Hi. I am posting this because of reasons. Those reasons being badass!brittany. How could I resist? With all the fics around now with badass Britt, I had to do my own. I hope I am motivated enough to keep this going. However, I am not sure I intend for it to be that long. Tell me what you think.

First and foremost, you do not, under any circumstances mess with Brittany Pierce. It was known school-wide. The blonde badass was nothing short of trouble. She had a mysterious aura that had people whispering and gossiping about her. Many gave up on figuring the troubled teen out, even teachers. Most adults only saw her as a rebellious trouble maker; even parents made sure to tell their kids to steer clear of the girl. She had long grown used to the neglect and scathing looks. She kept to herself most of the time, not the type best suited to long lasting friendships. Even the word relationship made her uncomfortable.

Brittany strode down the entrance hallway of Mckinley High, ignoring the world around her, making sure to intimidate those who came too close. She popped her gum and primed her denim vest. She wore a pair of skin tight leggings, that unnecessarily accentuated her ridiculously long legs, as well as a black bandana tied into her hair, which sat on top of her head in a messy bun.

The blonde came to a stop at her locker, which was graffitied with explicit words and pictures. She twisted in her locker combination and swung the door open with an audible clang. Some people around her jumped, startled by the loud noise, however Brittany continued on as if nothing had happened. She reached inside and grabbed a packet of cigarettes and quickly hid them inside of her vest pocket. First period was maths. Brittany can't remember the last time she attended a maths lesson.

She brushed past a crowd of students, shouldering some without concern and kept her pace until finally reaching the double doors once again. Out beyond the car park was a small park. It was discreet and far away enough to conceal her. There was an old, worn bench which she slumped down on, sighing deeply. Some days, she wondered why she even bothered coming to school. The only reason she came anymore was to shut her mother up.

Brittany lit up her first cigarette of the day, inhaling the relaxing toxins and exhaling. It calmed her; set her mind straight. It gave her time to escape, something she desperately craved more than any cigarette. Just as she went to take another drag, a noise from behind caught her attention.

"Come on babe, it won't take long." Came a gruff male voice.

Brittany scoffed and rolled her eyes. She really wasn't in the mood to witness two horny teenagers go at it behind a bush. She stubbed out her cigarette, no longer feeling like it.

"No, look, we're already late, Puck. I can't miss another class or I'm screwed." Retorted an annoyed female voice.

Brittany recognised the low, raspy tone. Santana Lopez. She also knew her because she and Puck were practically the most popular people in school. She'd be lying if she said she wouldn't fuck the Latina into oblivion, if it weren't for the girl detesting her very existence. The two had barely spoken to each other, save for the occasional 'fuck you's' and offhand insults.

"But we haven't gotten it on for over a week. I may be a dumb guy but I know girl's periods don't last that long." Said Puck, impatience rising in his voice.

Brittany rolled her eyes. As if she needed even more reminder as to why she only liked girls. However, she listened on.

"Come on baby, I'm hard, just suck me off or something."

"Stop it! I'm serious, stop touching me, Puck, get off!"


The loud objection caused Puck to jump back. Santana's eyes were wide and fearful, until realising that someone had just saved her. She looked forward, her eyes meeting fierce blue. All Brittany had to do was glare at the boy and he was running straight for the school entrance, leaving Santana frozen in shock.

"You ok?" Brittany asked, looking at the smaller girl skeptically for injuries.

"Fine." Santana grumbled, slinging her bag over her shoulder, still slightly shaken.

Brittany looked at her, disbelieving, like she could see right through her.

"You shouldn't date idiots like him." Brittany said, looking Santana in the eye. The look was intense and caused Santana's skin to prickle.

"Yeah well it's not your business, is it?" Santana snapped angrily, starting off towards the school.

"You're not fooling anyone." Brittany called out after her.

Santana froze, her face falling. She wondered what on earth Brittany could mean. When curiosity got the better of her, she turned around to face the blonde once more with an expectant expression. Brittany smirked and took a couple of steps towards the girl, so that she didn't have to yell.

"Don't play dumb with me, Lezpez. You might wanna be more careful with your leering. I'm a bitch and a lesbian, so my gaydar is pretty awesome. Don't deny it." Brittany finished with a smug little smirk.

Santana scoffed and rolled her eyes with that bitchy attitude she wore so well.

"Just because you're gay doesn't mean everyone else is, too." She sneered, pointedly shooting Brittany her most threatening glare.

Brittany wanted nothing more than to wipe that look off the Latina's face, and luckily she knew just how. One step forward was all it took until the two girls were nose to nose. It was a challenge, and both girls were as stubborn as each other. Brittany stared at Santana, unblinking, a silent dare. Santana kept her breathing steady, but it was difficult when her heart was pounding through her chest. She felt a wave of fear and exhilaration, and it lit her body on fire.

"When you're done faking orgasms with Puck, I'd be happy to show you what it really feels like to be fucked." Brittany husked breathily, her lips so close to Santana's she could almost taste her.

Santana sucked in a deep breath, attempting to calm herself. But as soon as Brittany spoke those words a sharp pang of arousal shot through her body and settled between her legs. She swallowed thickly, knowing she had lost.

"Keep dreaming, Pierce." She managed to get out, before turning sharply on the spot and rushing towards the school once again.

This time Brittany let her go, watching the girl's ass through the pleats of her sinfully short cheerio's skirt. She bit her lip as she felt a dull throb between her legs. In that moment, she knew she wouldn't stop until she had Santana Lopez screaming her name.

The next day, Brittany woke up, determined. She had a mission. Objective – get into Santana's pants. It wouldn't be easy, but she loved a challenge, life was getting boring anyway. She woke up half an hour early, giving herself extra time to look hotter than usual. Because if there was one way of testing Santana's attraction to girls, in this case, her, it would be to reveal a tasteful but generous amount of skin.

She chose a black sports bra, that both exposed her cleavage and toned abs. Over it; a studded leather vest. On the bottom half, she picked out the shortest skirt she could possibly find, just barely covering her ass. Looking in the mirror, Brittany couldn't help but think if she were Santana, she'd be all over that. Before leaving, she pulled on a pair of black knee high socks as well as a pair of black combat boots. Her makeup was smokey and her hair was out, falling just past her shoulders. She had definitely outdone herself.

Thankfully her mom had already left for work, so that she didn't have to stand around pretending to listen to a lecture about appropriate choice of clothing and dignity and all that crap. Fuck that, Brittany thought. There was no way she was going to get Santana's attention wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Instead of catching the bus, Brittany walked to school, feeling cocky already. She had a good feeling about the day ahead and couldn't wait to see Santana's face when she rocked up in her skimpy outfit. Brittany knew it was a risk wearing such a thing to school, but getting into trouble was the last thing on her mind.

After a twenty minute walk, she had arrived at school. With a confident smirk, she strode directly through a group of freshmen and practically strut down the hallway. Boys gawked and girls glared, obviously jealous, but Brittany hardly noticed, intent on one girl standing at her locker at the end of the hallway, still oblivious to her presence. She picked up her stride until she stood directly behind the shorter Latina. Before the girl could sense her presence, Brittany leaned into Santana's ear and whispered hotly.

"Given my proposition any thought?"

Santana jumped, and quickly turned, clutching at her chest. Before she could even form the words to berate the blonde, her words got stuck in her throat. Stunned was an understatement. Brittany watched with smug amusement as Santana ogled her perfectly toned body. Her mouth hung open dumbly and her eyes were wide in astonishment, giving Brittany exactly the reaction she wanted.

"I was thinkin' about skipping first period." Brittany began, as if she hadn't noticed Santana's obvious staring. "You could join me, if you like. I'll be under the bleachers. Alone." She husked the last word before strutting off, allowing Santana to stew in her confusion and arousal.

True to her word, Brittany was under the bleachers, sitting on an old, stolen couch. Alone. To be honest, she hadn't been expecting Santana to show up. Her words were more intent on teasing than an actual offer. Although, there was still that seed of doubt that wouldn't shut up, telling her that Santana wasn't interested. The better part of her knew that that was bullshit. She could still vividly recall Santana's lustful expression that morning.

Fifteen minutes passed and Brittany lay on her back, long ways across the couch, lazily smoking her second cigarette. Her eyes were closed as she relaxed. In the distance, she could hear footsteps. At first, she ignored it, thinking it might just be someone passing by. That was until they grew louder. Fearing that it may be a teacher, Brittany shot up and quickly put out her cigarette.

If she hadn't completely given up on expecting Santana's appearance, she wouldn't have been so surprised to see the Cheerio walking towards her. The few more seconds it took for the girl to reach her, Brittany took to compose herself.

Act cool, Pierce. Don't fuck this up. She told herself.

"Took your time." Brittany spoke up, raising an eyebrow.

Santana rolled her eyes, void of her usual bitchy intent and came to halt in front of the couch, unsure of what she was even doing. She hadn't meant to end up in front of Brittany. In fact she was just as surprised as her.

"Yeah, well don't get too excited. I only came to tell you leave me alone." She lied.

Brittany laughed, shaking her head. Santana was a horrible liar.

"Right. Well in that case you can go now." She tested, knowing that the girl wouldn't move.

She was right.

"You know, instead of being such a bitch, why don't you just stop giving such a fuck about what anyone thinks and come sit down?" Brittany asked, looking at the Latina with questioning eyes.

Santana scoffed and folded her arms defensively.

"You really think I care about what people think?" Santana challenged.

"Well obviously. Otherwise I'd be fucking you right now." Brittany retorted casually, watching for a reaction. Surprisingly, she got none.

Santana's expression remained stoic. For what felt like a minute, it was completely silent. You could cut the air with a knife. Tension was palpable. It seemed like Santana was fighting a decision. Then finally, she moved. It was Brittany's turn to lose her cool as the Latina suddenly sat down on top of her, both of her legs each side of Brittany's hips, straddling her.

"You think you're tough shit, don't you Pierce?" Santana husked into the blonde's ear.

Brittany honestly couldn't think of much in that moment, she was pretty sure her brain had short circuited the second Santana straddled her. She had not been expecting such a bold move.

"You really think I'm that easy, huh?" Santana continued, her voice pure sex.

Brittany was sure she had never been so turned on in her life. She remained silent, completely speechless.

"You're gonna have to do more than dress in these outfits to get my attention, Britt Britt." Santana teased, her tone patronising.

"Mm, I'm pretty sure I got your attention." Brittany smirked. "I was surprised you didn't jump me in the hallway this morning, the way you were staring at my body." She said, picking up some of her lost game.

"I mean look at you, straddling me. It's like you're begging to be fucked. I know you want it." She rasped, nuzzling her nose into Santana's neck, sucking in the intoxicating scent. It was a mixture of vanilla and pure sex. Something she couldn't put her finger on. She wanted to know what Santana really smelt like.

"Ha, we'll see, Britt. We'll see." Santana said, crawling off Brittany and standing back to her feet, much to the blonde's dismay. "I guess I'll see you 'round." Santana said, winking suggestively before turning away and disappearing into the distance.

Brittany sat back, her chest heaving. She stared blankly ahead in awe of what had just transpired. She almost couldn't believe it. No one had ever been half as bold as Santana, let alone had her stumped for words. There was an undeniable wetness seeping through her panties. No one had ever had such an effect on her body the way Santana did. It was addictive and she wanted more and more.

She sat up and looked around cautiously to make sure no one was around. Once making sure that the coast was clear, Brittany sat back and got comfortable, spreading her legs open. She sighed, her hand trailing down her body, coming to rest between her legs. She gasped, cupping herself through her soaked panties. The material was ruined, that was for sure.

Everything was throbbing, her body alight with untamed arousal. She pressed her fingers down, her breath hitching when she grazed her swollen clit. She was so sensitive that it would barely take a minute before she came. Brittany's chest began to rise and fall rapidly, as she slid her fingers beneath her panties.

"Fuck." She gasped, feeling just how slick she was.

It felt so good. She began to slowly trace circles over her clit, feeling the knot in her lower abdomen tighten. Her muscles went stiff as she drew closer to release. She imagined Santana's fingers instead of her own, teasing her slit, slowly dragging them up and down, until finally flicking her hardened nub, sending her over the edge.

Brittany let out a shrill moan and bit into her lip as her body began to shake. Her hips bucked along with the waves of pleasure. Her orgasm ripped through her as if she hadn't had one in months. It was so intense that it seemed to go on for minutes on end. Brittany thrashed on the couch, whimpering and moaning until finally her body became limp. She took a long, shaky breath and exhaled, opening her eyes.

"Holy shit." She mused to herself, sliding her fingers out from her panties and wiping them on the couch. She hadn't come that hard in a long time.

Before she could dwell on her post orgasmic bliss, the bell rang out, breaking her from her daze. With a renewed sense of relief, she stood up, her legs like jelly for the first few seconds before moving off to a new location. As she strolled through the halls, she turned into a classroom. Knowing that she may as well bother going to at least one of her classes for the day.

It was an hour of absolutely nothing. She left the room wondering why the hell she even bothered. In her opinion, school was pointless. She just needed enough credit to graduate otherwise she'd just be another high school dropout like the rest of her family. But she was somewhat determined to at least finish her senior year wearing one of those stupid graduation hats.

Before she even made it halfway down the hallway, the sound of wolf whistles caught her off guard. She frowned and turned towards the source of the noise.

"Lookin' good Pierce." A boy commented, earning approving nods from the rest of his chromosome-deficient football meatheads.

She scoffed indignantly and flipped them off before turning away. She ignored the rest of their catcalls and rounded the corner, happy to be rid of them. She really, really despised teenage boys. They had absolutely no charm and in fact they were just plain awkward. Not like Santana. The Latina oozed sexual confidence, as well as charm. She was intelligent beyond her age and had a kind of take no prisoners attitude that really turned Brittany on. Never in her life had Brittany ever felt so intensely for someone before. It was like a carnal need to have her. To own her. A possessive, animalistic kind of lust.

Again she felt that familiar throb between her legs whenever she thought about the girl. She needed to find her. At least so that she could just look at her. It seemed crazy, bordering on psychotic. But nothing could outweigh the things Santana was doing to her body. Even when she wasn't there.

Sadly, Brittany didn't see her for another couple of hours when the school day ended. She waited outside the main entrance, knowing that at some point the Latina would have to appear. She quickly made sure that her hair wasn't sticking out and that her clothes were in tact before leaning back against the railing casually. About twenty seconds later, Brittany saw her. A raven haired pony tail stuck out from the crowd a couple of meters away. She was quick to follow, making her presence known once they were far away enough from the crowd.

"Miss me?" She spoke into Santana's ear.

Santana jumped and swore to herself, once again being startled by the blonde and her sudden appearances.

"Seriously, stop doing that." Santana warned.

Brittany smirked. "But it's so fun seeing you all flustered because of me."

"I bet it is." Santana commented, more to herself. "What do you want?" She asked, somewhat impatiently.

Brittany ignored Santana's brush off, knowing that most of it was a well put on facade anyway. It was just so fun to push her buttons.

"I need a ride home." Brittany announced.

"Good for you." Santana replied, turning to walk away.

Brittany was trying not to lose her cool but Santana's stubborn nature was insatiable. She might have even been more stubborn than herself.

"Oh fine then, I'll come back to your place." Brittany mock sighed.

Santana stopped walking and turned around again, coming face to face with Brittany. She wished the blonde weren't so damn persistent. It was infuriating. She hated giving in.

"Fine. But only because you're so desperate." Santana agreed in resignation.

Brittany practically skipped to Santana's car, sliding into the passenger seat. Santana took a deep breath before entering the car, not knowing what to expect. It pissed her off that she was excited. That Brittany's presence alone made her body hum, her breath hitch and her heart leap.

The beginning of the drive was silent. The entire time, Santana could feel Brittany's gaze on her, making her extremely self conscious and uncomfortable. Brittany hadn't even told her where her house was yet.

"Where's your house?" Santana finally asked.

Brittany pouted. "But I thought we were going back to yours."

Santana rolled her eyes. She knew she shouldn't have agreed to this. She pulled over on the side of the road and turned to Brittany.

"Either tell me where you live or you can get out here." Santana warned.

Brittany didn't cower as Santana had imagined. In fact she bit her lip, surprisingly turned on by Santana's assertive tone. Brown eyes flickered down to thin pink lips. There was another long moment of heated tension. Brittany wanted nothing more than to lurch forward and fuck Santana senseless, and she was pretty sure Santana felt the same in return, judging by her pupils.

"The more you fight this the more I'll want you." Brittany assured.

"And what is this, exactly?" Santana asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Chemistry." Brittany replied instantly.

Santana had no reply. She tried to think of a bitchy comeback, but the worst thing of all was that Brittany was right. She hated it. She hated how the blonde made her feel. Like she had no control over her feelings.

"I know you feel it. Because after you left this morning I was so fucking turned on that I had to get myself off." Brittany husked, filling the car with sexual energy.

Santana's chest heaved at that, as she tried to rid of the thought of Brittany masturbating from her head. It should have been a disturbing thought, but it only fuelled her arousal. She bit the inside of her cheek and clenched the steering wheel until her knuckles were white.

"You can get out now." Santana said, a command more than a choice.

Brittany lingered a few more seconds as if to say 'I can see right through you' before silently exiting the car, making sure to give Santana a show of her ass before shutting the door and stalking off. Santana watched the blonde leave, groaning to herself.

"What the fuck are you doing Lopez?" She asked herself, before starting the engine and driving home.