Santana was so tired of watching mediocre dancers. She had been watching them for the past four hours trying to find new dancers for the European leg of her tour. "I'm so sick of this!" Santana said to her tour manager Joe, "I can't watch another routine, I will scream!". "Calm down Princess" Joe said rolling his eyes, "We only have one more spot to fill so relax!". Santana leaned across the table and snatched the list from his hands. "Hey!" He shouted as Santana began scrolling through names.

"My tour, my music, I'm the one dancing with them so I get to choose the last one!" Santana said as she looked through the five names that were left on the list. "This one!" She said pointing the last name on the list. "Santana, you can't just skip people" Joe said snatching the list back to see the name she pointed to. "You're not choosing Mike Chang?" Joe said, his eyes growing wide, "But he's been with you for two tours already and he's fantastic!". "Exactly!" Santana said, "I've sen him. He is a great dancer but I want someone else". Joe sighed in defeat. He knew that once Santana decided on something that arguing with her was useless. "I want that one!" Santana said standing up and putting her jacket on, "Now, I'm going to get something to eat!".

Santana walked over to where her body guard stood in the corner and they disappeared down the back staircase and into a black mercedes that was waiting outside. Joe shook his head as he looked down at the name. He stood from the table and walked outside to where the last five dancers were waiting for their name to be called. "Brittany Pierce" He said looking at the five dancers. A young, blonde girl stood up and walked towards him. Before he offically hired this girl as lead dancer, Joe was at least going to make sure that she was good.

Santana had just finished her lunch when she recieved a text from Joe. "Finished with the dancers. Rehearsals start tomorrow at seven."

Santana placed her phone back into her purse and went back to gazing out the window. She really enjoyed touring but it was lonely. She had just finished her US/Canada tour just a few weeks ago and the lonliness was almost too much for her. She wasn't unhappy by any means, I mean who would with her life? She was an international superstar and had more money then she knew what to do with. Millions of people all over the world loved and adored her. She was always surrounded by people who told her how beautiful she is or how talented she is. That felt great and Santana loved the attention but it wasn't enough. No one actually cared about her, everyone used her.

Santana wasn't stupid. She knew that people only pretended to be her friend because of the money and the attention. People in the music business thrived on attention. Santana didn't have anyone that she was close too. No one actually knew her.

Santana went back to her hotel room and immediatly climbed into bed. She laid on her side and stared out of her window at the busy New York streets below. She started thinking about her new dancers and got a little nervous when she thought about the one she picked without even seeing. Hopefully she was ok because Joe would never let her live that down if the dancer sucked.

The next morning Santana groaned as her alarm went off at five. She rolled over and grabbed her phone, turning off the alarm and rolling back over to fall back asleep. Loud knocking at the door a second later forced another sleepy groan out of her. "Santana you have ten seconds to get out of that bed and open this door or I'm busting it down!" Joe shouted from the hallway. Santana sat up on the side of the bed and rubbed her eyes and pulled her hair back into a sloppy ponytail.

She walked over and unlocked the door, letting Joe inside. "What are you doing? Get ready!" he shouted upon seeing Santana still in her PJ's. He shoved her into the bathroom and turned on the shower. "Fifteen minutes!" He said pointing at her. Santana was known for taking really long showers because she liked the alone time. It helped her think. "Fine." She said as Joe walked out and shut the door behind him.

Fifteen minutes later, Santana emerged from the bathroom and they were on their way to the dance studio. Usually Santana wasn't dressed in baggy sweats and had her hair pulled back in a semi-damp pony tail but today was dance rehearsals and it was very early in the morning. "You could have dressed up at least a little bit" Joe said as he and Santana got out of the car and began walking into the studio, "What if photographers were here?". "Well then they would get a picture of me in my sweats" Santana chimed in.

Music was blasting from the speakers as they entered the studio, santana's music. Her latest hit "Love you like a love song" to be specific. A blonde girl was going through a routine in the center of the room. Santana's jaw dropped upon seeing the girl. She was amazing. Mike Chang didn't even move that way and he was considered one of the best in the business. Joe's phone rang and he quickly stepped out of the room to take the call. Santana was so engrossed in watching the girl that she didn't even seem to notice his absence. After a few moments the girl spotted Santana and stopped dancing. She jogged over to the radio controls in front of her and paused the music. She then stood up and took a few steps in Santana's direction. "Sorry, the studio is closed until three today" the girl said smiling politely at Santana, "Closed rehearsal today. Come back later".

Santana shook her head slightly and pulled herself from the trance she was in. "Oh I uh... I know" Santana said as she smiled. It had been a while since someone hadn't recognized her, it was kind of humbling. "I'm Santana Lopez" She said nervously pointing to the speakers, refering the to the song that the dancer was just playing. The girl quickly walked over to santana. "I am so sorry!" the girl said apologizing, "I can be really stupid sometimes". The girl was blushing slightly as she stuck her hand out. "I'm Brittany" the girl said smiling, "I am your new lead dancer!". "You're not stupid. I wouldn't have recognized me either dressed like this" Santana said shaking the girl's hand, "And it's very nice to meet you Brittany. From what I just saw you are an amazing dancer!". "Thanks" The girl said looking down at her feet still blushing.

Joe came in a second later bringing in a group of dancers behind him. "I see you two have met" he said smiling at Brittany and Santana who wer still holding onto eachother's hands. Both girls seemed to notice at the same time and quickly released eachother. "Let's get started!" Joe said, "Brittany has already learned the routines and will teach all of you. Let's get moving people! One week until the first show!". Everyone began spreading out, claiming a spot of the room. Santana was at the front with Brittany right beside her. "You've already learned all of them?" Santana asked surprised. "Yeah, it's nothing too difficult" Brittany said. Santana had done the routines during her US leg of her tour and she disagreed on the difficulty level. But then again, dancing wasn't her strongest point. "I'm impressed" she said eyeing the young blonde. Her body was amazing and Santana caught herself staring at the girls defined abs. Brittany noticed santana's stare and smiled. It wasn't everyday that Santana Lopez was checking you out.