Chapter 10
9 months pregnant

"You look like an angel. Welcome to Earth, baby girl."

Callen looks up from his paperwork just in time to see Deeks checking his cell-phone once again. Shaking his head, with a grin on his face, he decides to finally say something about that. Hey, he managed to stay in silence until now and it's 2 in the afternoon. "If you keep checking your phone every two minutes you're going to run out of battery before the end of the day."

Deeks shrugs and keeps filling out some papers he has on his desk. "Kensi might call."

Sam joins the conversation, knowing what Deeks is going through right now. "Calm down, Deeks. It's not like she's alone. Didn't you say her mother is spending the day with her?"

Deeks looks up and nods, a worried look on his face. "Yeah, she is. But it's her due date. I should be there with her."

Sam answers him, the one who has some experience when it comes to that. "Most women don't give birth on their due date. You said Kensi had no symptoms this morning so you should be okay."

He nods and turns his attention back to the papers. "I know but I still worry."

Callen feels bad for him. The truth is that they're all on edge today, as they have been for the past two weeks. They're all waiting for the call telling them she's in labor. It can happen at any moment, now. "Why don't you ask Hetty to go home? I'm sure she wouldn't mind…"

That thought has yet to leave his mind but he knows he can't do it. "Hetty probably wouldn't but I would like to give this baby a brother or a sister and I won't be able to do that if I go home. Kensi warned me about that. She said she's fine so there's no reason for me to be home."

Sam tries to make him calm down once again. "She'll call you if something happens."

Deeks grabs his phone once again and answers him. "That's exactly why I've been checking my phone…Oh my God, I'm out of battery."

The desperation present on his face almost makes Callen get up and ask Hetty to send the poor guy home. But Sam seems to sense this and stops him with a pointed look.

So Callen settles for a little of humor. "I told you so."

Deeks runs his hands through his hair. "What do I do now?"

Sam tries to reason with him. "Relax…Kensi has everyone's number. If anything happens, she'll just call one of us."

And that seems to do it, for a little while. Deeks visibly relaxes and it's good to know he's not checking his phone every two minutes. After two hours, Deeks gets up and goes to the bathroom. when he comes back, Callen hands him the phone and he seems to freeze.

"Deeks, I have Julia on the phone for you."

His mind starts racing with the endless possibilities. The questions start coming out of his mouth without his permission, the second he has the phone in his hands. Panic settles in and he's not sure if he should wait for an answer from Julia or just rush home. "Julia, what's happening? Is Kensi okay? Is the baby coming?"

Julia's voice is calm and that soothes him, for some strange reason. Maybe it's because Julia became like a mother to him over the past few months. "Calm down, Marty. Listen to what I'm going to say without freaking out. Kensi has been having contractions, 15 minutes apart. That's plenty of time so there's no need to rush. We called her doctor and he told us to go to the hospital when they're less than 5 minutes apart and last for a whole minute. I'm just calling you to give you a heads up."

Deeks calms down and, knowing Kensi won't like to see him home unless he has a good reason to be there, he asks Julia to put her on the phone. "Julia, can I talk to Kensi?"

When she speaks, her voice is small and she seems nervous. "Marty…"

And, just like that, he knows what he has to do. "I'll be home in 10 minutes, princess."

He hangs up the phone and looks towards Hetty. The woman gives him a nod and, after promising Callen and Sam that he will call with news, he's out of the door. Ten minutes later, Deeks opens his door and sees Kensi sitting on the couch.

He rushes to her and kisses her on the forehead. She doesn't look like she's in pain but the protective side of him still takes over. "Honey, what can I do?"

She gives him a small smile and squeezes his hand to try to calm him down. "I don't know, Marty. I'm nervous and a bit uncomfortable."

Deeks turns to Julia with a worried look on his face. "Is that normal?"

Julia offers him a smile, the one a mother uses to calm her kid. "She's in labor so it's normal."

He nods and turns back to Kensi. "Are her contractions still 15 minutes apart?"

Julia nods but he's not looking at her. He's looking at Kensi and his attention is focused on her. "Yeah, as far as I can tell…"

"And what did the doctor say, exactly?"

Julia sits on the other couch, the one across from the one in which they're both sitting, and answers him. "He told us to use the 411 method. Go to the hospital when the contractions are 4 minutes apart and last 1 minute for at least 1 hour. We still have plenty of time, it seems."

Deeks nods and kisses Kensi's hand. "Okay, listen, I read the last chapter of the pregnancy book last night. There are a couple of things there that you can do during the early hours of labor. Do you want to try them?"

She seems unsure about that and he can only imagine how uncomfortable she must be feeling right now. "What are those things, exactly?"

He thinks about what he read before giving her an answer. "Well, it says we can finish packing the bag but yours has been packed for a week so it rules that one out. We can either bake or watch a movie."

Kensi seems confused and frowns. "Why would I do any of those things?"

"To take your mind out of it and help you relax. What do you say?"

She sighs and nods. "We can try to bake some cookies."

Her sweet-tooth is still present, even if she's in labor. "That's the spirit. Let's go, then."

He helps her get up and leads her to the kitchen with slow careful steps. Julia follows them and starts moving around the kitchen. "I'll help you guys. I know a great recipe of chocolate-chip cookies. You used to love them when you were little."

So, for the next two hours, they bake. Well, Deeks and Julia do most of the work but Kensi assists them. She keeps an eye on the cookies while they're in the oven and takes them out when they're ready. But after two hours and close to 100 cookies she grows tired of that activity and speaks up. "I'm done baking. I'm ready for that movie, now."

Deeks immediately puts everything down and walks to her side. "Julia, do you mind…"

Julia shakes her head, with a soft smile on her face, and cuts him off. "Don't worry. I'll clean this up."

Deeks guides Kensi back to the living room and helps her sit on the couch as slowly as he can. "What movie do you want to watch?"

She shrugs. "Whatever you want is fine."

Deeks puts Fast and Furious playing and sits next to her. "Are you okay?"

She smiles and snuggles closer to him, as close as she can at the moment. "I'm scared and nervous."

Deeks kisses her head over and over again to show her he's there for her. "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere and I'm going to help you through the whole thing, I promise."

Kensi lifts her head to look at him and nods. "I know you will."

The doorbell rings and, before Deeks has the chance to get up, Julia walks in and stops him. "I'll get the door."

Callen and Sam burst in and only relax once they see Kensi seems to be alright. Callen glares at Deeks. "Why didn't you call us? We were worried! How are you, Kensi?"

Kensi pats the space next to her on the couch with a smile and Callen sits next to her. "My contractions are 8 minutes apart so we still have to wait before we go to the hospital."

Sam sits on the other couch along with Julia and nods. "Well, we're not going anywhere so might as well choose a good movie."

They watch that movie together and, after three hours, they order pizzas for everyone. Kensi claims she's not hungry but, when Julia offers her a plate full of fruit, she gladly accepts it much to everyone's relief. They eat and watch two more movies but, at midnight, her contractions are still 5 minutes apart. They still need to wait at least one hour before they take her to the hospital.

Sam and Julia end up falling asleep on the couch but Deeks, along with Callen, stay awake with Kensi. She squeezes both their hands through the contractions and, at two in the morning, Deeks gets up and starts moving around to gather some stuff. "Okay, it's time to go. You've been like this for one hour."

That wakes up Julia and Sam who are on their feet and helping Deeks in the next second. She doesn't let go of Callen's hand so he remains by her side, trying to calm her down. Julia gives her a kiss on the forehead before turning to Deeks. "I'll grab her bag."

Sam springs to action too but has no idea of what to do. "What can we do?"

Deeks grabs Kensi's hand and helps her get up. Callen lets go of her hand so Deeks can take her to the car. "Just get in the car and we'll meet in the hospital. I'll come and get you when she's in her room."

Callen kisses her cheek and follows Sam to the car. "We'll see you in a bit, Kenz."

Deeks helps her get in the car and, after making sure Julia has the bag and is ready to go, he starts driving.

The next five hours are a blur. They take Kensi to a room, he tells Callen and Sam the room number and they all stay with her. Between ice chips, hands being squeezed to the point of pain and painful contractions, no one gets much sleep. Their main worry is Kensi and what she's going through at the moment.

At 7.25 in the morning, the doctor announces with a somewhat cheery voice. "Okay, it's time to push. That means the uncles are going to have to wait outside. Is the grandmother staying?"

Kensi nods because, even though her mother hasn't been there for her through her whole life, she needs her right now. "Yeah, she's staying."

The doctor nods and starts getting ready along with the nurses. "And what about the daddy?"

Deeks doesn't answer, his whole attention on Kensi and on keeping her as calm as possible. But Julia answers, with a soft loving smile on her face. "I don't think he would leave, even if she wanted him to."

The doctor takes his place and Kensi takes a deep breath. "Let's get started, mommy."

Deeks holds onto her hand and Julia massages her right shoulder in a comforting way. "When the next contraction comes, I want you to give us a big push. Push as hard as you can."

Deeks lets out a weak laugh and can't help but warn the doctor, in a joking manner. "Don't tell her that or the baby will come flying off."

Kensi starts laughing but stops abruptly and squeezes his hand. "Don't make me laugh, Deeks…it hurts."

She pushes as hard as she can during the next few contractions, Deeks whispering encouraging things by her ear and kissing her forehead over and over again.

"Okay, here we go. Come on, mommy. I can see the head."

Kensi takes a deep breath, the time between the contractions barely giving her time to breath now. The pain is intense and she feels pressure like never before where pressure shouldn't exist to begin with. "Oh God, it hurts!"

Deeks encourages her. "You can do this, princess, I know you can."

And, with one last big push, the pain stops and her cries are quickly replaced by a baby's ones. The doctor puts the newborn baby on her chest and both Deeks and Kensi smile through their tears of pure happiness. "Congratulations! You have a beautiful baby girl!"


The moment Deeks walks into the waiting room, Callen and Sam get up. Callen is the first one to speak, anxious for news. "How are they?"

Deeks can't keep his grin off his face as he announces. "My two girls are perfect."

Callen grins too as Sam pats Deeks on the back. "A girl? Does that mean we were right?"

Deeks nods but they all know the stupid bet they made months ago is nowhere near their minds right now. "Yes, we were right. Alexis was born with 8 pounds, 20 inches. You can come see them."

After the visits, Kensi fall asleep. Deeks sleeps for a few hours on the couch but soon wakes up and is met with his daughter's blue eyes, staring right at him. He smiles and takes her in his arms, already getting the feeling she's going to be a calm baby.

Staring right into her eyes and stroking her little head, he almost tears up once again. "You look like an angel. Welcome to Earth, baby girl."

He sits back on the couch with Alexis on his arms and allows her to grab his finger. "Your mommy is tired so we can't wake her up. She was very strong today, you know…You are one big baby and she did it."

Kensi's sleepy voice brings him out of his talk with the newborn baby. "Did I have a choice?"

He gets up and sits next to her, on the bed, handing her Alexis. Kensi kisses the baby's head and holds her to her chest. Deeks kisses her lips and she rests her head against his chest. "How are you, princess?"

Much like Deeks, Kensi seems completely hypnotized by the baby's blue eyes. "I'm extremely sore, tired and…happy! She's perfect, isn't she?"

Deeks says what any proud father would say. "Well, of course she is. She's our daughter!"

Kensi laughs a bit and strokes her daughter's cheek. "Your daddy is the cockiest man alive."

He pretends to be hurt with her words but the smile won't leave his face so it's kind of pointless. "Don't start turning her against me so soon."

Kensi looks into his eyes and matches his smile. "I would never dream of it. Besides, I have the feeling she's going to be a daddy's girl."

Deeks nods and holds the baby's tiny hand. "She will, if I have a say in it."

She shrugs and snuggles closer to his chest. "That's okay. Maybe the next one will be a boy."

He kisses the top of her head and wonders out loud. "We're having more than one?"

Kensi takes a deep breath before looking at him. "Maybe I'm going crazy and maybe I'll take that back when I'm so tired I can barely function because of the sleepless nights. But yes, I do want more. Don't you?"

He nods and smirks. "Hey, we can have an entire football team and I'll be okay with it. As long as I have you, I know we'll be okay. And we'll be able to handle as many kids as you want to have."

The sincerity she sees in his eyes is enough for her. "I love you, Marty."

Deeks kisses her on the lips, softly but lovingly at the same time. And, when they pull back, she sees the love in his eyes, the one he confirms with his words. "I love you too, Kensi."

As soon as the words are out of his mouth, the baby in Kensi's arms starts crying and Kensi laughs. "Looks like someone is jealous…"

Deeks kisses Alexis' forehead and smiles. "I love you too, Lexi. We both do."

In that moment, nothing else matters. They are together. They're a family. And they've never been happier.

The End

AN: This is the end of this story. There will be no sequel because I'm not very good at writing family life. There will be, however, some new stories coming soon. Now, about thus chapter, there are some things you need to know. I've never been pregnant so I've obviously never given birth. My sister-in-law went into labor three days ago (which was kind of scary because I was alone in the house with her and I can't even walk properly at the moment because of the stupid knee surgery) so this was inspired by that. She actually gave birth at 7.20 in the morning but to a baby-boy (after 15 hours of labor). My nephew was born with 9 pounds and 20 inches long. I obviously didn't include all the cursing she did while in labor because then this story would have to be M-rated.

Anyway, I would love to know what you think about this chapter and the whole story.
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