Author's Note: Hello, Style Savvy fandom! I know I should be working on my Outsiders fics, but I've been reading all of these stories and realized that they either haven't been updated in a while or have a sad ending.

So, I have decided to write my own story for you. It's about Dominic, and the plot will be crazy. Don't expect anything Mary-Sue-ish to happen.

I'm sorry this chapter is short, but I promise the next one will be much longer! And yes, this is based off of my games (both the old and new). The shop my character owns is the one from Trendsetters. Grace has Strata in the other town.


I adjust my tie and look at myself in the mirror. I see the face everyone says is just so pretty. I fight the urge to laugh at the thought.

Today I am just going through the motions; it's merely another day of going around and looking handsome.

I straighten my jacket. I fix my hair. I check to be sure I didn't miss any hair on my face when I shaved.

I pull on some shoes. I walk downstairs. I eat the eggs Eunice prepares for me daily.

I leave the manor.

I nod at Godfrey when he opens the limousine door for me. We drive through the town.

But then something happens that screws up the daily routine. Godfrey steers right instead of left. I'm amazed that I can notice such a detail. I open my mouth to say something, but I decide to remain quiet. This is rather a pleasant surprise.

The limousine stops at a boutique that, by the looks of it, recently opened. Through the shop window, I see Renée chatting amicably with a customer. It seems she must have transferred to work at this shop.

"Master Dominic, we have arrived," Godfrey announces as he meets my eye in the mirror. He seems too excited for his own good. He anxiously leaves the car and comes around to open my door for me. When I step out, I take a look at the shop exterior. Above the entrance, MUSE is written in large black letters with a magenta shining from behind. Through the windows, I see that the interior matches the sign, with what seems to be posters and traffic signs covering the walls.

When we walk in, I notice that the traffic signs are actually many different types of signs; one says Broadway, another gives the distance in miles from here to Hollywood, New York City, Miami, and even some cities that I can't seem to pronounce nor identify. There is rock music pounding in my ears, but instead of cringing at it, the bass seems soothing. I must reconsider buying any more Chopin CDs; this genre seems to suit me better, surprisingly.

I am snapped out of my trance when Godfrey introduces me to a girl about my age. She has a name tag on it that says "manager". She has an average look, with dark brown hair swept up in a ponytail, skin not pale enough to be sickly, and light blue eyes. She looks almost too normal.

"This is Christi Adams," Godfrey says, motioning to her. Christi… "Miss Christi, may I introduce you to Master Dominic Strata," He then declares proudly. I then become very conscious of my old suit and shoes, and feel a blush forming in my cheeks. I'm not as amazing as Godfrey and Eunice say I am, and I am certainly one to become nervous about my appearance.

"Hi, pleased to meet you," Christi says, holding out her porcelain-like hand for me to shake.

I take it and say to her "You as well." Not necessarily sure of what else to say, I tell her, "I like this store." I feel like slapping my face, but I don't want to look any dumber than I already do, so just let the blush take over and feel it climbing its way up to my ears.

She laughs. Her laugh is soft and gentle. "Are the music and lights too much for you?" she asks after she catches her breath. "You don't have to say that."

I smirk at this. "Oh, yes I do."