"Now Ino, is there anything that you don't quite understand about… this?" Yamanaka Inoichi asked as he said in his chair next to Ibiki. The room was silent for a moment or two; a bleach blonde teenager stared back on them with blank eyes.

"…I didn't understand a single word that came out of either of your faces." Aanndd facepalm.

"Ino-san, your 16, working for an important branch in the government for a year now; and yet you still are not getting this?" Leave it to Ibiki to make it said like a crime for his (only) student to not get something off the bat.

"I'll make this short and sweet," Inoichi said, fixing the mission briefing papers on his desk "You're to go to the school called 'Nyūmūn Academy'and pose as a junior there. It's quiet simple rea…" He paused as he saw his daughters gawking face. "Something wrong, Ino?"

"This is where she stopped listening last time." Ibiki sighed, having a hunch that he knew as to why she did it.

"Nyūmūn Academy… Nyūmūn Academy…" She repeated the tittle again and again aloud; her eyebrows slowly furrowed in frustration "I've heard that name before…"

Ibiki nodded. "It's owned by a man, Danzo, I'm sure you know him." Ino sat up straight and gawked.

"You mean that school for stuck up, egotistical billionaire's kids?" Ibiki sighed.


"I'm attending that school?"

"Yes, you're attending that school."

"The one with private cafeterias?"

"Yes, The one with private cafeterias."

"The one that has world record salaries?"

"Yes, The one that has world record salaries."

"The one where Uchiha-bastard goes?"

"Yes, the one where Uchiha-bas- Yamanaka!" Ibiki snapped.

"Gotcha." Ino smirked happily. "You can't deny what's on the inside!" Inoichi silently smirked. Only Ino could get Ibiki-san off guard.

"Now," Ibiki changed the subject, turning around. "You're going to be attending this school in order to see what a certain group of kids are up to." He gave her a yellow file, and she opened it, trying to stay calm. The first on she saw had orange hair, several piercings, and goes with the name of 'Pein'. She tuned the page, an intelligent looking yet sophisticated blue haired girl. She thought that was the end, but the papers kept coming.

"A group of 10, huh?" Ino's annoyance began to flow "So how am I going to join this group anyway? They seem pretty legit here, with their records and all. Plus there's only one girl." She began turning again, and Ibiki nodded.

"Don't you recognize any faces in this stack of papers, Ino? She glanced at him, and then went thought the papers.

"Nope, nada, no, uh-huh…" Ino read all the names as well as studied the faces. Inoichi watched patiently, letting her soak it in as she paused a long time on one of the faces. "Ibiki-san, I'll be taking this assignment." She took one of the ten folders, and left the room quickly, leaving Ibiki and Inoichi to think if they had made the right choice.

"Are you sure this is a good idea to send Ino-chan, Ibiki-san?" Ino's step-mother, who had welcomed herself in the room a moment ago, was clearly visibly shaken. "You are aware of our relationship with him, right?" Inoichi put a hand on her shoulder, assuring her as he began to play with her long black hair.

"My Ino's a strong girl; you seem to keep forgetting that, Rimi-chan." Inoichi half-heartedly smiled,

"But she's just a high school gir-"

"Besides, she's dealt him before, you need to remember." Ibiki said, now firm on his decision. "Anyone else that we would send would have fallen for him, and a male wouldn't have worked in this situation. She's the best of the best in this situation." Inoichi put on that fake smile again, nodded, and left the room to go home. Ibiki sighed and dropped in his chair.

"I just want to tell her the truth, damn Uchiha's."

"Ino, your really set on this, aren't you?" Sakura looked up from the crumpled paper on the floor. Ino, who was sure that this was for the best, sat on the bed with the pink haired friend. The blonde hadn't said much of anything since she had handed the pinkette the paper. Not that she could blame her, however it was making the yellow walls look gloomy with the shades drawn and lights off in the middle of the day.

"Yes…" She mumbled just audible for Sakura to hear. There was more silence as she had finished packing her bags. As the blue-eyed beauty squatted to go through the bottom drawer of her dresser, an object found caused a wave of nausea to go over her body with full force. She put a hand to her mouth and dry heaved.

"Ino?" She had panicked and ran to her side, looking at said object. The blonde's eyes were agape, as she shook her head and ran out of the room. The girl's eyes had traveled back as she had picked up the object.

"Your first mission briefing, huh?" She mumbled and put it back. To this day Ino had never told her about what had happened, but had shown her the scar on her hip that was a result of said mission.

The first step was crucial. She had managed to get herself into the private plane to get her there; however, Ino had kept too silent for anyone's liking as she approached her destination.

"Yamanka-san?" An assistant around her age had asked as he fixed his strange white hair out of his face. The girl had done nothing but distantly look out of the window. She had turned her head to face him, causing the boy to make a surprised look that she had even hear him. "I wanted to see if you where ok." He had known the girl since she entered as a trainee. However, the blond had excelled at a much faster pace, leading her first mission was he was only in the seventh rank. Most had said that it was just because she was an heiress and she had ties with the higher ups, but he had known better.

"I'm fine, Eras." She finally spoke, and the others breathed a sigh of relief to hear her voice. Eras flushed as she had remembered his name. "Just stuck in thought." She clasped her hands and put them in her lap, still looking strangely tired. He had such respect for the blond, watching her train so hard. However, he had never seen a type of exhausted as this. He bit his lip.

"Is it because of Uchiha?" She looked up at him, puzzled. The boy squirmed in his seat from where he sat across from her. She sighed with a ghost of a smile.

"Not entirely…" She looked up at him in a sorrowful, kind, thankful way. "But thanks for paying attention to my rants from when we were younger." He flushed and covered his face with his hand, turning away. Then he heard her laugh.

"Your white hair isn't helping." She smiled. He just kept getting redder.

"Yamanaka-sama, we have arrived." The plane attendant had informed her, and she had immediately gotten up, spearing him a smile, and stepping off. Her ponytail flying in the wind, her cargo boots tapped the cement and she fixed her long t-shirt. This school didn't have a dress code simply because the kids where so rich that the only thing that they consider 'revealing' is if it cost less than two-hundred dollars. Kids could really do what they want, considering how they mostly all just skip classes and at the right year take the G.E.D test. Really it's just a place for parents to dump their kids here and keep them out of their hair.

She had taken her first step on campus, putting her hand on the gate scanner to get in. It opened, and she took a deep breath. Most of the students are in the courtyard do to the beautiful weather.

Just her luck, right?

Everyone turned to look, not knowing who would be entering the courtyard at 11:00. Really there was no one who took the gate, seeing as how they had already figured another (and easier) way out. She kept walking, hands in her pockets, and sighed as some girl approached her.

"Hey, Blondie stay where you are." Wooowwww, so didn't see that one coming. She sighed, turning to face the brunette. She looked the girl up and down, wanting to be unappeased, but found no faults to her. "What's your name?"

"Tsk, your really annoying already, you know that, right? Already asking for my personal info and all." The brunette's grey eyes narrowed. She pulled out her hand, which was in her coat pocket, to reveal that her hands where in wraps, ready to fight. Ino raised an eyebrow.

"You really wanna play with me?" She asked anger in her eyes.

"Hey, you wouldn't happen to know where the Akatsuki's hangout is, do you?" The brunette was stumped at how the girl completely ignored her renowned threats, they were known all around campus and yet…

"Don't you fuck with me!" She cursed, lunging at her. Ino sighed, moving to the side and caught her wrist. Everyone was gasping, and a girl took out her cell phone.

Ino now had control of two of the girl's fist, taking her, curling under and causing the girl to flip to the ground, she coughed, and realized that…

"You won't be able to move your arms for 4 minutes and 35 seconds. Don't even try to counter attack." She flipped her hair over her shoulder, without even a scratch.

"Yamanaka, you know it's bad to use training against such low ranks." A cold voice filled the courtyard, even though it was just a mumble. A chill ran up Ino's spine, and she twirled to face someone who she expected to find here.

"Itachi." She greeted with a small mock bow. He sighed, knowing as to why she came. He noticed the girl had tried to video take it, although she was quickly caught.

"Miss, you should be aware of the rule, no cell phones on campus." She flushed, and a little bit too willing to give it over to him. He took it, deletes the video and gives it back.

Something tells Ino that that girl will never throw that phone away.

He had faced his attention back to her, and she felt the urge to scratch her head sheepishly and grin like an idiot. And thus, she did. He shook his head, and much to the campus's female population's demise, he again spoke to her.

"Come with me."

Oh boy was she in trouble…