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My Love is Vengeance


Caroline stared at Klaus, her eyes wide with horror. She swallowed the rising lump in her throat, refusing to let her tears drop in front of that monster. Monster, Caroline's brain scoffed. The sane part of her brain scoffed. That part didn't fully fall for his charm. That part wasn't fooled by his dimpled smile or sparkling blue eyes. That part was screaming at her I told you so. The one that was not controlled by her feelings, that didn't follow her foolish heart.

Klaus had the decency to lift his gaze to hers as he held the napkin that was whipping the blood away from his hand

'Came to join the fun, sweetheart?' He told her, his lips forming his trade mark smirk

All she could do is gasp, her whole body shaking from head to toe. She tried so hard to keep herself from breaking down, from shattering into tiny little pieces, crushed by his grip... the grip of a monster. MONSTER, her heart ached at the thought.

Yes,Caroline, he is a monster, that sane part of her brain scolded her, and you're a moron.
Yes I am a moron.

1: Panic

Caroline slumped in her seat. The plane take-off was rather disturbing. Or maybe everything just seemed too much for her to handle right now. The flight attendant approached her with a smile plastered across her face.
'Can I get you anything?' She asked politely
'Yes, I want a refill' she pointed to her empty cup of scotch, unable to even form a polite sentence or to bring a polite smile to her lips.
The attendant nodded and complied silently.
Thank God for compulsion, Caroline thought as she rested her head back. Otherwise she wouldn't have been able to have alcohol. And that's what she needed, to drown in self petty with a strong drink.
She thought back to only a few hours ago. Tyler's words still rung clearly in her ears "You're strong and you have a beautiful future ahead of you" But she wasn't sure she wanted it without him. A part of her, a very selfish part of her, wished that Klaus had not lied about being the creator of their bloodline, so she could die with Tyler. Caroline shook her head brushing the idea off, that would have left Elena broken-hearted, and Bonnie as well.
She sighed and downed her drink. She hoped the attendant would come back soon, to give her another drink. Caroline wanted to numb it; she didn't want to feel any of the pain and was weighting the idea of turning it off. The pain was too unbearable. The mere thought of losing Tyler almost drove her insane. Damon and Stefan both did it. Yes, quiet the role-models, she thought sarcastically to herself, the ripper and the one who used blood, alcohol and meaningless sex to get over his pain. Well she was certainly borrowing the alcohol idea.
'Having a rough day?' The man next to her asked, lifting his gaze from his book to her empty cup.
Caroline nodded silently, not really in the mood for talking. For once.
He gave her a sympathetic look.
'I really hope you can work it out' he got the hint to not push it.
She gave him a small smile and rested her head on the window. She couldn't see anything. The sky wore a dark-blue coat enhancing her melancholic mood. It was certainly not offering any comfort. She closed her eyes instead, realizing that she was tired. Maybe sleep could help her get over her misery for now.
As if to emphasize the point, the lights went down, giving the passengers an opportunity to doze off a little before reaching their destination. Where was that again? Oh right Los Angeles. She tried to take a comfortable position in her seat, and shut her eyes. She prayed that his face would not hunt her. She prayed that the memory of what she left behind would not follow her to her sleep. Her friends, her mother, the world she knew, it was gone, all gone. Caroline shuddered, suddenly feeling very cold. She needed comfort, she needed someone. She needed Tyler. A tear slipped through her closed eyelids, staining her cheek.
No, she won't break down; she's strong, beautiful, full of light.
Her jaw clenched at the memory of his words, that ass-whole Original hybrid, the one who was the cause of all things bad. It was his entire fault. He brought them all this misery and heartache. Caroline felt a wave of satisfaction rush through her at the reminder that he was dead. Yes rotting in hell, hopefully... Or surely, actually. But he took Tyler with him, she thought sadly.
Won't she be able to sleep, Goddammit!

She did sleep. For less than an hour, though. And it was dreadful, full of nightmares and faces of people she left behind, and Tyler's face. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. She loved him. And he died. Tyler is dead. Tyler whom she will never be able to see again. His grey corpse would be lying in that Lockwoods cell now. She hoped not. She hoped that they would remember to go pick it up and bury it. Bury it underneath the willow where she will never see him again, his smile, his eyes. She almost screamed wanting to tear her hair off like a maniac. A throbbing headache invaded her. But that wasn't because of the lack of sleep, it was the mental pain, the first time she felt headache since her transition into a vampire.
Get a grip on yourself, Caroline; you are going to be just fine. She thought to herself encouragingly, you'll be just fine, give it time.
The plane landed and she went through the routine casually. After receiving her luggage, her first thought was to call her mother and Bonnie. Hoping into a cab, she directed the driver to a small hotel as she extracted her cellphone from her purse.
Her battery was dying. She weighed her options and decided to call her mom once she got to the hotel, her other call was far more pressing.
'Hello' Bonnie picked-up eagerly
'Bonnie, hey' Caroline greeted her, relieved to hear a familiar voice.
'Where are you?' Bonnie questioned
'I just landed in LA' Caroline said trying not to sound so depressed. She suddenly realized that she hadn't even bothered to notice anything about the city. But really, who was in the mood for that? In fact as the thought settled in, Caroline felt like she was about to panic. She was in a strange city. She knew no one and had no one with her. She was alone in LA. Who knew what could happen.
You're a vampire Caroline. What could possibly happen?
She inhaled deeply.
'That's great, Care, you always wanted to go there' Bonnie tried her best to sound normal, but Caroline knew that something was definitely wrong.
'Bonnie what's wrong?' Caroline frowned, worried. She took a deep breath before panic could take over her again
She could feel the inner struggle inside Bonnie whether to tell her or not, from the long silence on the other end.
'Spill' Caroline demanded firmly
Bonnie sighed but answered reluctantly 'It's Elena' she started slowly and Caroline's heart dropped, ready to panic for real this time. The Originals must have killed her, Caroline's mind raced 'She's in transition' Bonnie dropped the bomb
'WHAT?' to say that Caroline was flabbergasted would be an understatement. 'How? When? Why?' she blurted uncomprehendingly
'It's Rebekah... Matt...Wickery Br... Drow...Mere...' Caroline's phone went dead.
'You son of a bitch!' she yelled at her phone, crazy mad at the little device she could have crushed it. The driver's head snapped towards her 'Sorry I wasn't talking to you' She dropped her gaze in embarrassment
She huffed in frustration. Seriously? A few hours away and Elena is a vampire already?

The hotel Caroline had chosen was a small, but neat hotel. She found it on a website a while back when she was contemplating the idea of taking a vacation with Tyler away from Mystic Falls and thought that it was perfect. It was neat, cute, romantic and affordable. Yes, the idea was planted in her head after Klaus had offered to take her wherever she wanted. But of course, the time was not nearly right. Because of that jerk of an Original. You know, the same one who offered her the world.
She checked in and was directed to a simple room with a small bathroom and a nicely simple decor. There was a built-in wooden closet on one side of the room, on the opposite wall were two large windows, and the bed was set in the middle, the TV facing it on the far wall. She set her bags and crashed onto the bed. Her whole body was screaming at her for sleep. Quickly she took a shower and changed into comfortable clothes. She extracted her charger from her purse and hooked her phone to it.
Hi mom, I'm in LA she started typing then erased it. Hi mom, we're in LA. All is good. I'll call you soon.
She hit send, remembering Tyler asking her to not tell his mother. Caroline didn't want Liz to tell the mayor, it was the least she could do for Tyler who broke every bone in his body to be with her. Even more, Caroline really didn't want to talk about it, or explain what happened to her mother.
She dialed Bonnie's number but no one picked up. Hardly a surprise, she thought, Elena is probably having a dilemma now. But Caroline was not worried. The Salvatores were sure as hell not going to let her die, nor would Jeremy, not even Bonnie. No one was ready to lose more people they loved. If it came down to it, Damon would tie her up to a chair and force her to complete the transition.
Yep, Caroline wasn't worried at all.
When Caroline called first thing in the morning next day, there still was no answer. She tried calling Stefan, Damon and Jeremy, but got no better result. And Caroline started to get anxious.
She shook the feeling of wariness off, and decided to rob a blood bank. She hadn't had any blood in nearly twenty-four hours, and the thirst along with her heightened emotions was making a deadly combination of temptation. Compelling her way to blood had never been easier. LA was most definitely blissfully unaware of Vervain or vampires. Except in Twilight and True Blood, of course.
The next day there was no answer from anyone either, and Caroline's anxiety was starting to turn into panic. It was around noon when she decided to go for a stroll and explore the city a bit, after all she couldn't go back right now, and maybe it could get her mind off of things. But she felt a heavy weight on her chest after an hour or so of roaming the city. Everything seemed uninteresting to her, and nothing could relief her from that gloom that hovered around her. Everything seemed colorless and depressing to her. The shiny smiles of passing couples only reminded her of the fact that she was supposed to be clutching Tyler's arm as they walked along the streets and took in its beauty. The laughter of little children triggered the disturbing recollection of the fact that she could never have any. Those groups of friends who talked loudly and laughed at each other's jokes made her ache for her friends' presence, which made her head snap right back to Elena.
She called Bonnie for the billionth time, giving up on the idea of exploring and heading back to the hotel, but still no answer. In a desperate attempt she called Stefan but was immediately referred to the voice mail. She left a message hurriedly; begging him to call her and tell her what was happening.
Caroline was too preoccupied with texting Bonnie when she stepped into the hotel lobby that she collided with a hard chest.
'So sorry' Caroline muttered lifting her gaze to the man she just bumped into.
'Fancy seeing you here, sweetheart' the man said, smirking the annoyingly very familiar smirk.
Caroline's phone crashed into the floor with a loud shattering noise.
She was standing in front of no one other than the ass-whole Original hybrid.

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