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Brittany was pretty sure she had never felt more nervous in her life. She didn't do girlfriends and she definitely didn't do prom dates. But there she was, dressed in a form fitting suit that clung in all the right places. In her hand she held a box containing a beautiful white corsage. Santana hadn't told her what colour dress she would be wearing, so white seemed to be the smartest choice.

They had made a pact not to get dressed in the same place. So Brittany was using Santana's parent's room. They were only a wall apart which only increased Brittany's anxiety. The blonde took in a shaky breath as she examined her reflection in the full length mirror. Her hair flowed in waves down to her waist, her makeup light, but noticeable. She'd even paid to get it done professionally. She had to admit, she did look pretty awesome.

With one last glance at herself, Brittany tightened her bow tie and turned to leave the room. As a gentleman, or in this case, gentlewoman, she waited at the stoop of the stairs in Santana's house, announcing that she was ready. With an excited squeal, Maribel Lopez shot out of the kitchen, camera in hand; Miguel Lopez following closely behind. The old Brittany would have been running for the hills by that point, but this Brittany couldn't help but grin. It had been so long since she'd felt happy. Yeah, Santana did that to her.

"Are you almost ready Mija?!" The excited woman yelled out.

Brittany's chest tightened when she heard Santana's muffled yell in reply.

"Ten seconds!" Santana replied before ranting on about something in Spanish.

After another tense minute, Brittany stiffened when she heard a door creak open from upstairs. She swallowed thickly as the footsteps became louder. Before she could even process it in her mind, Santana stood at the top of the stairs smiling shyly down at her.

"Holy shit." Brittany gasped.

She had never expected to feel this way. She couldn't even think straight. Santana was most definitely the picture of perfection. Her sleek, dark hair fell down past her shoulders in soft curls, her eyes smoky and her lips a striking red. Her dress fit her curves in the most sinful way. It was strapless and skin tight from her chest to her hips, and from her hips it flowed out and stopped at the floor. The only word to describe the woman in front of her was absolutely stunning.

Brittany didn't even notice when Santana began to descend the stairs, and before she knew it they were standing face to face. Both seemingly shocked to silence, they just stared at one another in awe. Mrs Lopez broke the intense moment after what seemed like an eternity.

"Come on girls, closer." She encouraged, angling the camera lens at their faces.

Brittany licked her lips, her heart racing. She tentatively snaked her arms around Santana's waist, the touch causing both of their breath's to hitch. The remained in that position until Maribel was satisfied, practically pushing them out of the door.

"Oh, you two look absolutely adorable together." She commented whimsically.

Santana rolled her eyes, cheeks flushing in embarrassment.

"Mami..." She warned playfully.

"Oh, fine. Have a lovely night and Brittany, honey. Take care of my baby." Maribel said, her tone turning somewhat serious towards the end.

Brittany nodded firmly, her grip around Santana's waist tightening protectively.

Once the door had closed behind them, they both froze on the spot. About ten seconds of awkward silence passed before one of them chose to speak.

"T-This is for you." Brittany stuttered, holding out the closed box.

Santana didn't miss the way Brittany stuttered and blushed. It made her feel warm and quite flattered. It wasn't easy to make Brittany S Pierce blush. Impossible, really. Instead of mentioning it, she looked towards the box as Brittany's shaky hands opened it.

"Aww." Santana cooed, her smile so wide her cheeks began to hurt.

Brittany laughed nervously and took the corsage out and slid it onto Santana's outstretched arm. They both admired the feature for a couple of seconds, basking in the moment.

"It's beautiful." Santana said, her voice soft and gracious.

Without missing a beat, Brittany replied.

"You look beautiful."

They both looked a little surprised by the sudden statement.

"So do you, stud." Santana said, playfully emphasising the last word, easing some of the tension between them.

"No, really. You look very handsome babe." Santana said, serious this time.

Santana couldn't help but tug at the hem of Brittany's blazer, pulling the blonde close. Their faces were barely an inch apart, their breaths mingling in the electric air between them. This time, Brittany was the one to surprise Santana, inching forward just a tiny bit more to press their lips together. The kiss was soft and chaste, just long enough to class as romantic, but short enough to leave Santana craving more.

"Damn, I am so glad you're my date." Brittany whispered, more to herself as her eyes roamed Santana's body once again.

Santana smiled and bit her lip, Brittany's untamed eyes making her feel rather hot. Typical. Barely five minutes had passed and she could already feel the burning desire between her legs.

"I never thought a girl could look so hot in a suit, but you – just – wow." Santana was at a loss for words.

Brittany felt a rush of approval and pride, her chest puffing out just a little more than usual.

They rode to the prom together in a slick limo, hired and paid for by Brittany of course. The twenty minute drive was filled with an intense energy between the two. They stole subtle glances, and some not so subtle. Every now and then Brittany's hands would wander, resting on Santana's lap, stroking her thigh or holding hands. Santana couldn't contain her smile the entire time.

When they had finally arrived, Brittany quickly exited the car and held open the door for Santana. Santana thanked her quietly and stepped out of the car with as much grace as possible considering the tightness of her dress.

It was about six in the evening and it was beginning to get dark out. In front of them stood groups of families and students dressed in all different kinds of attire waiting to enter the building. As Brittany linked her arm with Santana's, some eyes fell upon them. Some curious, some judging, some just plain disgusted. But the most intense gaze came from one particular hazel eyed blonde.

Brown met with hazel in an intense battle of wills. Brittany turned to Santana and followed her line of sight. When she found Quinn staring back at her, she swallowed thickly. However, after a couple more seconds she began to realise that it wasn't a look of loathing as she had expected. Quinn's eyes held an unfamiliar sense of longing. Brittany's eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.

"C'mon." Santana said, tugging Brittany's forearm.

Brittany snapped from her thoughts and back into her previous state of excitement. Never had she imagined she'd be walking into Prom with the hottest girl in school hanging off her arm. The thought made her heart rate pick up to a dangerous level.

Finally, they entered the building. Their room was decorated with red and white, McKinley themed streamers and balloons. There was a DJ and a setup on the floor for a band. It actually looked really nice. Both girls smiled, making their way over to their designated table, sitting beside one another. Of course, Brittany wasted no time in pulling Santana's chair out for her.

Santana was giddy with a nervousness she'd never felt before. All because of Brittany. No one had ever taken the time to treat her the way she did.

"I'm glad you're my date." Santana said, smiling sincerely as she stared into sparkling blue eyes.

Brittany subconsciously bit her lip and ducked her head, suddenly overwhelmed by the swell of emotion in her chest.

"A month ago I wouldn't have been caught dead at a Prom, let alone with a popular, beautiful Cheerio." Brittany said, laughing at herself under her breath.

Santana continued to look at her with such intense adoration and respect. It was almost a little daunting.

"Yet... I don't think I've ever felt this happy in my life." Brittany admitted, finally looking up to meet Santana's glistening eyes.

The confession caused Santana's heart to practically leap out of her chest.

"Would it be inappropriate if I really wanted to kiss you right now?" Santana asked, forgetting that they were surrounded by their entire grade and teachers. Frankly, she could only see Brittany.

Brittany took in a shuddering, nervous breath. Not because of the public aspect, but because she couldn't comprehend the way she felt for the girl beside her. It was like her entire life suddenly made sense. Like she had been waiting for Santana for a lifetime. So of course she wanted to kiss the damn girl.

"I may be an asshole, but I couldn't give two fucks about what anyone thinks about my relationship with my girlfriend."

With that, Brittany leant forward, crashing her lips against Santana's in a desperate, passionate kiss. It was, perhaps, slightly more than Santana had been hinting towards, but hell, it's not like she was complaining. She kissed Brittany back with equal desperation, parting her lips just enough so that their tongues met, brushing chastely against one another. Before it could turn into a full blown make-out session, Brittany pulled back, panting for air.

"Ugh, I hate that I still get turned on when you're a badass." Santana grumbled.

Her words sparked Brittany's immediate interest. A million mischievous thoughts running through her head.

"Oh God. That's never a good look." Santana observed, her nerves rising. A cocky Brittany was very dangerous.

"You know tonight I'm gonna blow you away, right?" Brittany said with a smirk, her hand dropping onto Santana's thigh.

Santana cheeks flushed with anticipation of that special moment. She had been thinking about it for months, getting herself off almost every night because she was so damn turned on. No one had ever caused such a physical effect on her. It was kind of terrifying. Even just Brittany's hand on her thigh zapped all of the heat in her body to between her legs.

"Just because I haven't really been with a girl doesn't mean I wont surprise you with my talents." Santana countered, building back some of her usual bitchy bravado.

Brittany raised an eyebrow, a little shocked, but mostly turned on. Flushed, even. No one made her hot with just words. No one except for Santana, it seemed.

The night continued then on at a pretty average rate. It wasn't terribly amusing, nor completely uneventful. Maybe it just seemed irrelevant to an extremely horny Santana. There was nothing sexy about slow dancing with her girlfriend, right? Wrong. Brittany happened to think it would be a great idea to press her body completely against Santana's, causing their hips to rub together. It took all of the will power Santana had not to thrust herself forward into Brittany.

She definitely didn't expect the blonde to lean into her ear towards the middle of the song, whispering forbidden words.

"You have no idea how badly I want to fuck you." Brittany all but moaned into Santana's ear.

The words shot straight between Santana's legs, only further adding to the growing pool of wetness.

"Oh, I'm pretty sure I do." Santana replied breathlessly.

Brittany smirked and lowered her hands from Santana's back, so that they were squeezing just above her girlfriend's perfect ass. Santana looked up at Brittany with darkened eyes, oozing lust. The sexual energy was getting out of control but neither of them had the power to stop it. It was only when the song finished that they realised that they were still in public.

Santana took in a deep, shaky breath. Her legs were practically trembling, the burning between her legs was stronger than ever and it was like Brittany could smell her. The blonde bit down on her lip and grabbed Santana by the wrist, yanking her from the dance floor. Before Santana knew it, she was being pushed up against a cold, tiled wall in an empty bathroom. Before she could question the sudden change of events, Brittany's lips smashed against her own.

It was a furiously impatient kiss, filled with tongue, teeth, grunts and moans. It wasn't long before Brittany's hands were roaming under the hem of Santana's dress.

"O-oh fuck." Santana gasped.

Brittany's fingers teased her inner thigh, barely an inch away from where she needed her most.

"I can't wait any longer." Brittany whimpered, eyebrows scrunched together in her apparent battle of wills.

Even if Santana could stop her, the light grazing of the blonde's long fingers against the edge of her soaked panties was more than a little distracting. All she could do was remember how to breathe, and even that was beginning to challenge her.

Just as Brittany's fingers grazed the damp material, the bathroom door swung open. Both girls immediately separated and looked towards the door. An unknown girl gave them a confused glance before entering one of the stalls. Santana watched her, her chest still heaving. After a moment, their eyes fell upon one another once more. Brittany simply leaned in and captured Santana's lips in a chaste kiss before pulling back all too quickly.

Santana pouted – something she never did. Brittany gave an apologetic look before entwining their fingers and leading them out of the bathroom.

They remained quite tame in their flirting for the rest of the night. With the tension between them, one touch might set off a sexual time bomb. Instead, they did their best to blend in, and even sat through a series of speeches without managing to touch each other.

The end of the night could not have arrived any slower. But nonetheless, it did end. Just like that, Santana's nerves skyrocketed. Realising that she was going to properly have sex with another girl. It wasn't that the idea scared her so much as it made her feel unprepared. Brittany had been with heaps of girls before, so she couldn't blame herself for worrying that she might not live up to expectations.

As if reading Santana's thoughts, Brittany carefully looked at Santana and squeezed her hand.

"If you're not ready, that's ok. Just tell me." She said in all seriousness.

Santana looked up at her with those hypnotising brown eyes and shook her head.

"It's not that." She said. "I'm worried I wont be able to... please you."

Brittany snorted incredulously. Looking at Santana as if she'd grown two heads.

"Oh, honey. Don't you get it? Just being in your presence makes me wet. I am a hundred percent sure you'll please me just fine." Brittany husked, subtly tracing her thumb over her girlfriend's hand.

Santana swallowed thickly and instantly felt the heat pool between her legs. Apparently it wasn't just Brittany who got so easily aroused.

"Lets go then." Santana said, almost desperately.

Brittany smirked at her eagerness and pulled Santana up and practically dragged her out of the building. When they reached the car, Brittany was sure to open the passenger side for Santana and then ran around to the drivers side. Santana giggled at the girl's frantic behaviour. At this, Brittany sent her a scolding look.

"Shut up, you." She joked, igniting the engine.

"Make me." Santana smartly retorted.

Brittany raised a challenging and suggestive eyebrow, making Santana's cheeks flush.

"Gladly." Brittany replied,

The car journey was tense and quiet. Brittany could feel the side of her head burning from the looks Santana was giving her. Ten minutes had never felt more like ten hours, but she knew it would be worth it.

Finally, they arrived outside Brittany's house. Both girls leapt out of the car and raced each other to the front door. They were both giggling, and Brittany bumped Santana's hip to move her out of the way of the door so that she could open it. Santana grunted and pressed her body up against Brittany's back in revenge. The blonde's breath hitched and she accidentally dropped the keys. Santana giggled evilly and placed her hands on Brittany's hips.

"Seems I'm not the only nervous one." She teased into Brittany's ear as she stood up straight once again.

"Ugh, you're so gonna get it." Brittany mumbled, finally unlocking the door and swung it open with a crash.

She grabbed Santana's wrists and turned around to face her, kicking the door shut, she forcefully shoved Santana against it, pressing their bodies together. Their faces were so close that their breaths were mingling.

"Who told you I like it rough?" Santana purred, her voice filled with lust.

"Mmm, a good guess I suppose." Brittany replied before impatiently crashing their lips together.

Santana whimpered into the fierce kiss and growled as she bit down on Brittany's lip.

"As much as I'd like you to fuck me against this door, I think we should at least make it to your bed." Santana husked against Brittany's lips.

Brittany replied by grabbing Santana's hand and running up the stairs. Santana eagerly followed, shamelessly watching Brittany's ass. When they made it to her room, Brittany bent at the knees and before Santana could question her, she was being hoisted up around Brittany's waist and once again pressed against a hard surface. Not that she minded because it was totally fucking hot.

They kissed furiously for a good few minutes, only stopping when Santana's hips began to rock and Brittany decided she couldn't wait any longer. She let Santana down and took her hands, leading her towards the bed.

"Take off your dress." Brittany ordered, unintentionally demanding.

Santana did so without hesitation. Tugging off the offending garment as quickly as humanly possible. All shyness lost in the intense lust now vibrating throughout her body. She was still Santana Lopez, after all. She was sexy and she knew it, and with the way Brittany was now gawking at her body only further boosted her ego.

"Damn." Brittany mused, her eyes raking over Santana's tanned, smooth skin.

Santana bit her lip and took a couple of steps forward towards Brittany.

"Your turn." She whispered, tugging at Brittany's waistband.

Brittany hummed in amusement and pried Santana's hand off her pants. Santana watched with rapt concentration as Brittany's long fingers unbuttoned the pants. Unable to stop herself, Santana reached out and tugged Brittany's jacket off and threw it onto the floor.

"Getting impatient, baby?" Brittany teased, slowly unzipping the fly.

Santana was ready to explode, she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. Letting her desire take over Santana grabbed the cuff of Brittany's blouse and tugged with a strength she didn't know she had, causing the top two buttons to detach and go flying onto the floor.

Brittany's jaw dropped and she raised her eyebrows at an untamed, fierce Santana. She had never seen this side of her girlfriend before and it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

"Naughty." Brittany grunted, grabbing Santana's waist, pushing her harshly back onto the bed.

Santana fell onto her back and had no time to move before Brittany was out of her pants and straddling her. Brittany shrugged off her blouse and made way to undo her tie, but was stopped short when Santana grabbed her arm.

"Leave it on." Santana said lowly, a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

It seemed Santana was full of surprises. Not that Brittany was complaining. She left the tie on and leant down and latched onto Santana's enticing neck. Santana gasped at the sensation of Brittany's tongue and lips against the sensitive area. Brittany began slow, sucking lightly, kissing feather light kisses. But it didn't last long before she lost control and began to nip and suck with increasing pressure. The noises Santana made only spurred her on. With each nip, Santana would let out a delicious whimper, her body writhing in pleasure.

It wasn't long before Santana's fingers were threaded through Brittany's hair, subconsciously tugging her down further. Brittany smirked into her neck, trailing kisses up towards Santana's ear.

"Don't stop." Santana said breathlessly.

"You're so hot when you're all hot and needy." Brittany husked.

Santana shuddered and her fingernails dug into Brittany's scalp. Brittany took this as a sign to stop torturing the poor girl and slipped her hand under her to swiftly unclasp her bra. Within seconds, the garment was on the floor with the rest of their clothes. Brittany wasted no time attaching her hungry mouth to Santana's already hard nipples.

"Oh... fuck." Santana gasped, her fingers now massaging Brittany's head with increasing pressure.

Brittany had never seen a better set of breasts. They were perfect. Not too big, but by no means small. She could stare at them forever. She continued to suck hard on the soft flesh, eliciting deep, guttural moans from Santana, who by now was arching her back in pleasure. Brittany took the opportunity to detach her lips and stare up at her girlfriend in awe.

"You are so sexy right now, baby." She said, not even planning for the words to come out of her mouth.

Santana opened her eyes and stared down at Brittany, allowing for a moment of sweetness before the blonde once again began to ravish her body with her wonderful mouth. Her expert lips began to kiss down Santana's stomach and dragged her teeth along the flexing muscle above her bellybutton.

"Britt..." Santana whispered, half moaning her name.

Brittany stopped and looked up at Santana, her eyes filled with reassurance. That was all Santana needed, and she nodded for the blonde to keep going.

"You're so beautiful, Santana." Brittany said, kissing now just below her bellybutton, her tongue tracing a trail down towards the waistband of Santana's underwear.

"N-no one's ever you know..." Santana stammered, not wanting to say the words out loud.

It took Brittany a second, but she eventually realised what Santana was trying to say.

"Do you want me to stop?" Brittany asked, concerned.

There was a slight pause, but Santana shook her head and her hips bucked unintentionally. Brittany took that as a yes. She then hooked her thumbs into either side of Santana's panties and tugged then down barely an inch. She then re-attached her lips and began licking and kissing from Santana's groin to her hips.

Santana couldn't wait any longer, her whole body felt like it was on fire. She let out a whimper and bucked her hips insistently.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this." Brittany husked, her mouth coming dangerously close to the source of Santana's arousal, but not close enough.

"Then do it." Santana pleaded, her eyes shut tight and her fists balling into the sheets.

Brittany gave her response with a sudden, firm lick over Santana's slit. Santana's breath caught in her throat and she released a half gasp, half yelp. Brittany smirked and broadly slid her tongue through wet, warm folds.

"God, you taste so fucking good." Brittany moaned, digging her nails into Santana's quivering thighs.

Santana moaned in response, throwing her head back.

Brittany continued licking up and down, softly grazing Santana's swollen clit with each stroke of her tongue. She could feel Santana getting even wetter, and couldn't resist sliding her tongue inside of her, eliciting the loudest moan yet.

"Feels... so good." Santana managed to say.

"Mmmm." Brittany hummed, the sound vibrating onto Santana's throbbing pussy.

Brittany tongued her slowly at first, teasingly dipping in and out, revelling in Santana's impatient whimpers and moans. Soon enough, she picked up a rapid pace, pressing her tongue inside as deep as it could go.

"Britt!" Santana exclaimed, feeling herself getting closer and closer to release.

Brittany gave a few more pumps of her tongue before sucking hard on Santana's throbbing clit.

"Ohhh God." Santana moaned, her muscles tightening.

"Are you close, San?" Brittany mumbled against her pussy.

"Yes!" Santana practically screamed, her hips rolling frantically for more friction.

Brittany licked sloppily and sucked hard. She couldn't get enough of Santana's unique, sweet taste. It was when she lightly nibbled her hard clit that Santana screamed out and began to convulse wildly.

"I-I'm cumming!" Santana moaned, her hands coming to tug on Brittany's hair to keep her mouth in place.

Brittany didn't stop licking, once again sliding her tongue inside of Santana, feeling her muscles clench around her tongue. It was so erotic that she could barely keep her own composure. Santana continued to ride out the most intense orgasm of her life, having to push Brittany's head away as the pleasure became too intense.

Brittany smiled lazily, her mouth wet with Santana's arousal. She crawled up her girlfriend's sweaty body and kissed her deeply, Santana humming as she tasted herself on Brittany's tongue.

"That was amazing, fuck." Santana said in awe, still breathless.

"Definitely." Brittany agreed, nuzzling into Santana's neck.

"But now it's your turn." Santana smirked, her voice low and once again filled with determination.

Brittany couldn't wait.

I'm sorry for stopping it here but it was getting way too long haha. If you want me to continue on from this point to show the rest I will.