Intro Chapter

It was a unusually cool June day which found the Malfoy family in Diagon Alley shopping for last minute baby supplies for the soon to arrive baby Draco Malfoy.

The eager shoppers consisted of Lucius Malfoy, his loving wife Narcissa, and their beautiful four year old daughter Rosarria Malfoy. As the Malfoy family walked through Diagon alley they stopped at many different shops that caught rose's eye saying that she had seen something in the window that her baby brother Draco just had to have. After a few minutes of shopping Narcissa lets out a gasp of pain. Alarmed by is what is happening Lucius takes his eye off of rose for just a few minutes.

Realizing that his wife has gone into labor he is about to get his family out of Diagon alley and back at home when he hears a scream that scares him more that his wife going into labor. Looking up to where the scream came from he is horrified to find that his daughter is nowhere in sight. He Scream out for her in a very unmalfoy like manner hoping that she is still there. When he is just about to go off looking for her his wife lets off out a scream. It becomes very clear that he must get his wife home and soon.

As they arrive at Malfoy manor Lucius orders a few house elves to take Narcissa to the hospital wing and call for the healer. As the house elves do as told Lucius leans down and whispers something in his wife's ear after she nodes her head Lucius leave through a door that leads to a more secluded part of the manor as he come upon a set of huge mahonaye doors he nooks and waits for the person inside to say enter.

As he walks in side a dark dimly lit room with Slytherin Green drapes, rugs and leather furniture. In the corner of the room is a large throne like chair in the same green as much of the rest of the room. In the chair there is a young man that looks to be in his late teens to early twenties. The man had a very well-muscled body with a head of shoulder length midnight black hair and piercing ruby eyes.

As Lucius walks into the room he goes over and kneels the man in the chair and says, "My lord there is a matter that demands your immediate attention."

The dark lord replies," what could be so important that you had to disturb me will I was reading."

Lucius replies, "Narcissa has gone into labor."

The dark lord says, "Congratulations are in order then, I assume that rose is over joyed that her little brother will finally be arriving."

Lucius says, "That just it we don't know where rose is we can't find her."

At this the dark lord demands to know what happened. As Lucius tells the dark lord of what happened he can see the dark lord get angrier with each passing moment. When Lucius finishes his tall the dark lord jumps up and rushes out of the room with Lucius hot on his tail.

They arrive in a room much the same as the great hall at Hogwarts. As the dark lord inters he shifts into a hideous snake like figure. As the dark lord sit in his throne he summons many of his death eaters, and begins to tell them of rose disappearance and assumed kidnapping. When the dark lord finishes the hall fills with screams of outrage will many of the death eaters not waiting for the order leave to begin searching for their dark princess.

With that done Lucius leave to go and join his wife in the hospital wing. As he enters her room he already hears the cries of his newborn son as Narcissa ask if there is any news on their daughter Lucius sadly shake his head no. Then as his wife breaks down in uncontrollable sobbed he prays to whatever god will listen that they find his daughter.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts

In a secluded part of Hogwarts a young Rosarria Malfoy is locked in a dungeon cell crying for her mommy and daddy, when a tall figure in neon red and gold robes comes into her line of sight. She slowly gets up off her spot on the floor and demands to know why she's there.

The figure who rose assumes is Albus Dumbledore from the stories her farther told her about him says, "you young miss Malfoy are going to give a more deserving family a child they would otherwise not be able to have."

Rose says, "I already have a family why would I need a new one."

Albus says, "Because according to a prophecy you are the dark lords' mate and that with you by his side he can only get stronger."

Seeing that this could get ugly really fast, and remembering the lessons she had with her father she wordlessly and wandlessly the mantorian memorian spell, with is a spell that makes it to were no matter what happens to the caster they always retain the memories.

After she is done casting the spell she notices that Albus is not done with his speech when he says, "once I'm done with you no one will recognize you and once the fake prophecy is leaked to the dark lord he will kill you both."

As Albus finishes his speech he lifts is wand and casts a spell, just as the white light of the spell hits rose she can fell herself shrink. When the white light clears away completely Rosarria Malfoy is gone and in her place is a small new born.

Albus motions for a couple to come into the room and as he hands the baby to them he says, "I would like you to meet you son what would you like to name him."

The couple James and Lily Potter says in unison, "his name will be Harry, Harry James Potter."