A/N: Okay, another Dr. Horrible fanfic for y'all. Writing with OCs again. I promise, I will write more with the canon characters – I did write one for this section. The thing is, I just fear writing OOC. This chapter's just an introduction to the OCs.

June 21

Hello, my loyal readers – who aren't much. YET.

Yes, my wonderful people, I have applied to the Evil League of Evil! Like I said I would. There's a slim chance I'll get in, but I still think I have a good chance! We need to keep more evil in the world and there are some people who keep the fires of hatred a-glowing. The likes of Bad Horse, for example, or Kim Kardashian.

Bad Horse. To think I'll actually get to see him for real! Will let you guys know if I get in. Which I will. Because I got the FIRE, baby!

Okay, I'm working on a new catchphrase. Or at least Morguean tells me to do so. That Morguean. You know how she is.

She wants me to tell the all of y'all that she's doing well. And thanks me. Got to stop posting and get out there and prove to the ELE that I'm worthy!


[Setting: Fireball/Santana Benton's Apartment…]

"Did you tell your 'wonderful people' I'm doing well?" Morgan Wellington asked, spinning around in the chair with the wheels.

"Yes, Morguean, I did." Santana Benton rolled her eyes, getting off her computer. "Think about it, Morgs. The Evil League of Evil. And you could be part of that sidekick allegiance thing or whatever it's called."

"Sidekick thing? Bitch, please, I'm Morguean."

"You are my sidekick."

"Yeah, but I'm not going to shout it from the top of the Empire State Building, Santana!"

"Fireball!" She snapped. "I told you to call me by my evil name!"

"Whatever, Santana."


[Setting: Many years ago, outside Alfred Hitchcock Elementary School…]

It wasn't always this way. Santana Benton, or Fireball, wasn't always evil. There was something that changed her. Sadly, it had to happen so early in life.

Though she was ashamed to admit it, a long time ago, Santana was…cute. She was missing her two front teeth and had little pigtails sticking out of her head.

Morgan Wellington, her sidekick even then, couldn't be described as such. She wasn't just missing her two front teeth, she'd knocked them out and a little was left in, so they just looked more awkward than cute. Her parents didn't really feed her since they were always out working, so she was thinner than most of the other girls.

"Tag!" Santana slapped Morgan hard on the shoulder. "You're it!"

Morgan began to chase after her, laughing as she sprinted. Just another cheerful day. Until they came along.

"Everybody run!" One of the teachers ran outside frantically. "It's Bad Horse!"

Their kindergarten teacher hurried them under the slide where they couldn't be seen.

Some horse was destroying the school and running after children in a mad frenzy. He had already succeeded in trampling and killing a few already and some brave teachers attempting to save them.

Then some strong guy broke the school's walls and attempted to ride the horse.

"That's Captain Hammer!" Santana heard one of the swooning teachers sigh. She looked and saw that they'd all fainted and were piled in a heap. She nudged Morgan, who then realized that all the kids were alone without teachers. They were vulnerable and left to be trampled.

The horse threw the guy, "Captain Hammer," off of him and headed through the parking lot to the playground.

Santana and Morgan shut their eyes and began to cling onto each other, knowing that this was the end. They didn't want to die as little kids. They wanted to meet Justin Bieber first – and they wanted to meet him before all the other kindergarten girls did.

"Wait!" Santana opened her eyes to see another teacher and a little boy rushing towards the slide from the parking lot – just where the horse was headed. "We've got one more!"

Her eyes widened in horror. She recognized the little boy – it was her brother Jason!

"Jason!" She screamed, terrified for him, but Morgan clamped her hand over Santana's mouth.

She closed her eyes and heard the squealing of tires.

When she opened them, Captain Hammer was back on the horse again, trapped inside a circle of cars. He then got off and punched the horse in the mouth, sending him falling down.

Later on, Santana had read years later, Bad Horse did recover and nearly killed Hammer. Then she was satisfied, knowing that it wasn't totally a failure.

Wait, you ask. That doesn't explain why she's evil. Well, we're getting to that part.

As the other kids rejoiced and the teachers fawned over Captain Hammer, Santana and Morgan curiously headed over to the circle of cars.

A loud gasp was heard.

Under a red Cadillac, Santana saw her brother Jason, not breathing or moving with tire marks on his stomach.

She started to cry and knew that it was this "hero" who killed her brother.

Before Morgan could stop her, Santana stomped up to him.

He looked down at her. "Aww, a little fan." He patted her hair. "Look, squirt, why don't you scamper off and go play with your Darbie dolls or whatever and if I have time, I'll—"

She kicked him hard in the shin.

As he winced, taken by surprise, one of the teachers pushed Santana aside.

She was punished and put in the time-out corner later.

However, Santana grew to know that corner well after her brother's death. She sometimes even went in it from her own free choice. It helped her think. Later on, from first grade to middle school, she tried to learn about science and did many experiments.

It happened in fifth grade. Santana lit a fire in the school's science lab, where she often went after classes ended to think and experiment. However, the fire grew to be uncontrolled and it trapped her so she could only breathe in smoke.

However, she didn't die. It gave her the ability to breathe in smoke. Santana was proud of this little miracle…until she saw her fingers burning. But as much as she tried to blow them out, they wouldn't go out. She realized something then.

The fire was coming from her fingers.

She shared it with Morgan, careful not to set her on fire, and they decided on a name for her: Fireball.

That was also the same week that she found out about the League. She swore that when she was old enough, she'd be a part of that. Morgan was doubtful.

In middle school, she mixed many dangerous chemicals together to form a deadly potion of sorts. Though proud of it, Santana knew it would most likely endanger her from the radiation. Before throwing it down the sewer, Morgan mistook it for a sports drink and drank it.

That was when she became Morguean. Whenever she drank the potion, which she needed to daily from then on to live, for a long period of time, her fingers would become poisonous. If she laid a hand on you, you'd die immediately, which is why she always wore gloves around that time, unless she was trying to kill somebody. However, she wasn't very fast because she was normally underfed, so most targets escaped her.

Santana had picked out the name and thought she was quite clever for it. When you die, your body goes in the morgue. Her name was Morgan. Morgue-an.

Thus, the pair was born…again.

[Setting: The Laundromat…]

Santana gazed at him.

She didn't even know who he was, but she just found herself watching him every time she went to the laundromat.

The first couple times she'd seen him, there was a girl he'd talk to. But now there wasn't and he always looked sadder. Not even sad, more like depressed.

Maybe it was his girlfriend or something and they broke up.

Santana took in a deep breath. Inhale, exhale.

I'm going to talk to him, she thought. I'm going to talk to him. I'm standing up.

She stood up.

She sighed and sat down. I'm sitting down.

Why was she so afraid of talking to him? It wasn't like she was in love with him or something. She didn't know anything about him. She wasn't like Amber Kravitz.

Amber "Dual Personality" Kravitz. Amber "Act Like a Goody Two-Shoes and Then Take Every Random Hot Guy Whose Name You Don't Even Know to Bed" Kravitz.

Santana shrugged and got her laundry. Maybe they'd cross paths sometime.

She didn't know just how right she was.