice boomed as he entered, looking very much like a history teacher.

"I sensed other witches. I had a need to check out the competition." She shrugged.

"And what did you find love?"

"You know one of them. Light blonde, almost white, bright blue eyes, heading to the Forbes' home."

The nonchalance of her voice caught his attention. He pushed her against a wall.


"Ah, see, I told you my leaving wasn't that useless. You owe it to Caroline Forbes to make sure her mother is safe."

"Damn you Greta." And then he was gone.


"Caroline are you sure this is smart?" Jeremy called after her as she excited the cellar where she'd sped to, him on her back.

"No. But I can take her, and I'll kill her. And you stay here, and make sure you keep on cracking that heart of Casper's. It won't take much longer. Lucifer and Chris will take good care of you."

Chris and Lucifer were going through her research. Lucifer was hugely impressed, but Chris was twirling around in the hammock.

Jeremy had to be safe with them. She had to trust that.

And so she went out to confront Caia.


Klaus knocked on the door to the Forbes residence. Caia opened the door, along with an older looking Caroline, that had to be her mother.

"Hello, may I come in?"

"Mr. Saltzman. Now is really not the best time." Liz shook her head, looking at Caia, worriedly.

"Oh no, I insist." He smiled a charming smile. Once inside, he would kill the witch. He then remembered that he was in this weak human body. He couldn't do anything from in here.

"Are you a friend of Caroline's?" Caia asked, smiling sweetly. He nodded.

"I am her favourite teacher."

"Good. More people for her to watch suffer."

And then he was pinned against the wall. But all that registered was that she talked about Caroline in the present tense.

Was Caroline not dead? Had she somehow survived Casper?

Damon groaned, next to him. Blood was leaking out of him in odd places.

"Why'd you come here, Ric? Really, not smart."

"Thought I could help."

"How'd you even know we were here?" He groaned out, voice clearly in pain. He sighed.

"A little witch told me. Now keep quiet, or I don't doubt she'll kill you."

"He's right you know. I am getting rather impatient." Caia said, tapping her wrist.

"Well, you never gave me a time." Caroline's voice piped up, and she was leaning against the door, smirking.

There she was. Alive, and looking more breathtaking than ever, and Klaus felt every nerve tingle with relief.

She was alive.


"Hello, Caroline, darling. Come to die?"

"Don't talk Caia, you lower the IQ of everyone in the room." And then she materialized in front of Caia.

When had she learnt to do that?

A million questions were running through his head. The answers of most of them were probably privy to this Alaric Saltzman he was impersonating. To say it irritated him was putting things lightly.

"Won't be so brave after I tear your soul out." Caia's eyes flashed dangerously. Caroline laughed, opening her arms.

"Give it your best shot."

And Caia did. Only it did nothing but give her a nosebleed.

"What the hell?"

"You about done yet?" Came Caroline's bored reply. Then she had Caia pressed up against the wall, hands on her neck.

"I'm part demon, Caia. I no longer have a soul you can take, because it's immortal. Isn't that a shame?"

"Demons can have their souls taken." Came Caia's weak protest.


And then her face changed into the most breathtaking of all faces. Caroline was a vampire now? How did she get in without being invited? How long had she been a vampire?

"But I'm something entirely new. Suprise."

And then green fire engulfed her throat, and her head fell to the floor. Damon's restraints dropped. He tried to run to Caroline, but she threw him against the wall with a flick of her wrist.

"You don't come close to me, or I'll do to you what I did to her." She threatened. After she made sure her mother was safe. She motioned for him to follow her outside.

"What in gods name were you doing in there Alaric?" She screamed. He backed off a little. In actuality, Caroline Forbes scared him quite a bit.

When he didn't respond for a while, looking for words Alaric would say, she got a look of realization on her face.

"Not Alaric I see."

"Now that's where you're wrong love, I'm definetely not Alaric."

"Because Alaric is definetely British and says 'Love'. What are you doing in town, Klaus?" Her eyebrows were raised expectantly, and he closed his eyes momentarily, before speaking again.

"I came to break the curse. I believed you dead."

"Ah. I guess you never came back to check?"




"Oh so you admit it?"

"Yes, I will admit it just this once, that I was a coward in Romania. I shouldn't have abandoned you, I should have trusted that you knew what you were doing."

"And with a great deal of respect for the dead, you come to wreak havoc upon my hometown?"

"I need to break the curse."

"And kill the Doppelganger in the process? You don't really think I'll let that happen?"

"Care that much about her?"

"Not particularily. In fact she's rather bland and annoying, but It'd kill her little brother, who just so happens to be my best friend, and therefore it's not happening."

"And what makes you think you'll get the chance to stop me?"

"I'm not stopping you, per se, I'm offering you an alternative." Came her smug reply. There was no denying the intrigued look on his face.

"Do tell, love, I'm all ears."

"I can make the pills that set free your hybrid side. I'll make them for you, under 2 conditions."

"Name them, and I'll consider them."

"First of all, you will give Alaric his body back as soon as you get your ass home. Secondly, you will not touch Katherine Pierce, should you ever come across her, and she will not suffer by your hand. Thirdly, no one in this town is to be your plaything, or the deal is void, and I will not hesitate to kill you."

"What happened to us being friends?"

"I'm not really in the mood for friends who abandon me when I need them."

"So we're not friends anymore?" Came his laughed reply, although it seemed sad.

"We were never really friends though, were we?" Came her smile, as she walked away.


After making peace with Baby Gilbert, a lot of other people were left to be issued apologies.

Caroline was glad that Elena would never know that she was a doppelganger. She was glad that Elena would be spared worrying about most of the things that go bump in the night.

She was glad that Stefan and Elena were happy together, and planning a retreat to her family Lakehouse.

Bonnie accepted her vampire side after some convincing from Jeremy. It was hard for her. She had to listen to a lot of questions whether Caroline was insane.

How could she be okay with being everything she hated?

But after mastering bloodlust control by force of will, Bonnie's qualms were eventually repressed.

Lucifer stayed in town for a long while studying her and helping her hone her demonic skills further. She'd usually just done them on impulse, but being taught to control them to bend to her will whenever she wanted was an entirely new experience.

Christopher took off with Braeden and Kern, and took Katherine with them, to tour the world as free people no longer bound to Casper or Caia.

Tyler was the hardest to convince.

Not because he was dealing with his newly awakened werewolf genes that happened when the car accident led up to Caroline's eventual death and resurrection, but because he still held feelings for her that he needed to rid himself of first.

When he did, things started getting better between them.

All in all, Caroline had all her friends back, and they were somewhat happy.

It almost seemed normal.

But something was always missing, when she thought of how she imagined her normal life.

The life she'd always wanted.



"Caroline, what are you doing here?" Damon's voice was confused, but hopeful. She only smiled.

"May I come in?" He nodded, and let her enter. "I think we need to talk."

"Yeah. We do. Can I start?" Damon asked, sounding somewhat pained.

"Of course." Caroline blinked, she wasn't expecting that.

"I love you. It's what has driven my actions towards you from the very beginning. And admittedly, that sometimes clouded my vision and made me fuck up bad. But that's the thing about me. I am selfish. I thought if I could make you a vampire, you'd stay with me forever. I thought that if you forgot about me, you'd be happier, but I couldn't stay away. And I am sorry. I am sorry I fucked up so bad. I am sorry for having pressured you so much, I am immensely sorry for not being there for you when you needed me. But I'm not sorry that I met you, or that I fell in love with you."

He looked at her, seeing her desperately try to blink back tears.

"It looks like you might get eternity with me after all."

And then their lips met.


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