Part One

The blood red dress clung to my body as I stared out across the city. The boss's voice came over my ear piece.

"Alright remember, this mission is covert. Apprehend the Heinrich brothers and retrieve that device," Collins ordered. I glanced at my two partners and we turned. We headed inside the club and I noticed every woman eyeing Tuck and FDR. I rested a hand on my hip and headed towards the bar. I sat down with perfect posture and surveyed the scene. FDR had already found two girls and Tuck looked annoyed. I chuckled. Tuck was always annoyed with FDR. Frank loved women a bit too much. I heard a helicopter and glanced at the door through lowered lashes. The two Heinrich brothers got out and headed towards us.

"Get ready," Frank murmured. I caught the younger brother's eye and winked. He flushed and stumbled in his step. The older brother glanced at him then turned to me but I had already turned my back and was taking a sip of my drink nonchalantly.

"Your powers over mere mortals are truly astounding," Tuck murmured amused. Too bad they don't work on you, I thought sadly. Tuck, FDR and I had been partners for four years and I had fallen in love with Tuck on our very first mission. My hand found the simple crystal bracelet he had bought me in Japan.

"Shots fired, six agents down," Collins suddenly spoke. I glanced over at Tuck and FDR.

"Let me handle this guys," I said hurriedly as the Heinrich brothers came back out.

"Hurry," FDR told me. I stood and moved through the crowd. I caught the younger brother by the arm.

"Dance with me," I told him batting my lashes and putting on a thick alluring accent. He smiled and moved closer to me.

"Jonas, come on," his older brother snapped.

"It's just a dance," I drawled to him slinging one arm around Jonas's neck. The older brother grabbed my arm in a bruising grip.

"If you want a dance, fine," he growled. He dragged me towards the helipad.

"Ok, plan B," FDR said. I stumbled behind Heinrich praying that Tuck would get close enough to get the package and me out of there. Just because I was a professional spy didn't mean I never got scared. Heinrich suddenly growled and I saw Tuck's reflection in the grass. He turned yanking me to the side and shot into the air.

"And the screaming starts," I muttered. He looked at me and his grip tightened.

"You're one of them," he snarled dragging me outside. This stupid dress kept me off balance and him dragging me wasn't helping at all. Suddenly he threw me into another man's arms.

"Throw her off the edge," he snapped. My breathing hitched but I kept a clear head. The man pulled me to the edge. I waited until I caught my balance then slammed my elbow into the man's gut. I spun and kicked his knee out. He yelled and collapsed.

"Hey, these heels are useful," I murmured surprised then headed for the Heinrich brothers. I yanked my dress up and stepped out of my shoes. They were useful but hard to balance in. I grabbed one of their men who lunged for me and kneed him in the groin. He groaned and fell to his knees. I moved past him as Tuck kicked Jonas out of the helicopter. I headed for the older brother. I threw a punch. He dodged. He kicked out at me and I leaped back stepping on my dress. I fell but arms caught me. I was yanked up and turned around. I froze as the cold metal of a gun barrel pressed against my temple.

"Stop or I blow her brains out," Heinrich yelled. Silence fell and Tuck and FDR glared at Heinrich.

"Jonas, get the cases," he ordered. I shifted and the barrel dug in harder.

"Don't move," he growled into my ear. My heart was racing in my chest and my mind was spinning frantically.

"Let her go," Tuck ordered. Heinrich laughed.

"I don't think so," he replied. I focused and slammed my heel into Heinrich's toe. His grip loosened and I dropped kicking his legs out from under him. The gun went off and I scrambled out from under him. I whirled and grabbed at Jonas. FDR was back in the gun fight and I had to get those cases. Tuck slammed into Jonas and the case with the money fell, springing open. Money began to fly everywhere and I saw the older brother preparing to leap off the building.

"Kill them," he shouted to Jonas and leaped. I lunged for him and lost my footing. I tumbled towards the edge and grabbed onto the side. My body slammed into the building and I hissed. My arm muscles screeched at me and I pulled myself up onto the building. I rolled away from the edge and rested for a bit. FDR came over and helped me up.

"Next time, you get to wear the dress," I told him brushing myself off. He laughed.

"Collins isn't going to be happy," he said to me.

"Why?" I asked.

"Jonas is dead and Heinrich escaped," he explained.

"Wow," I mouthed. Tuck came over.

"Are you alright?" he asked holding the black case. I nodded.

"I'm worried about Heinrich though. He probably isn't very happy," I said with a shrug.

"I'm more worried about the boss," FDR interjected. I laughed and we headed off into the club.

"Hey, you think those girls are still here?" FDR shouted. Tuck and I glanced at each other with a smile.

"No," we yelled back at the same time.