A/N: Suspicions have been raised. Sorry for the short chapter. Finally we get to meet the evil bitch Amber Kravitz.

[Setting: The Movie House...]

"I hate this place." Santana complained. "I hate the elderly women who go to see the Sex and the City movies, I hate those snot-nosed little kids who just keep getting fatter and fatter, and I especially hate the-"

"Oh, shut up, Santana." Amber Kravitz rolled her eyes. "You're just angry because you hate your life and you have no one in it."

"That's not true." She frowned. "I have Morgan."

"Are you two, like, girlfriends or something?"

"I'm choosing to ignore that. And I have Todd."

"Todd?" Amber raised an eyebrow at her. "Who's Todd?"

"Todd's my new guy friend."

"Ugh." She snorted. "I bet he's a weirdo."

"Go get your nose fixed. You sound like a pig."

"Why, you..." She trailed off.

"What?" Santana snapped, turning around sharply...and coming face-to-face with Todd.

"Santana," Amber whispered, "who's the hunk?"

"That's Todd."

Her jaw dropped. "That's Todd?"

"Uh, yeah." He grinned. "Hi, I'm Todd."

"Well, Todd, how about you and I-"

"Um, Fire-I mean, Montana?"


"Santana, I just thought I'd see how things were doing."

"Hey, guys." Morgan appeared back at the counter. "I was just on break. Did I miss any...Oh. Hello, Todd."

"Hi, Morgan. I just dropped by."

"Just dropped by?" She rolled her eyes. "Oh, for Christ's sake, Santana! Haven't you ever heard of not mixing business and pleasure?"

"He pleasures you?" Amber giggled. "Santana, you dog!"

"Everyone, just stop!" Santana exclaimed.

They all shut up.

"Look, Todd, I can't really talk now. I'm working."

"Oh. That's okay. I'll see you tonight?"

"He's having dinner with us?" Morgan raised an eyebrow at them.

"Yes, he is, because he's our new friend."

Todd bent over and kissed Santana on the cheek. "Bye." He smiled before departing.

"Did you see that?" Morgan growled at Amber, then turning to Santana. "I knew there was something going on between you two! I knew you didn't hire him just for muscle! You wanted someone to willingly-"

"Morgan, enough!" She interrupted. "I hired him so he could do work for me. I don't even know what that was, but whatever his feelings for me, I can assure you that he's never going to replace you!"

"Replace me?"

"That's all you're concerned about, I know it! He's just...there! He's not what you are to me!"

"Or were!"

"Lovers' quarrel." Amber muttered under her breath.

"Let's face it, Todd is replacing me!"

"No, he's not," Santana stated, "and we're leaving it at that."

"Could you stop the catfight for a minute and help me out here?"

She froze. He wasn't. She turned around. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Just wanted to see a movie." Billy shrugged. "And I encountered...whatever that was. Much more entertaining."

"Cut the crap! I know that's not why you're here!"

"Do you think just because I'm...well, who I am, I don't take a day off for self-enjoyment sometimes?"

"You're playing coy and I hate that! Just tell me why you're here!"

"Look, I'll service him if you can't do it, Santana." Amber stepped over to him. "Sorry for the inconvenience."

"No, I'd actually like to be serviced by Santana Benton." He smirked.

"You're a jerk." Santana rolled her eyes.

"Believe me, I'm honest." He leaned down. "It doesn't seem like she likes you very much." He whispered.

"Bet on that." She murmured back. "I hate her too."

"I heard that!" Amber rolled her eyes.

"So you're really here for what you say you are?"

"Yes." Billy replied. "I am. Who was the guy talking to you, by the way?"

"That was my new...friend, Todd."

"Oh. Todd." He glanced at Morgan, who turned away.

Santana noticed that. What was that? She shook her head. I'm being too suspicious. "Okay, fine."

"Hold on. I want to hear you say something."

"Do I have to?"


She sighed deeply. "Welcome to the Movie House. Here's looking at you, and may we help you?"

He snickered. "That is the most stupid thing I've ever heard a person say."

"Look who's talking, Mr. 'PhD In Horribleness.'"

Billy cleared his throat warningly. Santana looked over to Amber, who was staring them down.

"What?" She shrugged, walking away.

"She seems suspicious to me." He muttered to her. "I think you'd better look out for her." Then he walked away, nodding with acknowledgement at Morgan.

Or was it something else? Santana suggested to herself. A pause. "Damn it, that jackass didn't pay!"

Morgan snickered.