Harry Potter Saves the Day: Chapter 1

(third draft - dictated to me by my daughter, August 25, 2012)

Everyone had just finished dinner, and they were all heading to their last class of the day. Harry's class was potions class. They were all making a new potion. But now, something went horribly wrong. The teacher, Professor Severus Snape, accidentally used a secret ingredient that made the potion grow into a giant spider. The spider put a thousand kids under its spell. But Professor Snape and Harry were the only ones who survived the spider's bite. They worked, day and night without rest, on a potion would cure all the kids. Then they gave it to the nurse, Madam Pomfrey. She put the medicines in spoons and poured the medicine that was in the spoons in a little shot. They helped give the students shots. The shots worked. Harry Potter and Professor Snape worked together to conquer the giant spider. They used the venom in the giant spider to use for medicine potions. They each took a tooth for their secret compartment.

Typist's Note: My son pointed out that A, Hogwarts doesn't have 1,000 kids in a class, and B, they don't use vaccinations in the Harry Potter universe, but this is my daughter's story, not his, so tough. Also note that the snake in previous drafts has now become a spider. The secret compartment comes from the Lego set. There's a secret compartment in Harry's desk.