Because I felt the need to write dysfunctional TeddyDominique again. For me, this seems to be their permanent state of being. The title means 'these stars of fire in our dark sky'. It sounds prettier in French. If you like this enough to favourite, please leave a review as well :)

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They could most easily be compared to a star. Not a star several light-years away, languishing on the outer reaches of some distant galaxy, its dim light all we, sat safe here on earth, will ever know of it. Nor were they a sun such as ours, a burning ball of hydrogen hanging in the sky, providing light and life to an entire planet. No, if Teddy Lupin and Dominique Weasley were a star, they were one going supernova: an enormous expanse of dark space collapsing in on itself and taking everything else down with it. They were a mess, self-destructing with no viable means of escape; but, somehow, they never completely imploded, always managing to eke out their time a little, no matter how painful it was for all concerned.