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Sydney was a witch, a young one, only 16.

She had long following brown hair and soft yet starling green eyes. She lived in a house in suburban America, went to a human school full of mindless, robotic humans who followed the same schedule everyday for the rest of their lives, but the point was that she wasn't human. Although she looked human she had a glow about her, a kind of aura that made her liked yet left alone. Not that she minded. Humans were as clueless about her as they were about most things. Sydney was the only Night person in her school, something that was rare. At times it was a little lonely, but she stuck it out daydreaming her way through high school.

She sighed a little as she closed her locker. She took her time walking to History, reading the notices on the wall.

"School dance!" one of them cried.

"Hockey team places!" another proclaimed.

"School trip to Belgium." This caught her eye and she slowed to read it.

"Following the success of school exams this year, 20 places are available on the school trip to Belgium. For more details, please speak to Mr Joyce or Mrs Adams." Sydney mused over this as she continued down the hall to history. The history lesson passed by slowly, but she paid little attention to it, too busy thinking about the possibility of going to Belgium. She had grown up in England when she was a little and moved to America when she was six. She had never been to Belgium; but it would be nice to go back to Europe she decided.

As soon as the bell went she gathered up her belongings and walked to Mr. Joyce's study. As she arrived she paused in the hall way, checking both ways for a sign of anyone coming. She dipped around the side of one of the bookcases and muttered under her breath;

"Mother of Hellewise I call you to be.

Witness to my claim, for luck and truth,

I shall succeed in what may be.

Blessed I see, so mote it be."

She left the power course through her; she felt her body responding to the spell subtly. Her skin became softer looking and her eyes more trusting. She tossed back her fine hair and smiled softly.

She walked to the door and knocked gently, waiting for a reply. An old ragged voice spoke out. "Enter."

She walked though the door, she felt a slight tug in her body and she knew what to do. She set her face to that almost tragic and sat down, looking at Mr. Joyce with a soft, pleading expression. He leant forward and patted her shoulder. "Well well." He said, his voice scratched. "I trust you are here about the trip."

Sydney nodded mutely.

He looked at her for a few seconds and she willed him to cooperate. Had he known she was a witch he would have been much harder to control, but his stern expression melted in her soft sad eyes.

"You can go on the trip. You deserve the treat." He said to her, his face gentle. Sydney didn't suppose she did much, she had been an average sudent and little that was interesting had happened to her but she just nodded and flashed him a grateful smile before leaving his office and moving back to her old position by the books.

"My work is done,

I thank in thee.

I bid thy gone,

So mote it be."

She felt her body return to normal. She could have kept the power, but it wearied her and spells that affect other people or make them view you differently were difficult to keep up.

Ten minutes later she walked into her house. From the outside it looked remarkably like a normal house, but inside was an array of weird and wonderful things from the magickal world. A rose from the caves of Chile that's aroma was so strong it could make people collapse; or necklace that transports the wearer exactly 4 inches to the left; even a rock that got hotter the closer you were to what you craved, and colder as you went further. She touched it just to check. Stone cold. As usual. It was always cold for her. Her father said it got hot for him when her mother came over. She was a doctor, or at least that's what she claimed to be. In fact she toured the country curing people with magick. She had a knack for healing spells even as a girl Sydney was told. As Sydney moved into the library she saw her father balancing precariously on a pile of books, trying to reach a large leather bound one of the top shelf.

Her eyes focused on the book, blocking out everything else she willed it to move. As if attached to string the book moved across and drifted down to her father. "Thanks huh." He grunted before slowly stepping his way down the pile of books. Her father was a human with slight witch blood from a blood bond that his grandfather did years ago. A clueless human perhaps, but then again, maybe all of them were like that.


The plane ride had taken much longer than any of the excited teenage passengers had expected, and their brief excitement upon getting off the plane was immediately halted by the knowledge that they still had a 3hour bus ride. Half way through the journey the bus driver made an announcement "We will be making a short stop." He boomed over the chattering teenagers. "Do what yer want."

The teenagers streamed off the bus. As Sydney got off she blinked, her green eyes focusing on the world around her. A few people at a spacious park to the east. North was a large shining metal building, probably a shopping centre she noted as she saw the teenagers move off to it. They had half an hour to kill. She went into the park like area, heading for the large lake in the centre.

She spent a while just walking around, smiling slightly at the park's luscious grounds and agriculture. It was a breezy evening and only a few people were out. She lifted her face to the breeze, feeling it wash over her. She had just decided to walk down to the lake when her path was intercepted by a small yappy dog. A Jack Russell terrier. She dropped down onto her knees, stroking it gently as the wriggling puppy tried to lick her hand as she did so.

"Hey! You! Get away from my dog."

She looked up to see a sullen looking boy, around seventeen with shaggy brown hair. He was gorgeous.

"Sorry..." She started.

"Get away from my dog. Then you can be sorry. Or then again, if you don't I'll make you sorry." He said shortly his blue eyes flashing.

Sydney felt her temper flare. "Who do you think you are?" She started again but was swiftly interrupted by the boy.

"Model, sex god, millionaire... Should I continue?" He asked her lightly; teasing her.

"Modest too..." She muttered.

"Ah. No, I'm afraid that when you are the image of perfection it's a little hard to be modest."

"Image of perfection?" She snorted. "I've seen more perfect grass hoppers than you." He just smiled.

"Keep telling yourself that. I'd hate to embarrass you by turning you down when you're in love with me."

Her mouth dropped open. "You jerk bag! You... You..."

"Yes?" he inquired calmly.

"If you want your damn dog, call him. Instead of all this get away from him stuff, scared he won't obey you?"

"No, I merely thought her had been paralyzed by fear at the sight of you." And with that he gave a short, sharp whistle and the dog bounded over to him. She saw his features soften as he petted the excitable puppy.

"Oh, and..."

"Yes?" She snapped.

"Nothing... I just thought you would want to know that it's nine pm at night."

"I know that! I'm not stupid."

"Could have fooled me." He said dryly. "Let me finish. It's nine pm and your bus just left."

She whirled around, searching for the bus, but true to his word it was gone. As she turned around and found him standing right next to her. Without speaking he picked her up and flung her over his shoulder.

"What are you doing?" She screamed into his back.

"Can't have you out here, you could get mugged or raped."

"I thought you said I was ugly."

"I said no such thing, but only the desperate would be around here at night. And you're fresh blood."

Fresh blood... She paused, thinking over these words.

"You're a vampire!" She blurted out.

"Congratulations. You're a witch and also I have iron in my pocket. So let's be good and no one gets harmed. Also don't try any magick, do and I won't be responsible for my actions." He told her briskly as he walked to the park exit, still carrying her.

"You have it all planned out." She said quietly.

"Yup." He replied cheerfully.

"How did you know I would come?" She whispered.

"I knew. You're my soulmate."


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