You Got Competition


"Annabeth, rise and shine !" I groaned as I heard my mum call me. I dragged myself and my sleepy head out of bed. I grabbed my towel and slipped into the bathroom. I hung my towel and stripped. I walked into the shower and turned the tap. I felt relieved when the warm water hit my body, all tension lost. I felt more wide awake. After showering, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body. Then, I brushed my teeth.

I walked to my closet and opened it. After looking through a lot of my clothes, I settled down to a white short sleeved blouse and a pair of jeans. Then, I sat in front of my vanity mirror and brushed my blonde hair, pulling it into a tight ponytail. I slipped on a pair of sneakers and grabbed my green bag. I raced downstairs, in time for breakfast with my family.

My mum and my dad were already seated and eating. My mum, Athena Sagesse*, is a corporate boss and specializes in an architectural areas. My dad, Frederick Chase, is a scientist. He's researching something that I don't particularly remember. I got my mum's grey eyes and my dad's blond hair.

My twin younger brothers, Bobby and Matthew, were eating bacon and eggs. I put my bag next to the door and grabbed a bowl. I grabbed the cereal box and poured some Cheerie O's with some milk.

"So, how are you enjoying school ?" asked my mum, stabbing her fork into her eggs. She looked at me as she ate it, waiting for an answer.

"Give me a few days." I said, briskly. My mum shot me a displeased look. I ate my food and finished faster than my family. I washed the bowl and put it on the rack. My dad gave me lunch money and I grabbed my bag and bolted out the door after saying goodbye.

I am Annabeth Chase. I was a San Fransisco girl but somehow, my dad got an offer here and we moved. I had to let go of the life I had there. I missed my best buddy, Thalia Grace. I now go to a school called Goode High School. What's so good about it ? I'm serious. When I first stepped in there, I was expecting nice friends and was hoping that there would be no status quo. But, this isn't just some school with a status quo. I learnt a lot of things.

I learnt that there were groups. Or cliques. Or harems.

Apparently, there were these two guys who rivaled in everything. And I mean everything.

Their names were ; Luke Castellan and Percy Jackson.

The whole school worshiped them. Except me.

The whole school participated in their stupid game. Except me.

The whole school cared. Except me.

Luke is a guy with blond hair and blue eyes. He has a scar but no one knows where he got it. But, he once said that Percy did that to him. His plan was to make people hate Percy. But it backfired and girls think that Percy is so tough and hot. Puh~lease.

Percy is a guy with black hair and sea green eyes. He's perfect. But a playboy. The harems started when the two asked about their followers. They roughly had about half of the school each. They were waiting for one girl for either of them to win.


Yeah, when I first walked in, they came running towards me. Not the type of impression I want but... They asked about who's team do I want. Me, being the new girl, was totally confused. I said no. I said that I didn't want to join any group or social gang. I preferred to walk alone. Or with a best friend.

As I walk through the hall right now, I dashed to my locker. I opened it and stuffed my books, only taking what I need. The mad and noisy hall suddenly turned quiet. That means that they have arrived. As I expected, I heard some footsteps behind me. I turned to see Luke.

Luke gave me a winning smile. "Annabeth, how are you ?"

I narrowed my eyes. "I'm fine but I don't have any time for silly games."

Drew Tanaka, Luke's second in command, gave me a murderous look as if to say that I wasn't suppose to say that. I rolled my eyes. Luke leaned against the locker next to mine. He flashed me another smile, showing his white pearly teeth. "Have you decided ?"

I slammed my locker shut and took a deep breath. " Luke, I told you. I'm not playing the game." I started to walk away but he grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.

"Oh come on. Don't be like that." He said, seductively. I struggled and tried to push him away. His eyes were dead set on me.

"Let go of her, Luke." said a voice behind me. I turned around, Luke's hand still on my shoulder, to see Percy. I felt Luke's hand tighten around my left shoulder. I winced. It sure hurts.

"Why should I , Jackson." snarled Luke. Percy frowned.

"She's suppose to be mine." He protested. Behind him, I could see Rachel Elizabeth Dare, a red head and Percy's second in command, staring at me. I shot her a look and she turned away. Suddenly, I felt another hand on my right shoulder. It was Percy's. He pulled me towards him. Suddenly, I felt Luke grab my arm and pulled me away from Percy.

Then, Percy; doing something totally immature, grabbed my arm and pulled me. Soon, it became a tug and war thing. Each harem were shouting, cheering their alpha male on while I was cursing, my hands sore.

"Ahem" said a voice. The two boys let go of my arm as we saw Principal Franklin in front of us. The harems fled. So much for being loyal.

"You three, in my office." He ordered.


"So, what happened ?" asked Principal Franklin. We were in his office. He sat behind his deck while we sat in wooden chairs in front of him. As soon as he asked, the two boys went into defending and fighting mode.

"He started it !" They both said at the same time. Principal Franklin rolled his eyes.

" So, I guess you were fighting over her ?" He referred to me. If you're wondering, the principal knows of their games. But, he did nothing to stop them. In fact, he supported both of them. Our principal was in fact a competitive guy. He loved having people follow in his footsteps.

"Yes." They both answered. The principal looked at me. Oh boy.

"Who do you choose ?" Enough with that stupid question !

"I don't choose. I'm not in." I answered, looking him in the eye. The principal sighed, finger tapping his chin. I noticed that the two boys were sending glares at each other. Suddenly, the principal leaned forward.

"Well, I do have one solution..."He had our attention.

"What is it ?" The three of us asked in unison.

"You share her."

* It means Wisdom.

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