Days of Wine and Wizards

Chapter 7

When they arrived back at the chateau, Lucius was waiting anxiously to hear if they had managed to reach a truce. Hermione confirmed that they had indeed settled their differences, and she would be apprenticing with Severus.

At that point, Lucius promptly declared, "That's wonderful, sweet; I'm so glad it worked out. I was sure you two would either reach an accord, or hex each other into kingdom come. I just hadn't decided which way it was going to go." He wrapped his arms around Hermione and kissed her soundly. "By the way, Severus, don't plan on Hermione starting her apprentice's duties for the next few days."

"Why ever not?" demanded Severus, clearly irritated by Lucius' interference. "We have many things to do, inventory to take, supplies to order, projects to—"

"Oh, come now, Severus," interrupted Lucius. "Don't be such a spoil sport. I want to take my witch on a short holiday to celebrate."

Hermione squealed happily. "Oh, Lucius, really? Where are we going?"

"Anywhere you want, ma chérie. I was thinking we could use the Tuscan villa, or the country lodge in Ireland, or the chalet in Switzerland, or any number of places. Whatever appeals to you."

"I have no idea, Lucius. They all sound wonderful. Anywhere we go is fine as long as we're together."

"Oh, pleeease," drawled Severus, curling his lip in disgust. "It's getting so sweet in here that my teeth are aching."

Lucius laughed. "You're just jealous, my friend. We could invite you along, but two's company and all that rot... Besides, Hermione's right. It doesn't matter where we go, as we probably won't be leaving the bedroom all weekend anyway."

"Aaack! My brain! You're searing my brain!" cried Severus, scrubbing at his eyes.

Lucius laughed even louder as he whisked Hermione out of the room.

They ended up at the townhouse in Florence. Lucius decided that he and Hermione were both right. It didn't matter where they went as long as he could be alone with his witch, and his plans to keep her occupied didn't involve sightseeing. Plus, he'd always liked the townhouse because Narcissa had hated it, so she had rarely been there. He decided that creating memories there with Hermione would make it their own.

Lucius laughed uproariously. "Oh, my dear, when we get home, you simply must store that memory in my Pensieve. I have to see it for myself."

"I will not," declared Hermione. "And you are being horrible. I never would have told you if I'd known you'd be like this. Lucius, please, you mustn't say anything to him," she begged. "I've only just begun to gain his trust. If he finds out I told you, he will be furious with me and absolutely impossible to work with."

Shaking his head, Lucius replied, "Oh, very well. If you insist, chérie." Then as soon as Hermione turned her back, he began tapping his foot. When she spun around again, he squealed, "Snakes!"

"Lucius!" Incensed, she charged him and tackled him onto the bed. She spent several minutes trying to pin him down, as he retaliated in kind. They rolled around and struggled against each other. Before long, desires were ignited, and they had quite a different activity on their minds.

Lucius won out eventually, although he allowed Hermione to put up a good fight first. Securing both of Hermione's wrists in one hand, he held them above her head. She continued to squirm, trying to escape, so he threw a leg across her thighs, holding her down. She'd been wearing a satin dressing gown, so it was an easy matter to slip his free hand down and untie the sash, opening the robe. His hand roamed over her body as he nuzzled her neck and breasts with his mouth.

"Oh, Lucius," she moaned, trying to press close to him. He continued to hold her immobile, his other hand gliding sensuously over her, teasing her. Hermione couldn't believe how much this turned her on. "Uhh... please... Lucius, please... I need you so much. Please, don't tease me."

Lucius chuckled evilly. "Ahh... but ma chérie, I do so love to tease you. I enjoy seeing your reactions; you are so responsive, so passionate." Lucius doubled his efforts. He tweaked and tugged on her sensitive nipples, pinching them just to the edge of pain, first one and then the other, until he finally lowered his mouth to suckle and nip them. He continued to hold her immobile as his free hand slid down to her slick folds. "Oh, sweet Hecuba, you're so ready for me, Hermione. I want you so much, love. But first, I want to watch you come for me. I love watching you."

Lucius stroked her harder, sliding two fingers inside he pumped steadily, then added a third finger. The nearer she came, the more incoherent her words. She had no idea what she was saying, she just babbled on. She was so very close now... when she heard Lucius' sharp command, "Come for me." She simple began to unravel.

"Oh, yes! Hermione. Oh, dear goddess, you are so beautiful when you come apart for me." Afterward Lucius soothed her with kisses and whispers of love. As she calmed, he released the wrists he had still been holding and rolled his body over hers, spreading her legs; in one smooth movement, he thrust fully into her.

Hermione gasped, and then groaned with pleasure, running her hands up and down his back. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing her heels into his arse to urge him on. At the same time, her arms snaked around his neck, and the fingers of one hand threaded through his hair to caress his locks before suddenly tightening and tugging his head back hard so she could kiss him deeply. It didn't take long until they both climaxed together and then collapsed in each other's arms.

They lay there, basking in the afterglow. After a while, Lucius spoke quietly. "I want to tell Draco."

Hermione raised herself up and looked at him quizzically. "About Severus and the snakes? I don't think—"

"No! Not about that. Good Lord! About us—I want to tell Draco about us."

Hermione looked at him closely. Then she asked, "Oh... Are you sure that's what you want to do?"

Lucius looked at her sharply. "Why? Are you ashamed of me?"

Hermione threw an arm and a leg over Lucius to cuddle him closer. "Of course not. All things considered, I rather thought it might be the other way around."

"Silly little witch. You really are a ninny sometimes," Lucius scolded as he snuggled next to her.

Just as she was starting to doze off, something startled her awake. Lying very still for a moment, she listened, thinking perhaps she had been dreaming. Then she heard a bump and what she was sure were muffled voices from downstairs.

"Lucius!" Hermione whispered loudly, jabbing him hard in the ribs. She knew they were alone in the house, because she had sent the house-elf who had accompanied them home. She'd wanted to have the place to themselves for just one night. "Lucius, wake up. I hear noises downstairs. I think someone is in the house."

"Hermione, you're dreaming; go back to sleep," he mumbled.

Before she could poke him again, there was a loud crash from downstairs. In a flash, Lucius was out of bed, snatching his wand up from the bedside cabinet. Quickly pulling on his trousers, he told her, "Stay here. If I don't come back in ten minutes, I want you to Apparate back to the chateau."

"If you think I'm leaving you here...," she exclaimed, but before she could finish, he was gone. "Grrr... bloody, stubborn, infuriating man," she mumbled. Looking around, she picked up and pulled on the first piece of clothing she found, which was Lucius' cashmere jumper. It covered her from shoulder to mid thigh. iIt will have to be good enough,/i she decided as she pushed the sleeves up above her elbows and ran out of the bedroom door, wand in hand.

Hermione slipped silently down the stairs, staying close to the wall. She turned the corner at the landing and saw Lucius standing at the bottom step. He must have spotted her out of the corner of his eye as he twisted around suddenly to confront her. His eyes blazed in fury when he realized she had ignored his command and followed him. He jerked his head upwards, indicating she should go back upstairs. Hermione frowned and shook her head firmly, moving the rest of the way down to stand at his side.

Lucius grabbed her elbow and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "I told you to stay upstairs. Can you never do as you're told, woman? What were you thinking?"

Hermione whispered back vehemently, "I was thinking that I'm not about to stay hidden away while the man I love confronts who knows what kind of danger on his own. You big berk."

Lucius looked as if he wanted to choke her himself, but he finally acquiesced. "At least stay behind me," he commanded.

She did stay close behind him as he approached the door to the front parlor. They could hear noises and muffled voices from within, however, they couldn't make out what was being said. There was apparently more than one intruder, but they couldn't be sure exactly how many.

Lucius whispered his plan into her ear, "We have the element of surprise. If they knew we were in the house, they would have come for us first. I suspect they are thieves, but how they broke through my wards is a mystery. We will burst through the doorway, catching them unawares. You stay low, and maintain a shield charm on us, and I will stun the bastards."

Hermione considered it briefly and decided it sounded like a decent plan. She nodded in agreement. Seconds later, the parlor door slammed open with a loud BANG! Lucius stormed through first, wand raised, with Hermione close behind diving to the floor. To say the scene they found before them was unexpected would be an understatement of monumental proportions. Three thoroughly shocked pairs of eyes stared back at them: Draco, Luna, and Neville.

Lucius shouted, "What the hell is going on here?"

"I think that's perfectly obvious, Lucius." Hermione giggled nervously, getting up from the floor, as the three scrambled to cover themselves. "I'd say we've caught these three in a rather compromising position, in flagrante delicto, so to speak."

"I know what they were doing, Hermione, and I even know what it is called. What I want to know is why they are doing it ihere/i, in the middle of the night, waking us from a sound sleep and nearly scaring us out of our wits," stated Lucius. "Well, Draco?"

After a quick flurry, the three were now fully covered again. "Errm... We decided we wanted a bit of a quick getaway before classes start at Hogwarts next week for Neville and me. I had no idea you would be here, Father, or I would have checked with you first before we—"

Draco suddenly stopped to consider Hermione, who kept pushing up the sleeves of a jumper which was too large for her. The vee neck dipped low to reveal a good amount of cleavage, and the hem hit her at mid thigh. "Wait... Is that iyour/i jumper Hermione is wearing, Father?"

Hermione blushed as Lucius quickly stepped in front of her, shielding her from Draco's and Neville's eyes. Lucius replied, somewhat snarkily, "Why, yes, Draco, it is my jumper she has on. Donned rather hastily, I might add, when we were awakened to the sound of what we assumed to be intruders breaking in, to cause who knew what kind of mischief and mayhem."

"Together or separately?" Luna asked innocently.

"I beg your pardon?" responded Lucius.

"Oh, I was just curious. When you were both awakened from a sound sleep; I wondered if you were sleeping together or separately?"

Lucius sputtered and fumed, but Hermione answered calmly as she grabbed his hand to pull him toward the door. "Yes, we were indeed sleeping together, Luna. And we are going back there right now. I'm sure we can sort out anything else that needs sorting in the morning. Goodnight, you three." Hermione shoved Lucius through the doorway. As she reached back to shut the door, she added with a sly smile and a wink, "You may now resume your mischief and mayhem, but cast a quick Silencing Charm first this time, won't you, please? I do promise you the same courtesy."

Draco approached the gargoyle and whispered the password. A minute later, Minerva ushered him into her office and offered him a seat. "Don't tell me you already have complaints about your class schedule, Draco," she said teasingly.

"Not at all, Minerva. This pertains to another matter altogether. One concerning a Gryffindor witch we both know and a certain Slytherin Potions master."

"Ahh... There's been progress? Good news, I hope?" she asked with keen interest.

"Yes and no... Or maybe... It depends on your point of view, I suppose. I learned some interesting information in Florence this past weekend," answered Draco cryptically.

Minerva had already been pulling the bottle of one-hundred-year-old scotch out of her bottom drawer, anticipating sharing a celebratory drink with her Potions master. She set it down to glare at him. "What do you mean 'yes and no?' Don't tell me that idiot refused to offer her an apprenticeship."

"Oh, no, that's not the problem at all," replied Draco. "She is all set to start her apprenticeship. The problem is she's already formed a romantic attachment."

"Well, that's wonderful. That didn't take long at all, much quicker than we expected." She practically beamed as she poured the scotch. "I told you they'd be perfect for each other."

"Umm... I don't think you understand, Minerva. The romantic attachment isn't with Se... Se... Damn it all... Julius. It's with my father."

"LUCIUS!" Minerva choked and sprayed scotch across her desk, hitting the candle burning there. This caused an eruption of flame to shoot all the way up the shelves to where the Sorting Hat sat. The hat howled in a panic and flipped itself up to cower at the top of the bookcase, peeking over the edge and whimpering softly.

Draco stared at the hat wide eyed. "Is iit/i okay?"

"Oh, it's fine; he's just been a little nervous around fire since the final battle. You understand."

"Yeah, I do. Neville feels exactly the same way," agreed Draco.

Minerva watched the hat for a moment before her thoughts returned to the matter at hand. "How did Hermione and Lucius end up together, Draco? That wasn't part of the plan at all. Your father is all wrong for her; it was supposed to be Severus," complained Minerva.

"I'm not so sure it's true—that he's wrong for her, that is. They actually seem very happy together, and if you think about it, he's not so different from Se... Julius, really. The two men both have a great deal in common. So, if you think she and Julius would be a good match, then why not Hermione and my father?" Draco asked with a defensive tone.

Minerva seemed lost in contemplation. She then smiled at Draco's fierce expression. "And of course you'd like to see your father happy after everything he's been through, wouldn't you, Draco?"

"Yes, I would. You know I would. But I honestly didn't send her there for the summer with that thought in mind, Min. My first goal was to get her away from England. Knowing that Krum was going to be training here, I didn't want to take the chance they might meet and re-kindle something. And I thought your idea to arrange an apprenticeship for her with Julius was a brilliant plan: throw them together, and let nature take its course. It's just that she fell in love with my father before Julius ever got home."

"Love? It's love? You're sure, not just a passing fancy, then?"

"It looks that way," said Draco. "Are you going to try to send someone else his way?"

Shaking her head, Minerva poured another drink and handed one to Draco. "No, all this meddling is too much work for me, and it never seems to turn out the way I plan. Somehow, Albus always made it seem so effortless. I really did hope for both Severus and Hermione to finally find some happiness in life. I thought that together... Oh, well, perhaps her happiness does lie elsewhere. I think, from now on, I'll just let fate take its natural course." She lifted her glass to toast with Draco. "Here's to the future. What will be, will be."

iTwelve months later/i:

It was the end of summer, and Severus was due back soon from his yearly sabbatical. Lucius and Hermione were sitting in their favorite picnic spot. Hermione had enjoyed cock de Lucius as an appetizer, and then he had fucked her thoroughly on the blanket in the warm August sun. Hermione was now lazing with her head in Lucius' lap as he fed her grapes and other nibbles.

"Severus should be home by the end of the week. Does it make you sad that your taskmaster is soon to return and your summer break is done?"

Hermione smiled. "I thought it would be nice to have the chateau all to ourselves for the summer. But, to tell you the truth, I've actually missed him quite a bit. Don't get me wrong. He's still a mean, grumpy git. But he's our mean, grumpy git, you know? I miss our discussions—"

"Arguments, you mean," supplied Lucius. "Sometimes, I think you pick fights with him, just to wind him up, you naughty girl."

"It's possible, it is rather diverting, especially when he turns that lovely shade of purple. But then he's guilty of doing the same thing to me," she said in self-defense. "And he tries to pretend that he's so distant and detached, but then he turns around and does something really wonderful, like the gift he gave me for Christmas." Severus had given her a set of beautiful antique potion vials, and one of them had been filled with a special perfume he had created especially for her.

Lucius idly stroked her hair. "You know, he does care for you a great deal. He may try to pretend otherwise, but he does. When you contracted Horklump fever, he was like a madman. He was furious to learn that somehow you had never been inoculated as a child, which is standard procedure for any Muggle-born student. I thought he was going straight to Hogwarts to strangle McGonagall or Pomfrey. Then he refused to trust anyone else, not even Draco, to brew the potion for you."

"I know he cares for me. I care for him too." Hermione tilted her head to gaze up at Lucius and admonished, "If you tell him I said that, though, I'll have to kill you."

Lucius chuckled and bent down to kiss her softly.

"Lucius, I've been wondering... I want you to think about something. Just to think about it. I'm not saying this is something I am asking for, but I just want you to consider it."

"Hermione, this is sounding very mysterious. What are you getting at?"

"Do you remember when we were negotiating our little arrangement?"

"Of course, my dear, the night of our negotiations is one of my fondest memories."

Hermione nuzzled her cheek against his thigh. "I'm glad to hear that, my dearest. But what I want you to think about is the last item we negotiated. Do you remember what it was?" Hermione sat up and moved in front of him so she could scoot back to lean against his chest.

Lucius wrapped his arms around her as he thought about it for a moment. iWe agreed on my influence for the apprenticeship in exchange for her favors. The duration... was that what she was getting at, that the year was up?/i "Hermione, are you referring to the duration of our agreement? Because I think you know that we really don't need any kind of contract to continue this relationship."

"I agree fully, Lucius, but that wasn't it. I was talking about the last item. The very last thing we agreed to was that neither of us would be with anyone else without the other's complete approval." She heard his sharp intake of breath and hurried on. "We also talked about my curiosity about Draco, Luna, and Neville's relationship. And you mentioned the possibility of having a third person join us, but at the time, I said I wouldn't be comfortable with a stranger..."

Hermione paused, her grip tightening over Lucius arms. Oh, dear Merlin, she hoped she wasn't bungling this. She had been thinking, for quite a while, about the idea that Lucius had put in her head that night, dwelling on it really. But the last thing she wanted was to risk what they had built between them. She had always pictured Lucius Malfoy as a possessive man. What if she had misjudged the situation, or what if he'd changed his mind? "Lucius...?" she said cautiously, suddenly unsure of his response.

He dipped his head down to bring his lips close to her ear. "But, Severus is no stranger... is he?" His words washed over her sensuously. "He is a trusted friend and someone we both care for—someone who cares for us in return." His arms clenched around her, pulling her even more tightly to him. She could feel his erection pressing against her, and she wiggled a bit, eliciting a groan from Lucius. This was a good sign, she decided with a small smile.

Lucius pushed her away so he could turn her around to straddle his lap, much as she had that first fateful night. "Are you sure you really want to do this, ma chérie? You aren't just considering it to please me?"

"No, silly, I had rather thought iI/i would be the one being pleased," she said with a grin as she rocked herself against him.

"Ooh, what a cheeky thing you are, Miss Granger," he teased, unbuttoning her shirt to flick open the front clasp of her bra. "Believe me, there will be pleasure enough to go around for all involved. Now we just need to conspire as to how we will reel the elusive Potions master into our evil web."

"Aah... Mr. Malfoy, I find it so exhilarating when you turn all 'evil-scheming genius' on me. I do have a suggestion. Since it worked so well with you, why don't we trick Severus into thinking it's all his idea?"

"Why, Miss Granger, I believe I am beginning to see why so many find you brilliant." He pulled her forward to nuzzle his face between her breasts. "You are quite the 'evil-scheming genius' yourself."

She moaned loudly as his lips closed around her nipple. "Mmmm... Yes, we are quite alike in that respect. I suppose that's probably why we get on so well," she quipped as she wrapped her arms around him and rolled them both to the blanket. Perhaps she would have another serving of cock de Lucius for dessert.

Lucius waited for a couple of weeks after Severus' return before approaching him. He entered the lab to find both the Potions master and his apprentice present. Hermione, however, upon seeing him, realized why he was there and made some excuse about needing to do research.

As she tried to slip by him, Lucius pulled her in for a quick kiss. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, not stopping until they heard Severus banging things around in irritation behind them. Then, breaking away, she gave him a quick smack on the arse and trotted off with a satisfied grin on her face. As he turned toward the lab, he noticed the black scowl on Severus' face before he managed to mask it. The minx! She'd done that on purpose to elicit a response from Severus, and it had worked.

"I wish you two would keep those little displays to yourself," Severus complained. "The lab is no place for that sort of thing."

"Tsk...tsk... When did you turn into such an old prude, Severus?" drawled Lucius as he pulled up a lab stool to sit on. "Perhaps you need to get laid. Didn't the opportunity present itself on your travels? Usually, you return so very well satiated."

Severus shot him a disgruntled look, but didn't answer, changing the subject instead. "Is Hermione all right? She's been acting strangely since I returned."

"Strangely? How so?"

"I don't know how to explain it exactly. Nervous, I guess. Jumpy, for lack of a better word."

"Ahh... I think I know why. It's probably due to a little project we are contemplating. It is making her a little nervous. It's what I came to talk to you about, in fact. I need your advice."

"What sort of project, Lucius?"

"Well, Hermione has expressed some interest in the idea of a ménage à trois."

Severus' right eyebrow migrated halfway up his forehead. "Hermione? You expect me to believe that Hermione Granger—straight-laced, little Gryffindor swot Granger—has expressed an interest in a ménage?" asked Severus caustically. "This sounds much more like your idea, Lucius."

Lucius smirked internally. Oh, this was really going to be just too easy. "I've said it before, but apparently, you just don't comprehend, my friend. Hermione is not the innocent little child you seem to recall. She's got quite the deviant mind and a delicious interest in a variety of kinky activities."

Severus looked at Lucius doubtfully. Still, he also became a bit flushed, probably thinking about Hermione and what kind of things the two of them might have got up to.

"I will admit," added Lucius as he idly twirled a stirring rod he'd picked up, "I did broach the idea myself initially when we first discussed our arrangement, mainly because she exhibited such an intense curiosity regarding Draco's threesome. However, at the time, she said she would be uncomfortable considering such an activity with a stranger, so I dropped the subject. However, she has recently expressed a real desire to pursue it."

Severus looked a bit flustered, but interested. "Well, I suppose, if it really is Hermione's idea, then I might—"

Lucius interrupted. "The question I wanted to ask you, Severus, is do you think it's better to go with a stranger or someone we know?" Watching from the corner of his eye, he saw that eyebrow twitch again. "I was thinking perhaps if we did go the stranger route, a Muggle would do best. He would be someone easily controlled, and we could Obliviate him afterward, although I fear Hermione's scruples might interfere with that scenario."

"I really don't think a stranger is a good idea, Lucius. You need someone you can trust, someone Hermione would feel comfortable with," suggested Severus smoothly.

"I tend to agree. But who? Hermione is estranged from her childhood friends. Weasley, the man-slut, and Potter, the betrayer, are both out of the question." Lucius shuddered in revulsion. "I could not have tolerated either of them anyway. She was later close to both Draco and Neville. Draco is unacceptable for obvious reasons, and I am quite certain that neither Luna nor Draco would appreciate us attempting to recruit Neville for the task. I do believe, however, there is one other choice."

Severus practically preened as Lucius went in for the kill. "Viktor Krum."

"Victor Krum!" shouted Severus. "Why on earth would you consider that Bulgarian broom jockey?"

"Well, he's familiar to Hermione. Therefore, she would be comfortable with him. And he is someone she trusts. She's revealed to me that she had a very satisfactory relationship with him at one time.

"But here is my dilemma, Severus: how does one broach the subject? It seems rather awkward to approach your lover's former lover with this sort of request." Lucius set down the stirring rod he'd been playing with and turned to his friend. "And I will confide I am more than just a little concerned. What if it should re-kindle an old flame? I don't want to lose her, Severus."

"Lucius, you idiot! Krum is not your answer. I am," declared Severus.

Lucius looked at his friend guilelessly. The attempt at wide-eyed innocence may have been his undoing, as Lucius Malfoy had been anything but that for many years. "You, Severus? Now why didn't I think of that myself? You're the perfect answer. Hermione likes you, she trusts you, she cares for you. And you for her. Me likewise, and I wouldn't have to worry that she would leave me for you. Why should she, when she can have us both? It's perfect."

Severus stared at him, eyes narrowed. "Lucius, you bastard, you've been playing me right along, setting me up. Does Hermione even know anything about this? Or were you simply going to present it to her as a fait accompli?"

Lucius looked downright guilty and decided it was best to come clean. They should have realized that it was never a good idea to try to put something over on a damned Legilimens, they always figured it out in the end. "It was actually her idea. I tell you, Severus, our Gryffindor girl has a Slytherin streak wide enough to drive the Hogwarts Express through. The truth is we both want the ménage à trois, and we both want it to be with you. However, Hermione was worried you would be resistant. She thought if you believed it was your idea, you would be more willing."

Lucius studied his friend closely, and he was quite sure that Severus was more than willing. He just hoped he wasn't going refuse out of spite. Severus stood with his arms crossed, considering his choices. Lucius knew they'd won when he saw the slight smirk on his old friend's face.

"Let's just let her think that for now, Lucius. It will be our little secret," he said smoothly. "Now, just to be on the safe side, tell me, how kinky precisely? I wouldn't want to come on too strong."

Hermione stood at the corner of the bookcase, thumbing through a book, looking for a particular section, when she heard a whisper of movement behind her. She'd expected Lucius, but a whiff of familiar cologne revealed otherwise. Spinning around, she discovered Severus so close she was forced to take a step back, effectively blocking herself into the corner between the bookcase and the wall. Instead of backing off he stepped even closer, invading her space and cutting of any chance of escape short of Apparition.

"Severus...," she said breathlessly.

He studied her face closely for nearly a full minute, his eyes locked with hers. "I've spoken with Lucius, he's revealed your intention to arrange a ménage à trois." She nodded, acknowledging her understanding. "You're positive this is what you want?" She nodded again, speechless.

His hands grasped her arms roughly, as if he feared she might try to escape. "Then as I have just informed Lucius, my dear, I am the logical answer to complete your threesome," he said, his lips crashing against hers, devouring her mouth. Once he started kissing her, she couldn't stop from kissing him back with equal passion. Damn! She had no idea the man would be such a good kisser, he didn't seem the type. When they finally came up for air, he leaned his forehead against hers and took a deep breath. "Come. Lucius is waiting upstairs."

"What... Now?" she asked in disbelief, pulling back as he tried to drag her forward toward the door. He at least had enough sense, it seemed, to realize that neither of them were capable of Apparating safely. "Right now?" she questioned again as he kept tugging her with him.

"Oh, yes, pet. Right now. No time like the present," he replied, already headed for the stairs, his grip on her arm never easing.

As she hurried up the stairs, towed along in Severus' wake, her thoughts were flying. iOh, dear Merlin, this is really happening. Right here, right now. I thought it would take some time to bring Severus around to the idea. I thought I'd have more time to prepare. Can I really do this? What if it changes things? Is this a mistake? They've both done this before. What if I'm horrible? What if I make a fool of myself? What if.../i

"Hermione... Hermione!"

Suddenly, she realized they were in the master suite. Lucius was there, wearing just a soft, faded pair of grey flannel sleep pants. Both he and Severus were standing on either side of her, looking at her worriedly. "Are you all right?" asked Lucius softly. He brushed her hair back over her shoulder and caressed the side of her neck as he kissed her lips.

His touch calmed her. Hermione took a deep breath. "I'm fine, just... just a little nervous, I guess. This is happening so fast. What if I do something wrong? What if—"

She felt warmth behind her as Severus stepped close, enfolding her in his embrace. "Shhhh... You think too much, Hermione. Don't think... Just feel. This first time will be just for you. You don't have to do anything, love; just let us take care of you." He pulled her snugly against him, his hands stroking up and down her arms, and he nuzzled the side of her neck, sending delicious shivers through her.

"He's right, ma chérie," said Lucius as he began to unbutton her blouse. "We'll take care of everything. There is nothing you can do wrong."

"Quite so," agreed Severus as he went back to his neck nuzzling and softly stroking her exposed skin.

Lucius knelt at her feet to remove her shoes and socks, and then he undid the snap and zip on her jeans, sliding them down her legs. Hermione stood before them in just her lacy knickers and bra; she blushed slightly, but her year with Lucius had given her more confidence in her body and her desirability.

Taking her hand, Lucius led Hermione over to the bed. He climbed in first, settling in the center, and then he leaned back against the pillows. He pulled her in to snuggle against his chest. Idly running his hands over her while eying Severus, he commented, "I do think you have entirely too many clothes on for this party, Severus. Don't you agree, sweet?"

"Umm hmmm, definitely too many," agreed Hermione. Her gaze never left Severus as he removed his clothing quickly and methodically. By the time he stood before them naked, with his cock standing erect, she was panting slightly. And someone in the room was making quiet whimpering sounds. Hermione was surprised when she figured out the noises were coming from her.

"It seems that you two are now the over-dressed ones," he commented as he reached down to pull his wand out of his robes. With a whispered spell, Lucius and Hermione were nude as well. "Hmmm... much better I'd say," he murmured as he approached the bed.

Sitting at the edge, he leaned forward to kiss Hermione, gently at first then deeper. Lucius continued to hold her against him, giving her an anchor, letting her become accustomed to Severus' nearness and his touch. "I've got you. Remember, don't think, ma chérie. Feel."

Severus began a slow exploration, his fingers trailing over her neck and her breasts and toying with her nipples. When he saw how readily she responded, he centered his attention there, teasing her, tugging and pulling, first at one, then the other. He rolled the tips between his thumb and forefinger until they were tight little nubs, and then he pinched, twisting slightly until she arched toward him and cried softly, "Please!" Severus needed no further invitation. He lowered his lips to take one nipple into his mouth as he continued to worry the other nipple with his fingers. He continued suckle her, back and forth, until she was squirming with desire, and then his hand slid down her body to explore new territory. Between him playing with her breasts and Lucius kissing and nipping at her neck, she was primed like a stick of dynamite.

Hermione's legs were draped over Lucius', and he now spread his apart opening her to Severus touch. She could feel Lucius' cock grinding behind her, and she wanted to touch him, but he held her immobile, which only seemed to fire her passion further. Severus cupped her mons briefly before moving his fingers through her folds. He slipped two fingers inside, pumping slowly before curving them forward to rub against her as his thumb circled her clit. Her orgasm flashed over her almost without warning. She was so wet she was almost embarrassed. But Severus seemed pleased, he continued to thrust his fingers several more times before lifting them to his lips to lick the juices off. "Ummm... ambrosia," he declared.

Then he turned to Lucius and said, "You're getting left out back there, old boy. Let's trade. I want to watch for awhile."

"Wonderful idea," agreed Lucius readily.

Hermione felt a bit like a child's toy being passed back and forth between the two, but in all honesty, she was loving everything they were doing to her. Severus settled next to her, rather than behind her, and watched as Lucius crawled between her legs and began to lick and suck her pussy like a starving man at a banquet. He knew exactly what she liked and how to drive her mad. Severus alternated between kissing her, watching what Lucius was doing, and suckling at her breasts. It didn't take long for them to drive Hermione into another screaming orgasm.

"Beautiful," declared Severus as he watched her come. Then reaching down he threaded his fingers through Lucius' hair and pulled him up demanding, "Give me another taste."

As she watched, the two men knelt up on bed, and Severus licked her come off Lucius' lips and chin then kissed him deeply. Lucius kissed him back with a groan. Seeing the two of them like this both shocked her and turned her on. Hermione whined loudly. Lucius pulled away and, with a lascivious smile on his face, commented, "Oh, my. We promised Hermione this was going to be all about her, and now she'd being ignored. I do think we need to give our witch some attention, Severus."

Lucius then took control as he arranged them all to his liking. He placed himself at the head of the bed and put Hermione on her knees between his legs. "Now, suck my cock and make it good, wench" he teased as he ordered Severus to move behind her. Severus gave her arse a couple of sharp smacks before he got into position. He slid his cock all the way into her and held himself still while he teased Hermione with his fingers, rubbing and plucking at her clit. At the same time, he watched over her shoulder as she worked Lucius with her mouth. Before long, he began sliding in an out slowly, building a rhythm that escalated until they were all on the brink of orgasm. He knew the instant Lucius came by the way his eyes rolled back in his head. Severus began pumping wildly, knowing he wouldn't be far behind. Severus reached his hand under Hermione to slip his fingers between her folds, and he rubbed firmly over her clit as he gave a final thrust, pushing them both over the edge.

They all fell together in a heap on the bed and dozed quietly for an hour or so. Hermione was the first to wake, and feeling brave she slithered down the bed between the two men and took a cock in each hand to squeeze and stroke until they were both hard. Then she began to use her mouth, first going at one and then the other. The were both wide awake now and enjoying her efforts greatly. Hermione was doing her best to get Severus off while he was trying his damnedest not to come. Gritting his teeth he caught Lucius' eye and shook his head. Lucius knew exactly what his friend had in mind, so he nodded in agreement. In a fell swoop he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her off of Severus.

"Why did you do that? I wanted to make both of you come," she cried in frustration.

"We want that too, pet," Severus assured her, pulling her down to kiss her. "But we have something else in mind."

"Yes," agreed Lucius, scooting over and lying in the center of the bed. "Something special. Here, you get on top." He positioned her over his already hard cock. He slid his fingers into her sex, and finding her ready, pushed her down onto him. "Oh, gods yes, that's good," he sighed as she began to move over him.

"Ummm... very good," she agreed, rocking back and forth on him, bracing her hands against his chest.

She forgot for a moment about Severus until she felt his palm glide down her back to rest on her bum. She looked over her shoulder to see him watching them and knew he could clearly see Lucius' cock sliding in and out of her pussy each time she raised up. She thought she ought to be embarrassed but instead she found herself extremely turned on.

"Perfect." murmured Severus. He continued to watch for several more seconds then said, "Lean down, love. There, just like that." He placed his hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her down firmly until she was bent at the hips and draped over Lucius.

Hermione suddenly realized what the two had in mind and snapped back upright like a jack-in-the-box. "Oh, my gods! Wait. I don't know if this is such a good idea," she objected.

With a dark chuckle, Severus pushed her back down. "It's a most excellent idea. You'll see," he assured her. "You'll like it. I promise."

She felt a cool slickness as he began to spread lubrication over her puckered hole. "I'm not sure this will work," she said worriedly.

"We can attest that it will," said Lucius, wrapping his arms around her as he kissed her softly. "Besides, you liked it when I've fucked you there. Quite a bit if I recall."

"But this is different. There was only one of you. I'm not entirely sure the human body is meant to be used in such a manner."

"I can assure from past experience that it is entirely do-able. You know, Hermione, there's a reason it's called a ménage à trois, and not a ménage à deux." said Lucius patiently.

Severus was now spreading the lube around, sliding a second finger inside to stretch her tender flesh. "Oh, gods," she squeaked.

"You think too much, Hermione. Trust us," said Severus gently. "I promise, we'll go slowly, and if it's really too much for you, we'll stop."

Lucius looked at Severus to see him mouthing the words 'distract her,' so he set about doing just that. He stroked Hermione and kissed her mouth, sliding down to nibble her neck, as his hands teased her breasts and tugged a her nipples.

Glancing over Hermione's shoulder once more, he saw Severus lubing his cock. Then he moved behind Hermione, stroking his hand over her arse like someone trying to gentle a skittish mare.

Hermione jerked at Severus' touch, but didn't object. She took a breath but held it, tensing.

"Relax, love," advised Lucius. "Don't hold your breath, you're tightening up. Keep breathing."

Severus was spreading the cheeks of her arse apart and positioning the tip of his cock at her entrance. With one hand at her hip, he pushed forward a bit, holding her steady. "Relax, love," he said, pushing with a slow steady pressure. "Push back a little." Severus worked himself in a little farther. "Damn, you're so fucking tight. Relax, let me in," he muttered.

Hermione understood the technique, as she was no stranger to the activity, but this was much different from anything she'd imagined. It was both awkward and exciting at the same time. "Relax! That's easy for you to say," she muttered. "You're huge and there's already one big fucking cock inside me. I'd like to see how relaxed you'd be if I were trying to shove a cock up your arse!"

"I say, I know a place where we can get a strap on," drawled Lucius, his tone dead serious. "If you'd care to give it a go sometime?"

There was complete silence for several seconds, and then the tension just shattered like a fragile eggshell, as they all burst out laughing. Lucius twitched inside her and she collapsed on his chest, physically feeling the pressure leave her. She ihad/i been tensing up. Severus finally slid past the tight ring of muscle. "Ahh... yesss," he hissed. "That's the ticket." With several more slow thrusts he was fully seated. "Oh, gods... you feel so good... Hermione, so fucking good... oh, fuck!"

Lucius hissed at him, "Severus, don't you dare finish before the rest of us even get started."

He then turned his attentions to Hermione. "You're such a good girl, sweet. You're doing wonderfully," Lucius praised her through slightly gritted teeth. "Are you all right?"

"Ughh..." Hermione grunted slightly. "Yes...Yes, it's good. Tight. Full. Very full. But... mmm... good. I... I don't know how to move."

"Shhh... remember. Don't think... just feel. Let us take care of you," directed Severus. He had mastered his urge to come and he began to slide slowly in and out.

Soon, he and Lucius found a pattern, as one filled her and the other retreated. Over and over, a different tension was building now. It seemed to wash over Hermione in waves, each one higher than the last. Lucius was whispering words of love and lust and sex in her ear as his hands and mouth slid over her. Severus still had one hand braced on her hip, clutching tightly, grunting a little each time he pulled her back on his cock. She was sure to have bruises on her hip tomorrow, but she didn't really care at this point. She never wanted it to stop, this feeling of euphoria. Then the rhythm changed as they both pounded into her simultaneously, in and out, in and out, over and over, until she just knew the whole world was going to explode. Severus managed to slip his other hand around, and his fingers pressed firmly on her clit, throwing her off the cliff and into the void. She was fairly sure they followed her over but couldn't say for sure because at that point consciousness drifted away.

When Hermione awoke, she was snuggled between her two wizards, the sheets pulled up over them. They both were petting her, kissing her face and neck, stroking her hair. She felt a bit sore and a bit tired, but very well loved.

"Mmmm...," she sighed happily. "That was nice."

Severus choked out a laugh. "Nice? iNice?/i I think the top of my fucking head just blew off, and you think it was merely nice?"

"Mmmm hmmm," she sighed and smiled with a silly grin. "Really, really nice."

"You were marvelous, ma chérie," praised Lucius, stroking her hair away from her face as he kissed her temple. "Simply marvelous."

"You too, sweet. Both my sweets," she teasingly addressed both of them .

"So... Did the whole ménage à trois thing live up to your expectations, pet?" asked Severus, watching her reaction closely.

"Ummm... I'm really not sure," she replied, sounding a little befuddled.

Severus and Lucius both looked at each other, concern in their eyes.

"Does that you mean you wouldn't want to try it again sometime?" asked Severus, trying not to show his disappointment.

"Actually, I think in order to make a definitive judgment," Hermione explained seriously, "we really need to have quite a few more trial sessions. To decide positively how I really feel about it might take years. Don't you agree?"

Lucius and Severus grinned broadly, and both agreed heartily. It would surely take years and years and years.