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The force of the blast flung Tony against a wall, but he was protected from serious injury by his suit. Seriously? he thought crossly. Blowing us up again? Very original.

"Thor!" he shouted.

Almost immediately, the god of thunder bellowed, "Yes, Man of Iron?"

"Cap!" he tried to get his leader's attention.

Terror gripped his heart when no one answered. Not again.

Before he could thoroughly look through all the rubble, Clint yelled, "Tony, he's headed toward you!"

Tony was torn between searching for Steve and grabbing the bomber before he escaped. Then a figure ran right by him, his identity masked by the smoke. Tony quickly made his decision. What're the chances of Cap getting buried in an explosion twice in one day? His sarcastic inner voice supplied an answer. The same chances as Cap being in an explosion twice in one day.

He ignored the voice and flew after the figure, who had by now run through one of the many holes in the walls. Once he was clear of the house and the smoke, he could see that the person he was chasing was indeed the bomber. He put on a burst of speed and grabbed the man by the waist, tackling him to the ground.

Tony heard his teammates pile behind him. He turned his head to make sure they were all there and not missing any vital body parts, but froze.

Behind the Avengers, he could see the house collapsing in on itself, the walls and roof crashing down. And all of the Avengers were accounted for . . . except for one person.

He tried to shout, to scream for the others to save Cap, but the words got stuck in his throat. He lunged toward the house, momentarily forgetting about the bomber.

Hands held him back, and he heard Thor ask, "What is wrong?"

Tony nearly sobbed. "Cap's in there."

Silence fell over the small group of people, and they all turned as one to face the now-collapsed building. "No," someone breathed.

Out of the corner of his eye, Tony could see Natasha bowing her head in respect, her eyes closed. Clint's fists were clenched in anger, but his eyes revealed the sadness he was really feeling. Thor's hand was tightened around his hammer, a fire alight in his blue eyes despite the blood that dripped down his chin from a gash on his cheek.

Tony felt rage build up inside of him, overwhelming the depression that threatened to engulf him. He fell to his knees, his fingers digging into the soft soil. My fault. I should've looked for him instead. I should've refused to let him go. My fault.

Although he felt partly responsible, Tony knew the real killer was the man who had planted the mines. The man who had pressed the button. The man who was not . . . here anymore . . . .

Tony whipped around to see the bomber sprinting away.

No, he thought fiercely, preparing himself to rocket forward. He's not getting away.

Before he could move, though, something whipped through the air and slammed into the fleeing escapee, knocking him to the ground. Tony looked back over his shoulder to see if one of his teammates had done it, but they looked just as puzzled as he felt.

Then a figure stepped forward and caught the object as it returned to him. "I got him," Steve said cheerfully as he strapped his shield onto his back.

The rage and depression dissipated almost as quickly as they had come over Tony, and the sudden release of emotions nearly drove him to his knees again. Cap was safe. Cap was not dead.

Thor, of course, was the first Avenger to react to Steve's "Lazarus Move". "STEVE ROGERS!" he bellowed, reaching his side in two huge strides. "YOU ARE ALIVE." Then he wrapped him in a bear-like hug.

Steve's hands scrabbled at the Asgardian's back. "Not for long, if you keep this up," he coughed out.

Thor held on for a few more seconds, then finally let go of the gasping superhero.

Natasha stood in front of Steve, her eyes meeting his. "It's good to see you, Cap," she said, her voice betraying nothing.

Steve smiled a little, obviously finding humor in something. "You too, Natasha."

Clint clapped Steve on the back. "I'm glad you're not dead."

Steve raised an eyebrow. "Uh . . . you're welcome?"

Then Tony reached the Captain's side. "I knew you weren't dead," he said offhandedly. "Just for the record."

Steve grinned. "Really? 'Cause it looked like you were about to bust someone's nose off a few minutes ago."

Tony scowled behind the mask. "Well, that was because . . . I, er, stubbed my toe in the house . . . ."

"Of course, Stark," Steve said, shaking his head. "If anyone was going to find a way to stub their toe inside a metal suit, it would be you."

Tony didn't know why that comment sounded so . . . different. So unusual. Then it hit him. "You called me 'Stark'."

Steve frowned. "What, did you change your last name overnight?"

Tony rolled his eyes. "I never told you my last name after you went all 1940's on me."

"That's right," Steve mused, "you didn't." Then he seemed to be waiting patiently for Tony to do something.

And Tony did it. "Cap got his memory back!"

As the other Avengers flooded the man, Tony stepped back and watched from afar.

Steve was not dead. Steve got his memory back. Ah, Tony thought, satisfied. Now that the world is back to normal, it can continue revolving around me. Which was just the way he liked it.

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