It is the first fan fiction I wrote. Well, for me, that sounds challengeable. So, enjoy it.

Title: Return to the Terabithia

Chapter 1

It was raining. At least he thought it was raining. Because Leslie, his best friend, was gone. Jesse opened his painting album which contained a portrait of Leslie. She was smiling. That made him feel a bit better but more painful inside.

This was my fault. I should've invited her to the museum. I wasn't even there with her.

Jesse slumped into his bed, filling his mind of Leslie. Her smile, her laugh and her Terabithia. He had no idea how to face the Mr. and Mrs. Burke. He didn't know what to do with Terabithia….with the absence of Leslie.

Tears were gleaming in the boy's eyes. I'm sorry, Leslie. I'm so sorry. I… I haven't … I should have invited you .He trembled. I just don't know what I should do. He started to sob as tears overflowed and ran down his cheek. How can I live by myself in the world without you? For now, he just wanted to cry.

Jesse went to the bridge which was replaced by a fallen tree. Compared with the Enchanted Rope, the new bridge seemed safer. At least it won't break and cause an accident that easily.

Sighing, Jesse gazed at the other end of the bridge. It was Terabithia, the fairyland that they used to spend time together and have fun. There they rebuilt the ruin of the "once great fortress" into a new castle, talked about themselves, fighting with squogres, writing Janice "a love letter from Willard" …all the scenes were just like yesterday's events.

Carefully, and a bit reluctantly, Jesse crossed the bridge and entered Terabithia. He shivered, since he was so familiar with the place, and scurried into the forest. Then he heard the noisy tinkling sound.

"That's the sound of prisoners rattling their chains."

I don't care about prisoners! Irritably, Jesse ran to the car and pulled the door open, grabbed the metal wind-bell craft and threw it away, as hard as he could. It clattered as it hit the ground.

"Jess!" A girl's shout came from the distant.

"Leslie?" surprised, Jesse questioned, mostly to him. Is she still alive in Terabithia?

He broke to a trot head to the direction where the voice is from, but there was nothing in sight, only the voice was echoing in the air. "Leslie!" Jesse shouted again, but still, no one showed up.



Jesse stopped and started to listen carefully. A rustle came from the deep forest. Soon it came closer, and closer, and until Jesse can see it. It was a small flying creature. Try dragonfly.

No. They are warriors from tree-top provinces.

This wasn't a game. This was for real.

The little flying pixie lingered around in front of Jess for a few moments, and then it flew upwards with a whistle. Jess looked up and got a shock.

"Leslie…" Jess whispered.

OK. Here's chapter 1. Hope you enjoy it. I have been trying to come up with more ideas.