Birthday Surprise

"When life throws you lemons, write a story without a plot.  Or you could make lemon-aid.  Whatever."

--Li-chan of the Beetle House


Disclaimer:  Don't own them.  Don't particularly want them.  Just because I like the show doesn't mean I want to own it!  I was in a weird mood when I wrote this, so…  just be prepared for just about anything.




"Is it time yet?"

"No, Angel.  Not yet."

"Oh."  There was a pause.  "Now?"

"Not yet, Quatre.  Two more minutes."

"Alright."  Another short pause.  "Trowa?"


"You promise this will be the best one yet?"

"Yes, Angel.  I promise that this will be the best one you've ever had."

"Is it time yet, Trowa?"

"No, Quatre.  Soon."

"Why is it taking so long?"

"No longer than it should.  Be patient."

"How long now?"

"Just under a minute, Angel.  Real soon.  I promise."

"And it will be the best I've ever had?"

"Better than the best, Quatre."

"And I'll get it soon?"

"Real soon."

"How soon?"

"Another ten seconds, Angel."

There was a pause as Quatre waited the allotted time.  "Now?"

Trowa checked.  "No, best wait another minute or two."


"Alright," Trowa chuckled.  "You can have it now."  Without further ado, Trowa took the ice-cold pitcher of lemon-aid out of its place in the fridge and poured Quatre a glass of crystal-like lemon-aid.  Quatre took a sip and smiled.

"This is the best I've ever had!"  Quatre gave Trowa a small hug.  "How do you do it, Trowa?"

"A magician never reveals his secrets, Angel."

"Oh, I love you, Trowa!"

Trowa smiled.  "Happy birthday, Quatre."

"Thank you."  Quatre smiled evilly.  "Do you know what I want next year, Trowa?"

Trowa thought a moment.  He knew Quatre loved lemons, so…   "Lemon pie?"

"No, silly.  I want this author to learn what a lemon really is and write a decent one for us!"

"That would be nice.  But, until then, it looks as though we are stuck with lemon-aid."

Quatre smiled, taking another sip of his drink.  "I don't mind.  Well, not much…."


~ You mean a lemon isn't a small, yellow, extremely sour fruit?  How… odd?  So, if a lemon isn't a fruit, what's a lime supposed to be?  *ducks produce, which mainly consists of lemons and limes….*  Eep!  You little hentai's, what did you want, graphic porn novels?! …. Never mind, sorry I asked.  Well, Christmas is… constantly getting closer.  Oh well, you know the deal, right?  C&C means you get the goods!  Later! ~