Title: Crimson Moon

Summary: Prequel to 'Actually, it's love not hates'. Roppi is an assassin. A well talented one. Nobody had questioning his ability on killing; his killing methods, skills, corpse and evidence disposal etc. is absolutely almost perfect. He been rumoured as the most cruel and cold-hearted assassin, the reason; he hate human. One day, he was assign to kill a young businessman, Heiwajima Tsugaru. Roppi don't give a damn care about who his prey is and just kill anybody that was assign to without hesitation. Underestimated, this one prey had already notice his existence and set a trap for him. Fall for the trap, Roppi almost giving up his life until he was rescued. By a timid boy who had mistaken him as an angel and will change his life forever from this sickening rotten world.

Chapter 1: Red-eyed Demon

'Tik,tak,tik' the slender fingers dance on the keyboard gracefully. The owner of the hand seems too focused on his work on the laptop to notice his surroundings. The light from the computer screen beamed on his pale face. He has short black hair, pretty handsome face, wore V-neck black T-shirt and has shocking dim crimson irises that glow from the light. He looks on his twenties. There is not much to be seen of from the dark room. At the wall, there are several notice boards hanging. All of them were full with photos, maps and lots of notes sticking with each other and barely any space left on it. Some of the photos have cross on its faces symboling somethingthat only the owner knows the meaning of it. On some times, the man stops typing and read on his work to analyse before typing again. The room is so dark and the only source of light comes from the laptop screen. A soft sound of ringtone was heard knowing it's the man's cell phone. The man reached for his cell in the darkness without much difficulty as if he knows where it is in the dark.

Looking at the ID caller, the man left a sigh before answered the call, "Hello, Hibiya-nii." His soft, deep voice sounds rather boring and exhausted.

"Long time didn't hear from you. Are you okay? You didn't answer my call yesterday and the day before too. I was worried. If there's something happens, let me know," said the man on the other side of the phone. Hearing that, the man face palmed and then grips his hair. He tries to think of something in return.

"Really? I'm sorry. My phone's battery is down and I was too caught out with my assignment. They are nearing dateline," lies him.

"Oh, really. Okay then. I hope I don't disrupt you. Err...are you busy this weekend?" ask Hibiya again.

"I'm sorry but I have work to do. Need to finish it quickly. Another weekend? Why?"

"Oh, nothing important. Just want to hang out with you. It's been times since we last see each other, though. We only talk on the phone which is also rare so I thought we could spend sometimes together as brothers. But never mind, I understand. Next weekend?" ask Hibiya. He sounded hopeful by the suggestion.

"Hopefully, yeah. Next weekend can be. I'll try to clear my scheduled to be free on that day. You too," said him. His older brother always busy with his business and sometimes had to attend some urgent meeting all of sudden so he doesn't want to be disappointed. He love to spend times with his brother really hard but he have 'work' that need to be finish this weekend. How lucky it is.

"Don't worry about that. I'll cancel all my meeting and appointment just for you, Roppi," joke Hibiya. Roppi chuckled lightly at his brother's joke. Hibiya loves to make unnecessary affection like that to him. Yeah, only for him until that guy appeared in their life. Roppi grimaced at that thought.

Honestly, he didn't hate that guy but he felt neglected all of sudden from his only source of love, his brother -scratch that - his half-brother. They don't even have same last name. His brother's name is Orihara Hibiya and his name's is Hachimen Roppi. He had his late mother's last name since he's not a child from legal marriage; he cannot use his father's last name. His birth mother is a mistress to his father and gives birth to him unbeknownst by his father. He was later introduced to his father after his mother's death due to some traffic accident and adopted to Orihara family. He was three at that time and so innocent. His step mother doesn't hate him but taking good care of him like her own son much to his surprise. He was well accepted by the family without any remorse. Everything was so well and full of happiness; like nothing will stained this happily ever after family but the life is always full with lies.

When he was seven years old, he accidently heard his parent's argument. He never forget that night no matter how hard he tried and the way he view the life is also changed starting that night. On that night, he was simply can't sleep and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. He heard some faint voices talking to each other; some on mad tone while on some time calm. He later recognized the voices was belongs to his parents and just walk away; knowing it may be some argument of an adult that a child shouldn't be involved, he knew sometimes his parents argue on something until he heard his names was mentioned. Curious, he peeks on the door to hear more and confirm his suspicion. What he hears later definitely crushed his fragile, innocent child's heart.

"No! I'll never acknowledge that child to be a successor of the family! We taking care of him, feed him, bought clothes, school him, gives shelter and I even act like a nice mother to him too. You should be grateful I even consider agreed accepting that child in the house," barked his mother. The women cross hand in her chest while looking at the man in front of her in wild eyes. She gritted her teeth in anger and looks like she want to swallow that man whole. The man sighed in defeat to the woman before started talking. Roppi's eyes widen from the news. He never thought his step-mother thinking that way towards him. He felt his heart sunken from the word.

"Why do you hate him this much? Roppi is my son too and deserved the right to be the successor even he don't have the family name. He had my blood in him and has his right. Besides, you look really happy and nice to him and he really loves you. I thought you forgot your grudge to her seeing you are being so nice to her son. I should know you were just acting. How much of your pride rely on the character of a loving, nice step-mother? I believe it must be a lot," snide his father. Roppi's interest peeks from his father's word. He knows his heart will shatter again and again if he still continues but he must find the truth.

Hearing that, his mother went rampaged and slammed both her palm on the desk hard. "A lot if you concern and it still did not paid the shame I've got when I know the child's existence! Do you know how shameful I felt when I know that you had another child with another WOMAN? Where do I want to put my face when all the relatives and friends talk about it? How dare you cheating on me?"

"My, my, look who's talking? Do you think I don't know you secretly meet him when you think I'm not looking? Isn't it fair? You and I, both are cheating on each other. I doubt whether Hibiya is my child thinking you meet another man while I'm not around. Maybe I should reconsider his status as successor of the wealth since he's not my child. Unfortunately, he is my real child. How lucky," his mother's eyes widen in disbelief.

"How could you? He's your child, my child, OUR CHILD. Do you think I'm that lower to sleep with another man just because you don't have time for me? I'm not someone who can't accept the reality that he was married and still cannot forget his lover!" burst her. His father narrowed his eyes to her. His eyes spark full in anger.

"Yes, I admit I'm still can't forget her, Roppi's mother. I still love her even now. Not even once my feelings change. But I know I'm married to another woman; a woman that I'll never love evens the slightest of my heart. I know my responsibility to my family. I meet her only once to say my good bye and regret. I've made decision to let her go and I do," he sighs. He closed his eyes as trying to find courage to continue his word.

"I never thought she will give birth of my child, Roppi; my child with her. Like dream come true," his face shows delight. Roppi's chest tightens from his father's word. A small smile creep in his face, he feels grateful and happy. "Anyway, she's death now. There's no need to talk about her anymore. It's rude," his father turns his head to his side, trying to fight his tears.

"If I know that child exist, I should finish him along," mumble his step-mother. Roppi's eyes flustered open in disbelief. What's that supposed to mean? Don't you say...His father rise from his seat and shot a murderous glare to his step-mother.

"It's you, right? I should know better. I can't believe you will do something this low just because you are jealous," his step-mother smirk at his father. "Oh, don't worry. It's just a small act. I can do more, if you want," sneer her. Roppi stunned from his stand. 'She kill mother. Now she wants to kill me too.' Roppi closed his mouth and nose to cover his breathing sound, fearing they will notice his appearance there. He starts to hyperventilate. He was scare, really scare.

"Don't you dare touch the child! If you lay even a finger on him, I'll make you regret!" warn his father. His step-mother's grin grows wider from the warning.

"Oh? I'm scared. Make me," mock his step-mother. His father anger rise uncontrollably. His eyes twitching in anger and he clenched his fist hard. He looks like he want to launch himself at the woman in font him and chocked her to death at that instant. He closed his eyes trying to calm his nerve.

"Fine, all you want is Hibiya to be the successor of the wealth and Roppi had nothing. I'll do that. I'll never give him not even a cent from Orihara's fortune to him and he can't have Orihara as his last name either. He'll remain his birth last name, Hachimen and become the adopted child of the family. No speciality will be given to him and he will receive treatment as an outsider when there are family occasion happen." She smiles in victory from the suggestion.

"Isn't it easy if we agree on the first place? There's no need to worry. I'll spare your lovely child's life just for you, darling," purr her. "Oh, I'm so happy to have such a loving father as my husband. How lucky am I? Unfortunately, she can't have you," she laughs manically at her victory. His father just bowed his head in defeat. There's nothing he can do to the woman. Who knows what she up to. He did everything he can to save his innocent child. The child got nothing to do with all this.

Roppi ran as fast as he could to his room. He closed the door and locked it, fearing as if someone will barge in his room and kill him. He hide in his blanket and crying as if there is no tomorrow. He feel horrible, scared, tricked and hatred. He can't think of anything anymore. All of his feeling jumble in his mind. He can't even close his eyes in a second at all that night. After that, no matter how hard he tries to confirm himself to be positive and continue his life, he recalled the night's event. It's so depressing to know the truth but had to act like nothing. Every times he saw people, he can sense their lies, hatred and lots more negative feeling just from the sight of them. He later begins to hate human. Every single one of them. He cannot put it into word but he feels deep hatred towards humanity. Full of lies, hatred, misery, rotten, hurt and tears.

"...ppi! Roppi! Can you hear me? Are you still there? Answer me!" Roppi was brought back from dream by Hibiya's voice. He blinked in confusion for a while before managed to grasp his condition. He doesn't realize that he had been spacing out while talking to his brother.

"Yes, I'm still here. Sorry, I was spacing out. Must be 'coz not enough sleep. Forgive me," apologise Roppi. He didn't feel like lying right now. He was more on mood for 'something' else just from remembering the nightmare. His crimson's irises glow in murderous aura that could freak anyone who can see him right now.

"Don't freak me out like that. If you tired, have a rest, eat well and have enough sleep. I don't want you to sick. What exactly do you do? I don't think your university's assignment that hard. If it does, I know you are smart. Couldn't hurt you so much, you was like a genius, just like Izaya did," Roppi grimaced hearing that name; his cousin. He hates him so much because that man resembles his step-mother really well. His annoying voice, twisted talk, mocking tone, especially his slyness. That man works as an informant broker in Shinjuku. He claims to love entire humanity but actually loves to watch his beloved human suffers from his games. He happy to see them suffer and enjoy every expression he could get from them. Sick psychopath. But what can he say about others, he also sick too. Really sick.

"I think I hung up for now. Next weekend, huh?"

"Huh? O-Okay, be sure to rest, Roppi. I'll call you next time, then," with that, Hibiya ends the call. Roppi looks at his cell phone with lonely and longing eyes before it turns murderous one. He stares at the files that opened next to his laptop. In the file shows a photo of a young man, blonde hair, wears a blue coloured kimono and smoke Japanese's traditional pipe. At the right of the photo, write a name, probably the man in the photo's name; Heiwajima Tsugaru. Roppi closed the file and pack some of his belongings; red fur-trimmed parka that he tight at his waist, his cell phone, wallet, the file, and some weapons, a few knives. After make sure he had all the necessary things, Roppi strolled out from his room; his university's dorm. He supposed to share his dorm with another student but the student had transferred to another dormitory because scared of him, something that he can't blame another. Almost every student in the Tokyo University knows Roppi and feared him, not something that he cared of. It's better that way too.

He walks his way out of the dormitory building towards the parking area. He located a motorbike which is his and approached it. Riding his bike, he makes his way out of the university to the town. Today is Friday and he want to check his 'subject' to avoid mistake. Arrive at the destination he wish, Roppi went to a cafe and order some drink. He ordered a cup of espresso and some homemade biscuit. People may look at him as a normal person having his meal in the cafe; no one will know that he actually come for watching someone. From his peripheral vision on his seat, he can see a couple of man having their tea. A tall, blonde hair man who wears kimono and a small male, raven-haired, wears white and pink jacket. The blonde hair; Heiwajima Tsugaru, a young and successful businessman, and the raven head is Psyche, a singer from the duo Psychedelic Dreams also Tsugaru's lover.

The reason as for why Roppi had an eye for the blonde is not because he had any grudge or anything personal with the said man but more on business. Yes, assassination's business. Nobody knows that Roppi works as an assassin for about three years since high school. He had tried his best to not let anybody knows about it but he sure like hell that his cousin, Izaya knew about it long time ago even he didn't say anything about it. He better be because Izaya already on his top list to be killed if he dares anything that pissed him off. The main reason Roppi enjoy this job so much is he hates human. It's weird to say that out of blue but Roppi had strong reasons for that and nothing will stop him from feeling that way. He had stop trying to be positive long time ago as it's only worsen his mental states. Then he turns to hates himself and cut his wrist and another several attempt of suicide. After that, he found enjoyment on hurting others after his first attempt in killing by stabbing Izaya. There's where he involved in this assassination world after some yakuza heard about him and began hiring him. Now he is a well-known assassin in the name of Hachimen Roppi with great reputation.

This man, Heiwajima Tsugaru is no exception as he is just one of unlucky man that been chosen to be killed by his hand. He was paid to kill the blonde head man with large amount of money. His client had paid him with a ridiculously amount of cash for this job and saying something about he need the best of the best to do the job. Based on Roppi's investigation; he always done his own investigation and doesn't like to rely on informant for that matter as it's remind him of Izaya way too much, his target this time is a successful businessman and had monopolized his field of business in just a few years and gives a lot of competitions toward the old company that existed. His client feel threaten by this new competent and hired him to eliminate the man. Also, there is another reason he been more determined to done the job. Heiwajima Tsugaru, his target had a similar face with Hibiya's boyfriend, Delic; another singer in the duo Psychedelic Dreams. Roppi didn't hate him, yeah, he didn't. He just feels abandoned by his brother from Delic's existence, that's all.

Roppi eyed Tsugaru again to examine him. Tsugaru are having a good time with Psyche and so happy together. Roppi frowned at the sight. He hates happy people. They all are acting and wears a happy and innocent mask to deceive others. So disgusting. Sure, he can't kill Delic no matter how he wants to since that will make Hibiya sad. So, why not release his frustration at a man who had a same face as the man he wants to kill?

Name: Heiwajima Tsugaru

Age: 27

Occupation: Businessman, Director of Heiwajima Co.

Date of assassination: This Sunday...

A/N: This story is a bit slow and confusing even for me to write it but I really love this story. I'll be more interesting in the time being. Please bear with this slow updated story. I'll post as fast as I could for the next as the next chapter is more wonderful.