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Volterra, 1906

At first glance, the streets of Volterra were empty.

At first glance, you would not see the cloaked figure that crept its way through the narrow streets, sticking to the shadows as if it were one itself. In fact, you would not see it, even if you knew what to look for. It had a gift of being unseen, of slipping away without detection.

The figure picked its way through the side streets until it reached the ancient city's outer stone walls. Only then did it show the first signs of being inhuman.

It scaled the wall at an alarming speed and jumped off the top, landing perfectly on its feet. Milliseconds later, it vanished from sight. Only if you were a creature of the same species would you know that it was, in fact, running, and had not simply disappeared as humans would have been lead to believe.

It ran through forests and valleys, over mountains and rivers, around towns and larger cities, until at last it reached the sea.

It would be a long swim from Italy to America. One would think that such a swim is not possible. One would also assume that creatures of its sort are simply the demons of bedtime stories and nothing more.

Thoughts of the man's mission kept him company as he swam. It was a fairly easy one as far as missions go, but he was nervous all the same. For the past few years, Master had entertained the idea that some people who had been placed in the asylums were not as insane as the humans had been lead to believe. Master believed that the gifts that had been bestowed on their human bodies and minds were already so strong that their possessors had been falsely diagnosed with diseases of the mind. He believed that if the gifts could be that strong while their owners were human, they would have the potential to be even stronger if there owners were something… more. Something better in every way than humans could ever be.


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