After re-uniting with Eragon Nasuada led Serena to an' elemental training room, they had built it for her and she was very gratefull, it was a cave full of the elements, it had a pool of water, a fire, some soil from the outside, and a large balcony would help her figure out how to control the air

"Try hard but do not strain yourself Serena, it will weaken you deeply, you need to relax and let your powers lead you, don't rush" Nasuada instructed, Serena nodded and she left the room, after she was gone Serena took off her cloak and placed it in the corner of the room, she looked around and sighed before starting, Serena decided to try with the fire first,

it was the most powerfull element and judging by the fact a lot of stuff would be getting blown up in the battle she knew it would help, Serena took a deep breath and aimed her palm at the fire, she kept her focus and relaxed her mind, soon enough the flames floated onto her hand and she smiled a little, she closed her hand on the fire became a ball of flames,

she pulled her hand back before shooting it in the direction of the wall, the fire flew into it and a large bang was heard, Serena silently cheered and decided to try learning the air, it would be difficult for her as it was the last element and most likely to drain her if she tried too hard, she stood on the balcony and looked out at the city, everybody were clearing out while the soliders got ready,

Serena focussed on the sky and closed her eyes, she felt the breeze blow some small pieces of hair into her face, Serena placed her hands on the balcony wall and leaned her head back slightly, the breeze turned stronger until it was wind and she smiled, Serena opened her eyes and looked down, she aimed her hand towards the small trees and they bent to the side as though a harsh wind was doing it, everything else stayed silent and she knew she had control over air

"Yes!" she screamed throwing her arms up in triumph, she then realised she was still on a balcony and that some of the people were watching her "Sorry" she called, they got back to what they were doing and Serena suddenly stumbled, she held onto the balcony and pulled off her glove, all three of the lines glew silver and she felt dizzy "Uh oh" she squeeked nearly falling onto the floor,

Serena stood up straight and blinked a couple of times to stop the room spinning, a loud trumpet like noise was heard and she gasped, she didn't think the battle would be this early "It's time" Nasuada said running in, Serena nodded nervously and picked up her mothers cloak before leaving the room.

Serena had been led back to the guest room to get ready for the battle, she wasn't allowed to wear any armour because the elementals were more powerfull without all the extra weight, but it made things about 10 times more dangerous for her, as Serena looked into the mirror at her clothes she was in deep thought, what if she didn't have the energy? What if Eragon was killed? As all these thoughts ran through her mind Nasuada placed a gentle hand on her shoulder,

Serena spun around and jumped slightly "I'm scared, is that normal?" Serena asked nervously, Nasuada chuckled and nodded "Of course, your only 15 Serena if anything I'm surprised you aren't hiding" she replied, Serena shrugged "If I do nothing then I'll feel worse than' I do now, I will help you win this" she said firmly, Nasuada nodded and admired the young girls courage considering all the pressure that was on her shoulders at the moment

"Let's go" Serena sighed, Nasuada nodded and led Serena outside where the battle would be taking place, Serena looked around and noticed everyone had a part to play in this battle, even Nasuada had armed herself with a spear "Take Serena with you" Nasuada said to one of the guards, he nodded and faced Serena "This way" he said, she nodded and followed him onto a higher ledge where she could see almost everyone on the ground

"It'll be easier for you to fight up here, and we will be guarding you the entire time" the guard explained, Serena nodded and took a deep breath as pounding noises came from the other side of the safety wall, after a few silent seconds the wall was smashed and urgals piled through the entrance, as more and more of them came through Serena panicked slightly, she had never trained for this and didn't know if she could do it

"Now!" Ajihad shouted, a loud roar was heard and Serena looked up, Eragon flew down on Saphira who set nearly all of the Urgals on fire, the soldiers cheered and Serena smiled slightly, as the battle started Serena knew she would have to do something at some point, as more and more soldiers entered Serena sighed "Okay, I'm ready and don't let me get killed" she said to the guards next to her, they both nodded even though they knew what to do

"Okay here we go" Serena said trying to calm herself down, her powers worked easier when she was relaxed and not stressed, Serena kept her eyes on the flames and her eyes turned bright orange, she raised both her arms and aimed her palms at the fire, the flames floated onto her palms so that they appeared to be on fire and Serena locked her eyes onto some Urgals underneath her, they were trying to burn down the ledge she was on and were succeeding, Serena felt the ledge start to shake and she aimed her hands towards the Urgals, the fire from her hands became a snake shape and wrapped itself around the Urgals,

they screamed in pain as the fire burnt their skin, Serena felt a little sickened at what she was doing but it soon dissapeared once her father came to mind, the ledge she was on suddenly collapsed causing her and the guards to fall with it, Serena gasped once she landed on her stomach and groaned slightly, she looked up and saw an' Urgal coming towards her, she shot her hand out and he flew back into one of the wooden buildings, Serena looked up and saw a strange large bat like creature heading towards the archers, she noticed someone riding it throw a flame ball towards them,

Serena thought fast and held it with her own power, it stopped an inch away from the archers and she used it to blow up some of the soldiers, the man on the bat yelled in frustration and his eyes locked with hers, Serena recognized him from somewhere but she couldn't remember exactly, she could tell he was angry with her meddling and she became very nervous "An' elemental" he hissed, she didn't know how she heard him but it seemed as though he meant for her to hear him, the bat flew higher into the air and Serena watched it

"Serena look out!" someone shouted, she spun around in time to see a sword coming straight at her, she jumped back and threw her hands out, the flames around her shot into the mans chest and threw him back, she sighed in relief and looked around her, the battle was still going and she could faintly see Eragon in the sky fighting with the man on the bat "What the hell is that?" she whispered to herself, someone grabbed her from behind and she jumped before struggling "Calm down it's just me" a familiar voice said, she calmed down and spun around "I could have killed you" she exclaimed, he rolled his eyes and shoved his sword through one of the Urgals behind her

"I doubt it" he said facing her "How did you get out?" she asked confused "I have my ways" he replied, she smiled a little and noticed something behind him "Duck" she shouted, he crouched down and Serena's eyes glew orange, she created a wall of fire and threw it towards the soldiers, they all flew backwards and Murtagh stood "Thanks" he said, she shrugged "I owed you" she replied, he nodded "You know how to use a sword?" he asked, she shook her head and he stabbed another attacking Urgal

"You never thought to learn?" he asked turning to face her again, she glared "No I never thought I'd end up in a battle!" she shouted a little angry at him, Murtagh was planning on getting Serena angry so she could tap into her powers and make them stronger, unlike her he could tell that soon he wouldn't be able to fight off the soldiers and they would most likely kill him and Serena "Never hurts to learn anyway" he said shrugging, she shook her head and then it clicked in her mind what he was doing "It's not going to work, look I don't know why I can't make my powers stronger but making me angry won't work" she exclaimed, he huffed and thought of something

"Remember your father Serena?" he asked, she froze and he fought off a few more Urgals while speaking to her "What they did to him" he shouted, he panted and stood inches away from her "They destroyed your home Serena, the razac's shoved that sword threw his chest and felt no guilt about it" he said, he could tell how much it was hurting her but he needed her powers if anyone was going to survive, Serena felt guilt flood through herself but it quickly changed to anger, Murtagh watched with wide eyes as fire appeared on Serena's hands, it was blue though and seemed to spread to her shoulders

"Get back" she exclaimed, he didn't hesitate to duck as the fire covered her entire body, Serena started to burn up herself and her eyes became bright white, some soldiers tried to stab her but they got inches away before being thrown back by the blue flames, Serena panted as she felt something growing inside her, her back arched and she threw her head back while screaming,

a bright blue light shot out of her and some stopped to watch her, the light spread through the village taking out ever soldier and Urgal as it went, the light soon dissapeared and the Varden realised they had a very large chance at winnning now that nearly all of the Kings men were dead, the light flew back into Serena's chest and she fell to the ground unconcious.