Boarding School

Chapter One

Summary: Ally's Dad is sending her and her twin brother, Joey to a boarding school as he is having to be transfered to Tulsa and Ally and Joey don't want to go there. She will make friends, face drama, and will she face love too?

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I looked out of my dad's car window, gazing at the sight of my new school, at all of the students looking over to the line of cars entering the school. Glaring at everyone with suitcases to see what they think of them, first judgements of people. Dad pulled into the side of the road and said goodbye to Joey as I got out of the car. They hugged and whispered things to each other, probably for Joey to look out for me and stuff like that. Then my dad came up to me, kissed my cheek and hugged me tightly.

"Look after yourself, I'll keep in touch." He says to me as we release from the hug.

"Yeah. Love you, Dad." I say as I grab mine and Joey's suitcases and bags from the boot of the car.

"Love you too, sweetie." To say I was nervous or scared was a HUGE understatement. I tried to make it look like I was excited to go to school here and live here, but inside I'm scared my organs are going to collapse from the butterflies surrounding them.

"Okay so you and Joey need to stay near each other for today until you both make friends." He tells us as we glance at each other and nod. We got along well, better than most twins do anyway. We waved at Dad at picked up out bags; grabbed the handles to our suitcases and walked away. I saw the huge sign for our new boarding school.

Miami Coast Academy!

We walked through the gates and we eventually found the main office, we got our schedules, dorm room numbers and our keys. When we came out there was two people, they both looked about our age, one was a girl with black curly hair, she looked nice. And the other was a tall, blonde haired guy, he looked nice too.

"Hey, are you new too?" The girl asked me.

"Yeah, are you? I'm Ally, by the way." I tell her, trying to be as polite

"Yeah, I don't know where the hell I'm going. I'm Trish and that's my twin-brother, Austin. We look nothing alike, we're that type of twins." Trish says, at least I have someone who is like me. New and confused. Joey went over to Austin who had waved bye to Trish and walked away from her, probably to find his dorm. Joey headed to find his room too and we arranged to see each other at lunch as we didn't have any classes together today. Trish and me walked over to the girls' dorm and I went to my room. 213. And we found out that we were roomies! At least I have someone to talk to. We

unpacked and everything, I had the single bed in the room and she got the bottom of the bunk-bed. Our other roommate still hasn't shown up, I hope she's nice. The view from the room is...
You can see the beautiful beaches and the sun reflecting on it. I flicked through my student handbook and flipped to the rules page. Apparently boys are allowed in girls' rooms after 10:30PM and are allowed in the girls' lounge and roof as long as they're with a girl. BLEEEP! My phone beeped.

Joey: Hey, whats ur room number?x

Me: 213. Y?x

Joey: gonna stop by in a minute with my roomates they r hilarious.x

Me: K. C u then.x

I placed the phone back down and told Trish that Joey was stopping by in a minute.

"Who's Joey?" Did I not mention him?

"He's my twin brother. He said he's gonna stop by with his roommates. Apparently they're really funny." I explain.

"Okay." She says as she sits next to me on my bed.

"So what're you looking at?"

"Just flicking through stuff, I'm bored." I say as there's a knock at the door that must be Joey.

"I got it." I said as I jump up to get the door.

"Hey Sons." He's called me by that nickname for like ever! He used to call me Sonny, short for Allyson, just to annoy but apparently that was too much effort so now he calls me Sons.

"Hey. I thought you said you were bringing your roommates?" I say, stepping aside to let him in.

"I did, they're there." He said as he walked in, pointing behind him to Trish's brother and a red-haired boy.

"What's Austin doing here?" Trish asks as she walks up to me.

"I think he's my brother's roommate." I whisper to her.

"Austin, this is my little sister, Allyson. Sons, this is Austin." Joey introduces, he puts his hand up, waving at me. I smile back at him.

"I'm ten minutes older than you. And hey, I'm Ally."

"Fine. Dez, this is my sister, Allyson. Sons, this is Dez."

"Shouldn't you be in class?" Trish asked Austin, who shook his head.

"Eh, no-one's sitting next to me at all today so never mind, I'll probably head up to my next lesson to see if I sit next to anyone," Austin explains. "Joey, you didn't tell me this was my sister's room." He tells Joey as he looked back at Austin.

"I didn't know." He whispered back.

"Ally. We should, uh, we should. Uh, just go." Trish tells me as I look at her weirdly.


"Come on." She took my wrist and drags me out, I grab my phone and keys before she could take me and apparently we were getting to class early. We were only going to afternoon classes today because we got here at like eleven. Class started at one and now it's twelve. It would probably take us that long to find our classes anyway. She helped me find my music class and I helped her find her art class. We both liked our lessons, by liked she meant she could stay awake in it, and when I meant like, I mean like! I love music so much, I want to be a singer or a songwriter when I'm older but it won't happen because I have AWFUL stage fright. When we actually got to class it was only five-past twelve, so I had some time to kill in there.

I walked into my class and there was about ten people already in there. I asked the teacher where to sit and she looked at her computer.

"What's your name?" She sounded like a strict teacher but, never mind.

"Allyson Dawson. But I get called Ally, miss." I say politely.

"Okay, you'll be sat over on that table." She points her finger to a table in the corner of the room, and then a face I recognized walked in. A blonde figure, Trish's brother.

"Hey, miss." He greets.

"Hi, Austin. I've sat you next to a new student." She tells him.

"Okay." He starts to walk over to the back of the room and then towards me. Oh, God.

"Hey. Allyson, right?" He says, sitting down next to me.

"Uh, yeah. But I go by Ally. Austin, right?" I tell him, pretending to not remember his name very well.

"Yeah. So, how's your first day so far?" I can tell he's trying to make conversation and fill the silence.

"Good, so how's living with my brother?" I say, smiling.

"He's freaking hilarious. You guys were close, huh?" He says, how did he know?

"How'd you know?" I said.

"He's told me all about you." He states. Oh... God...

"Oh, God. What'd he say?"

"Just that you and him were really close and that your dad said to keep his eye out for any guys that go near you and stuff." I raised my eyebrows.

"That's what they were whispering about when they were saying bye?" I questioned, I can't believe my dad would say that and Joey would tell his friends!

"He also asked me and Dez to keep his eye out for any guys that flirt with you and stuff."


"He asked you to do that?" I couldn't believe Joey would do that.

"Yeah, but I want you to know I'm not some creep that's gonna follow you around just looking for any guys. I'm wanna be your friend." He tells me. Awh.

"Thanks. And, I'd really like that," I assure him as a tall boy with brown hair walks in. "Who's that?" I ask, referring to the brown-haired boy.

"That's Dallas, player. You don't wanna get involved with him." He tells me as he rolls his eyes at him.

"Okay." I say awkwardly.

"Cool. So, you and Trish are roomies. What bed do you have?" He tells me, changing the subject

"The double bed and Trish has the bottom bunk. I dunno who's getting the top bunk but someone's stuff is unpacked there but we haven't met her yet." I tell him as I run my fingers through my hair because my fringe was getting in the way of my eyes.

"I have the single bed too in our room. And what's your room number again?" He asks, out of blue.

"213, why?"

"I know who lives in your room!" He tells me as I nod eager to know who lives with me and Trish. "My girlfriend, Natasha lives in 213." He continues.

"Oh, is she nice?" I tried to hide the upset look on my face because if I'm being completely honest, I really didn't want to hear that.

(I was going to end it there, but I wanted to carry on for any readers! :D)

"Yeah, she great. But she's not a big fan of new girls." He states.

"What do you mean?" I ask, not so sure of what he meant.

"She hates it when new girls come to this school, she doesn't mind new guys, but she hates new girls."

"So basically she likes it when new guys come to this school, but hates new girls," I say as he nods at me. "Why?"

"I think she's scared that one of them will be popular and take her Queen Bee rep." He whispers.

"Oh, she's the Queen Bee?"

"Yeah." He answers, smiling.

"So, how pretty is she then?"

"She's got gorgeous eyes and an amazing mouth. She's really pretty." Riinngg! His phone rings so he gets it out of his jeans pocket.

"Hello?" I overheard him talking but I couldn't hear the other person's voice. "Why? ... Yeah, she's next to me, why? ... Okay, yes I told her that... Ally, Trish wants to talk to you." He says, giving me his phone.

"Trish?" I ask into the speaker.

"Ally! Why haven't you been answering your phone?" She exclaims.

"It hasn't rung, I'll call you back on it. Bye, Trish."

"Wait, put me back to Austin," She orders so I give him back the phone. "Trish wants to talk to you." I tell him as he puts the phone against his ear, I heard a faint sound of her voice. It was LOUD. Two minutes later, he hung up and told me that Trish said to ring her so I pull out my phone and click on her contact, pressing dial.

"I'll be right back." I say as I turn around to go outside to take the call.

"Okay, what's wrong?"

"Austin hasn't tried anything on you, has he?" She sounded panicked.

"Huh? He said he had a girlfriend and that she was our new roommate."

"He's lying! He has no girlfriend and we have no other roommates, I called the main office and they said it's only me and you. He doesn't have the Queen Bee as a girlfriend. Tell him what we've said here, confront him"

"Really? He said her name was Natasha and that she had gorgeous eyes and an amazing mouth, are you sure?"

"Yes! He does this with all my friends that he likes the look of. Please, you need to believe me."

"Okay, I believe you. I gotta go, he's coming out of class to get me. Bye, I'll see you after class." I say, as I see Austin walking towards me.

"Bye, Ally." Then, we both hang up and I slip my phone back into my pocket as Austin approaches me.

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