AN: Okay so this fanfic is based off the movie because I haven't exactly read the books, but I find the movie awesome so I decided to do a fanfiction on it, no flames plz and I hope you enjoy it. :)

Eragon pulled back the arrow ready to fire and the oblivious deer, as soon as the arrow was released a blinding blue light appeared, it dissapeared after a second and Eragon's eyes were wide, he had long forgotten about the escaping deer and his attention turned to his arrow, stuck in a nearby tree with the tail of it on fire,

he noticed smoke rising from the ground and he looked to see a rather big blue stone, Eragon slowly walked towards the stone and placed his bow on the ground, he crouched and carefully picked up the blue stone examining it as he did "What on earth is that?" a female voice asked from behind him,

he looked back to see his younger cousin staring at the stone in awe "What are you doing here Serena?" he asked his voice full of annoyence, she shrugged "I followed you to see what you were up too, and after that I'm glad I did" she replied motioning to the stone, he stood up and placed the stone in his satchell

"Go home Serena" he said, the 16 year old girl crossed her arms and stayed still "No, and you can't make me Eragon" she said firmly, he sighed "I'm making my way back now anyway so you might as well ride with me, it's not safe for you to be alone in these woods" he said looking around cautiously, Serena nodded

"What do you think it is Eragon?" she asked as they started towards the horses "I don't know, maybe we could trade it for meat" he said hopefully, they reached the horses and Serena was about to get onto her black mare when Eragon stopped her "What?" she asked confused, he rolled his eyes

"Your not trained enough to ride her Serena, you can ride with me" he said, Serena pouted but let him help her onto his horse anyway, she put her arms around his waist and he held her horses reigns with one hand to steer her "Try not to fall off Serena" Eragon said with humor in his tone

"I was only young Eragon" she replied thinking back at the memory, he chuckled and nudged the horse forward "Can't be too carefull Serena" he said, she rolled her eyes and they galloped through the forest.

On the Farm...

After removing the reigns and saddle from the horses and releasing them into the field Eragon and Serena walked towards the farm house, Garrow saw his nephew and daughter approaching "All hail Eragon the mighty hunter returns" Roran exclaimed running towards them, Serena rolled her eyes

"Ah yes, with his invisible catch, what happened? Did you get scared when the deer growled?" Roran asked with an' arm around Eragon's shoulder, Serena was about to follow them into the house when her father called her "Serena, a word?" he said with a tone only she could understand,

she sighed and made her way towards Garrow "Yes?" she asked a little nervous, he gave her a dissaproving look "What have I told you about going hunting?" he asked, she looked down at her feet "Not to go because I'm only 16 and there is a high risk of me being hurt and or killed" she said as though she hah said it many times before,

Garrow nodded "Your my only daughter Serena, I don't want anything happening to you" he said, she looked up and saw the worry in his eyes "I won't papa, I couldn't help myself is all" she replied, he chuckled "Just like your mother, she was always too curious" he said, Serena smiled "I know papa, I'll be carefull"

she said, the sound of clanging came from inside the house and both heads turned "Looks like the boys are fighting again" Serena said amused, Garrow smiled "Just like always, we should get in before they destroy the house" he suggested, Serena nodded and they opened the door to find Eragon and Roran on the floor fighting

"Hey c'mon boys that's enough, c'mon Roran" Garrow said though he found it amusing, both boys reluctantly ended their fighting and stood up "Well if isn't the little tag along"

Roran said ruffling his sister's hair, she pushed him away and smoothed down her hair "Oh sod off Roran" Serena said rolling her eyes, Roran chuckled "We should train you to fight soon baby sister, your gonna need it" he said, she smiled and made her way to the horses stables.