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Flashes of light threatened to blind him; distorted, muffled voices spoke a rapid speed; a shrilling sound of a tattoo machine liner edged closer to the unsuspecting man; panic sweeping his system, causing him to whip his head back and forth and jerk at the restraints on his wrists, stomach, and ankles. In between these glimpsing surroundings, the middle-aged man had momentarily slipped in and out of unconsciousness.

The sudden scream of the person next to the man instantly caused him to whip his head to his right where he settled his eyes on the very familiar woman, who was currently being tattooed.

They noticed him watching the younger woman as she slipped into unconsciousness as soon as the male tattoo artist completed his job, only to turn to him and do his wrist as well. It was noted the man started to squirm, trying several times to break the leather restraints, only to be forcefully held down by a second man.

"Same thing, Joe." The second man said. "They want them to be mates." He paused as the first man looked up at him, quirking an eyebrow with a smile on his face. "Not like that necessarily!" He exclaimed.

"I know, Diller." Joe said as he looked back at his unwilling patient. "I know." He whispered.

Conversation drew to a close as the tattoo artist concentrated on his job. The patient screamed in pain, but both ignored the outburst, obviously too used to the reaction.

All the restrained man could do was pray that it would be over quick. God answered his prayer, making it only last twenty minutes. The restrained man looked over at the woman beside him, praying she'd wake up. That prayer went unanswered.

Just as the man looked up at the second man, he was smacked on his forehead by the butt of a rifle. He quickly succumbed to the darkness.

The man came to on his female partner's bed with her tucked at his side. She was on her left side, facing him and very obviously still unconscious while he lay on his back. His foggy mind slowly caught up to the present as he checked out her room, the only room he'd been in once to gather clothes for her while she was in the hospital.

Almost thinking they were safe, he soon realized they weren't. Far from it. Upon looking around the room, he spotted a small handwritten note on the nightstand beside him. He lifted his left arm, checking out the throbbing left wrist, reading the series of letters, dash, and numbers. The black ink was still red and puffy. Flexing his wrist caused the throbbing to increase, making him hiss into the cool, quiet room. But he needed to read that note. Slowly, he reached for it, settling back on the bed as he looked at it.

Richard Castle,

I'm sorry for what we did to you, but it was necessary. You and Detective Beckett are our last hope. We discovered you two by accident when you were chasing a suspect. Right off the bat, we noticed her tough and sense of justice demeanor. You showed us your ability to take the suspect down, fighting. In our eyes, you two were the perfect choices to carry out this enormous responsibility.

The Government has set up the Med-Code program, which gives us the chance to develop the perfect super soldier. Unable to decide which of you were a best fit for the job, we decided to use you both, forever linking you together. With the amount of SI-32 in your system, you two will forever be nearly considered gods. SI-32 is a formula used to heightened all senses of the body and physically enhance your body's performance. Do not worry, it isn't contagious nor a dying disease.

Unfortunately, we are unable to teach you all that entails with this responsibility; but do not worry, we will be watching you from a distance. I know you must have a million questions running through your mind; they will be answered eventually.

There are bad people who discovered the project and have every intent to kill you, so be careful when you use your newfound abilities. We can't afford either of you dying, but then again, they'll have a hard time killing you; so you should be okay.

Good luck, son.


Jacob Beater

Castle was in total shock and very confused. Then, a rush of senses ran through his system. His senses made themselves known, introducing the new heights they've taken. He heard the traffic downstairs like he was down on the street; smelt and practically tasted pancakes being cooked probably next door; saw a plane in the air from a million miles away; felt the sheet material more fully.

His eyes landed on the sleeping form of his partner. She was stirring, rubbing her head from side-to-side on the pillow. A soft, loving smile broke out on his face. Suddenly, her green-brown eyes popped opened, staring straight into his own blue-green eyes, making the smile immediately ceased to exist and a surprise look took over. A moment later, she slapped both hands on her ears and snapped her eyes closed, causing him to shift a little ways away.

"What's wrong, Kate?" He asked, already suspecting what caused her sudden reaction to the morning.

"It hurts. Everything is so intense." She answered, tightening her mouth. He shifted again, only this time closer to her, and placed a comforting hand on her side. "Make it go away, Castle."

Castle pulled her into his strong arms, his muscles flexing and contracting at the movement. She relaxed, feeling safe. He would always protect her, no matter what. His head rested on her crown, tightening his grip to an uncomfortable level. When she winced, he instantly loosened his grip. "Sorry, Kate."

"S'okay," she mumbled, settling back in his safe, comforting arms.

They fell asleep with difficulty as they tried to hone in their enhanced senses.

When they woke again, Castle showed her the letter. Like he, she was shocked and confused. What future did they now hold? What were they supposed to do with this information?

It was only a matter of time before things went completely out of proportion.

"All I have to say is whoa." She said, underestimating the gigantic responsibility they now would have to take on.

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