Dear Patrick,

I hope you aren't so stoned that you can't believe it is me writing to you, Patrick. And I'm sorry that it has taken me such a long time to write to you. But the truth is that I didn't know what to tell you. I would tell you about Sam and I, but I don't think you really want tot hear about that. Although, Sam did take me to the tunnel and I got in the back of her truck. I did what we always used to do and it felt great.

I can't keep it a secret actually. I'm sure Sam would have told you anyway. I think her and I are together now. Like we're boyfriend and girlfriend. We were in her truck just after my birthday, and we kissed and did everything you can above the waist. I'm sure you understand what I mean. Then I slept in her bed, and she was topless again. And I masturbated. Okay, I really shouldn't have told you that. But I'm not going to take it out, as it's too hard on this typewriter.

I wish you had been able to come home. I really do. I have found myself thinking about how sometimes when I'm in class and the teacher is talking about a book that I have already read I end up not paying attention really. I think that it is funny. Because a lot of the other kids struggle with the books, and I find them easy. Sorry. That was mean. But that is how I feel. And now I'm only talking about myself and not asking you any questions about how life is going for you. So here are my questions:

Do you enjoy college?

Have you met any boys you like yet?

Is your class easy?

Are you still smoking pot? (I'm not smoking as much now.)

Is it better there?

What are you roommates like?

Do you have any favorite spots, like the golf course, there?

Are there any nice places to hang out like the Big Boy?

Is there a Rocky Horror show?

I can't think of many more questions. At school I've been trying to "participate." I have. I haven't even had a fight with anybody this year, and I'm happy about that. People seem to be nicer now, especially since I haven't cried at school yet. I still feel bad about my Aunt Helen sometimes though. I'm sorry; you don't want to hear about that, do you? I wouldn't have thought so. My classes are going well, but I miss Bob. I might go and see him soon. My Mom and Dad are still together and my sister is at college. I just realized that I brought up the fact my parents are together. I'm sorry I brought it up. I know yours got a divorce.

I'm sorry this is a short letter, but I don't have much more to say, or ask you, Patrick. So I am waiting eagerly for your reply.

Love always,


A/N: Wow. Sorry I haven't updated recently at all. I didn't think anyone would ever read this. . And sorry this is so short, I didn't really know what to write for it. But I shall update more regularly to compensate.