"Itachi, I don't trust my wallet on your table." The blond scratched her head, still holding the small white box closely to her. Not that she wants to delay this so called mission any longer. "What if someone finds it and sees my ID and a huge rumor spreads across the sch-"

"Yamanaka." Now back to his original self, the tone made the girl remember something:

Uchihas will never finding themselves bedding a woman, let alone in a situation like this.

Ino swore that they followed a nun-rout or something.

The blond sighed in a way of calming herself. He was right, but still, rumors will be rumors. Still, she still continued to follow in step of him, looking at the white box closely again. Not because of what is in it, but the means of how she retrieved it.

"Yo, ponytail!" An obnoxious voice filled the empty hallway, and Ino, thinking that the voice addressed her, blinked and turned slightly. However, upon noticing the look on her escort's face, she began to cough out a laugh at the nickname. This was before she noticed that the voice had an attention to talk to the boy rather than passing by, she actually turned at the approaching figure. "The fuck? Didn't you hear me talking to you?! Why the fuck didn't you st- well hello." As the silver haired young-adult noticed the blond, she really wished she hadn't. By the way that his purple eyes scanned her, it seems this guy isn't one for poetry.

"Itachi, is this really who you accompany in your spare time?" The younger heir sighed, running a hand through her ponytail.

"Hey, listen bitch!" His mood changes quickly, she took note. "I thought you would be tolerable, but hell no, you had to be a snobby bimbo!" As she gently put the box down on a nearby bench, the blond then realized that she had full intention to fight him, and took a deep breath.

"Listen, jackass," She snorted, crossing her arms and poking him in the chest. "I can be your worst nightmare, or do you wish for me to simply beat the shit out of you? Believe me; I can even make both happen! Or rather is my vocabulary simply too advanced for your money-high-pedestal?" The aqua-eyed beauty had no problem taking out a man twice her size, she knows that from experience.

Much to her surprise, the silver haired teen smirked.

"Alright, Blondie got some fucking backbone points." He looked her up and down again. "Nice ass too." This caused the girl to turn a pinch of pink as she quickly brought up her knee successfully to his gut.

"Who gave you permission to look?" She snapped, crossing her arms as the man couched in pain.

"You can do that any fucking time you want." This caused the heir to grow a disgusted scowl, noticing that her new 'acquaintance' was sadistic, and Itachi seems to not want to get into this situation.

"Do you really hang out with him?" She whispered, and the Uchiha shook his head. "Good." She smirked, turning to the pain-obsessed male. "What did you want, anyway?" She picked up the white box again, and the man blinked in thought.

"Right. Kakazu-bitch wants you." He nodded to himself, seemingly proud for remembering as Ino raised an eyebrow. Itachi began to walk, and the two people behind him found themselves arguing over showing the boy what is in the box.

"It's none of you business!" She defended, holding the box out of his reach.

"What the hell's in there that's so important?!" leaning over her shoulders in order to reach it, the blond had no successful way of moving him off and keeping the box, so she compromised her personal space.

"It's not the fact that it's important, it's the fact that it's none of your business!" Their voices where progressively getting louder, and people began to look in amazement at the two.

"I swear to Jashin that I will see what the fucks in the box!" Fully leaning on her by now, the two didn't even realize what this would normally imply.

"I don't know who Jashin is, but I doubt he will care if you see what's inside a pastry box!" She stuck her tongue out in a childish way, still holding the box out of his reach.

"What are you two doing?" An old and scratchy voice called, and the two quickly snapped their heads. "Public displays of affection on this level are simply vulgarity! Unacceptable!" The voice belonged to one of the higher elders on the school board.

"The fuck ever, old ha-!" Realizing that her reputation at home was on the line, the young heir quickly elbowed her company and bowed respectfully.

"I'm so sorry, this is a misunderstanding!" Hearing a 'kiss up' in the background, the girl quickly glared at the silver haired sadist as she gave a small apologetic smile. "If you could let us off with a warning, I would be extremely grateful!" She gave her innocent 'never again' look that she has pulled many times on her father and even Ibiki. No one has yet to surpass it.

"Alright…" The woman caved, letting a wide smile spread over the young girls face. "Don't let me catch you again, got it?"

"Yes Madam!"

As she walked away, the two teens glared at each other.

"You're not going to cause anything but trouble, are you?" She sighed, rubbing her forehead. The Jashinist was about to reply, however someone stepped in.

"Hidan, why are you not with Itachi?" A somewhat raspy voice asked, and as the blond turned she saw a tall tan student, Cleary older than herself. He oddly enough wore a hat and a scarf around his face, only showing pieces of brown hair and green eyes.

"What? It's not like he's going to fucking to piss himself or something!" The thought made the blond unwittingly laugh, and caused the older student to notice her. Straightening her posture a bit, she gave a small wave.

"Ah, hi." What a lame greeting. The tall and tan student seemed to give a 'why are you talking?' look, and the girls eyebrow twitched.

"Hidan, what did I tell you about bringing your toys around?" It only toke the blond a minute to realize what he implied, and a vain popped.

"Well, it seemed that one's scarf had cut the circulation to his head." The shouter girl snapped, giving a similar look as she did earlier.

"Yamanaka?" A familiar voice questioned, caused the blond to turn, and a mix of annoyance and gratefulness.

"Sasuke!" She smiled, "I thought that you were doing an internship in the city?"


"Well, good to know you haven't changed." She smirked, not giving him an option as she leaned her elbow on him.

"What the fuck?! Why does he get the fucking warm welcome?" Hidan cut in on this 'warm welcome' with foul language, and the blond was surprised that she got to even get within five feet of him, let alone lean on him, and she wasn't messing it up.

"Well, because his first words weren't 'Well hello, babe'." The heir justified, the box still in hand.

"We do not have time for this, Hidan let's go. Now."

"The fuck ever, Kakazu." The girl waved, happy to get rid of them. In returned the silver haired boy stuck up his middle finger. She then removed her elbow, and the onyx haired boy seemed relieved at the action.

"So, you ganna tell me why you're here?"