Harry is in his room writing a letter to his father. When the dark lord comes and rests his head on Harry's leg and look up at him and ask "what are you doing." Harry says back to him " I am writing a letter to my father what did the report say I never did ask you what it said." The dark lord goes and gets the letter and brings it to Harry and Says " here you can read it." Harry takes the letter and begans to read it.

My Lord

I hope this letter finds you will. It's with great pleasure that i inform you that your plan to use polyjuice potion and a make it seem as if you were here for meetings and other important matter has been working while and should continue to.

On another note we continue to have issues with Bella she has started acttacking visting families on Dumbledore side of the war. We are unsure as to why she is attacking once we Know of the reason we will contact you immediately. We in the inner circle would like to know what you think so that we may put a stop to Bella's attack. please write back with them.

That is all that I have to report for now. I will keep you updated if anything new arises hope to hear from you soon we are all working hard to find a way to change you and Rose back to normal. Will contacted again soon.

Your faithful follower Lucius Malfoy

As Harry finished the letter he notice that there was another one from his uncle Sev.

My Lord

As you have request i have looked into the curse placed on you and Rose and i have determined that the curse on Rose is called the New Beging Cruse that forces a person to restart their lives as the oppset gender with no memory of their formal life. But do to the fact that Rose even as at four was extermly powerful and was able to cast the memory spell on herself there for having her memories intacted inhance forth i she know who we were and what to do when you attacked.

As you can see this does not example how you were forced inot your anamaces form. but through my obsevation i think that i have finally come up with a posable casue for you current perdicment. As you already know your kind is born knowing who your mate is and who their parents and family are that is why when you first meet Abraxas Malfoy you begain very close to him. for the simple fact that you knew he was connected to you mate.

Bbut i have recently discovered that when Rose was born that she allready had your mating mark meanning that before she was born she could allready sence that you were her mate. meaning that you two already shared a connection and through that connection you were affected by the curse placed on Rose.

Tthough you may not have notice it at first it has come to my attention that in the year that Rose went missing you had started to revert back to your true form. but since your magic can sence that you wanted to stay in you human form it instead reverted you to your anamagues form there for making it to were you could stay in our world.

Though this does not explain every thing it does help us under stand what happened. I am cerrently trying my best to find a why to change you both back. i will keep you infromed. if there are any new developments i will inform you immedatly.

Your faithful potion master

Sevures Snape

As Harry finished reading he decided to write a responsed two both his and the Dark Lords letter and send them off. As he finished reading over what he wrote he decided that since it was a nice day he and Tommy would go to the park to get away from his aunt and cousin before he sent off the letters.

As they started down the road Harry felt that they were being followed but rub it off as being paroided. As Harry and Tommy draw closer to the park they decided to cross the street. As Harry reaches the sidewalk beside the park. He looks back at the road looking for Tommy. As he looks around he does not see Tommy.

Then he looks back to his is aunt and uncles house just as he hears screeching tires and a blood cruledly yelp. As Harry turns around to see what was hit he gives a heart raching nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!