Ventus was constantly taking care of everyone else. Except for himself. So, it was not surprising at all when he woke up one morning with a fever, especially considering it had been going around the entire orphanage. All week, the blond had been running around from room to room, making sure the younger children had what they needed – enough to eat and drink and any necessary medicine. Mister Eraqus, the caretaker, did not have to do much, because the teen always offered to help. And now everyone was feeling better, except for the one who had done the caring.

Sitting up slowly, the boy groaned softly. His sapphire eyes and his entire head felt extremely heavy. Still, he moved to get out of bed. 'I have to see how everyone's doing. . . ' he thought to himself. He pushed his hands down on the mattress, going to stand. However, the room started to spin and he almost fell back down on the bed.

"Not feeling good, hmm?"

Sapphire eyes blinked softly and wandered over to the doorway. "Oh. 'morning, Vani. I'm. . . fine. What about you? Have you caught a cold yet?" he asked.

Golden eyes rolled. "Of course I haven't. I'm not the one going around and making sure everyone's blowing their noses. You look like you were run over."

"I'm fine." The blond tried to sound more confident, but coughed softly, covering his mouth with his hand. "I just need to get a shower and I'll be good to go."

Vanitas frowned and shook his head. "What you need is to lie back down. I'll. . . check on the brats for you."

A few more blinks. "Really? You don't have to. I can do it," Ven protested.

The raven-haired teen walked over to the bed and gently pushed the blond down to the bed. "I. . want to. So. . . sleep," he ordered. "I'll be back in to check on you soon enough, because I'm pretty sure everyone else is just fine."

A small smile came to Ven's lips as he knew that Vanitas really wanted him to just relax. "All right. See you in a little bit," he said softly, pulling the blankets back up to his chin and falling back to sleep with ease.

Hours later, sapphire eyes fluttered open once again and were met by golden ones that were only inches away. Other people would probably scream and try to get away from Vanitas as quickly as possible, but Ven just smiled. "Everyone else is okay, then?" A nod and the blond continued, "thanks a lot, Vani. I already feel a little better too." It was then he realized there was a wet cloth folded neatly and draped across his forehead. That simply made his smile grow. "Thank you."

Golden eyes looked right back into sapphire ones, the faintest shade of pink coloring Vanitas's cheeks. "It's not a big deal. You're always running around like crazy and making sure everyone but you is doing okay. Someone has to return the favor."

The dark-haired teen held his hands out as the blond sat up again, seeming a bit unstable. The blond, however, purposely leaned forward too much, so he was leaning against the other teen, wrapping his arms around him. "Your body is so cool. I don't think I need the wash cloth if I can just hug you. Promise I won't breathe on you. Even if you never seem to get sick."

A soft chuckle escaped Vanitas's lips. He returned the hug, gently running his hand over the blond's forehead and through his hair. He then tilted the boy's head back so they were looking at each other once more. Without thinking it through, he leaned down and pressed their lips together. "I don't care if I get sick. I'd gladly take your fever away from if I could."