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Nearly two weeks had passed since Aradia's departure, and Thierry seemed near tears. The final fight was in a week, and he had heard nothing of the final wildpower. Aside from that the group were contacted to say they would be sent to the Island, and to be packed and ready to go in four days. The group continued smiling, and acting as normal, but beneath their calm exterior, was a panic reflected in their eyes. Without the final wildpower, they would all surely perish.

Sydney's hands were entwined with Alec's and they were sitting in the living room, talking to Winnie and Phillip. Winnie had become a firm friend of Sydney's since in the last two weeks as they had spent so much time together training Sydney's power to the extent that magic was near effortless.

Winnie's heart shaped face looked at Sydney's. "I just find the idea of drinking blood so... Eugh!" She screwed up her delicate features and Sydney laughed.

"It's not so bad; I didn't like the taste much before I was turned, now it's nice, like a glass of water when you've just been doing loads of exercise." She explained.

"So how did you two meet?" Asked Phillip.

Sydney pointed at Alec. "He kidnapped me." She accused while Alec raised his hands in defence.

"Hey, kidnap is a bit harsh. I just took you to my house, locked you in a room where you couldn't do any magic until you fell hopelessly in love with me."

Sydney snorted. "In love with you... Sure... I only came with you because of those werewolves who attacked you saw me and I would have to have avoided them..." She teased.

"I never found out who sent them." Pondered Alec. "I expect it was just one of my many admirers, perhaps even Matt."

Sydney smiled at Alec before turning to Winnie and Philip. "Sorry." She grinned apologetically.

Winnie grinned back. "Don't worry; you two are so cute together."

"That reminds me, how are Phillip and James getting on now days?" Asked Sydney.

"A lot better, which I'm glad about, since I love Poppy and how sweet she is. It was a little awkward at first. I don't think he likes the idea of his sister being in a relationship with someone, he's such an over protective fool." She said, speaking as if Phillip wasn't there.

"I am here you know?" He said indignantly.

Winnie grinned before she lifted her head and gave Phil a quick kiss.

At that point Mare walked in, in the space of two weeks she had the body of someone who had been pregnant for four months, with a definite bump beginning to show. Thierry found out that thankfully this was normal, and the baby was due in three weeks.

Mare sat down heavily on the sofa. "Hey." She smiled.

"Hey tubby." Grinned Alec before Sydney punched him on the arm.

"I'll ignore that." Glared Mare before turning back to the group. "I was just wondering what you lot were up to?"

"Not much, how are you and the baby?" Asked Sydney.

Mare smiled. "I love the hell out of her, but boy is she a nightmare, she is already kicking, which means it is near impossible to sleep. Ash is being sweet though."

"She?" Asked Phillip.

"Yeah." Smiled Mare. "I can tell. I'm going to call her Eve I think.

"It's a beautiful name." Sydney smiled at Mare. "Does Ash like the name?"

"It was his idea." Smiled Mare. "You wouldn't think he would be good at baby names." She added with a sheepish smile.

"She will be beautiful." Said Winnie, smiling at Mare, with her hand gently in Phillips.

Jez's POV

Jez put down her mobile carefully. It was Raven from her old gang, and she even thought she heard Thistle on the end of the line. Word had gotten out that her and Morgead were in Belgium and although they didn't know that she had joined Circle Daybreak, since they thought that she and Morgead had just left to be together. She missed them; despite the awful things they did they were a part of her family. And they were in Belgium, eager to see her again. She found her hand twitching towards the window. Raven had wanted to meet up, and Jez was desperate to see her. She knew the dangers of leaving. Yet she still found herself impulsively opening the window and looking out onto the breezy night. She took a deep breath, hoisted herself up onto the ledge, and jumped.

Delos's POV.

He was unaware that Jez had just gotten a phone call, and he too had now gotten one. This phone call was from one of his old advisors, also one that he had considered a friend. By some odd coincidence he was in Belgium, and he had called Delos, believing him too to be in Belgium. Delos didn't ponder too much on this, he was a mere half an hour away, not that his friend knew Delos's location. Delos's forehead creased into a frown. He trusted this man, and he had feared he had been killed by Hunter's men. Being a wildpower meant he had a strong chance of being safe. And besides, he had known this man from birth. And he too, like Jez, jumped out the window to meet the caller.

Iliana's POV

Iliana was on the phone to her mum. "How is Belgium darling?" Asked her mother through the phone.

Iliana flushed slightly, she wasn't supposed to have told her mother she was in Belgium, yet she had in a moment of forgetfulness. "It's nice here mum, how are you?"

"Fantastic, listen honey, I got plane tickets, and I'm here in Belgium now with your brother! Please, it would be delightful to see you." She gave Iliana the address, and as Iliana searched it on her phone she found it was only half an hour away.

"I'm not sure mum..." Started Iliana but was cut off by her mother.

"I feel like I haven't seen you in ages, and Alex misses you darling."

This tugged at Iliana's heart; she missed her mother and Alex as well. "Okay." She whispered into the phone.

Jez's POV.

As Jez moved down the dark, deserted street she came across a building, it was well fortified with what seemed like five meters of concrete between each wall and ceiling. This for her was not something to be thought much about; she was used to meeting her gang in odd places.

She walked into the building and found it just to be a single room, a large one, with no windows and a single, heavy iron door. She wandered around the spacious room before Delos walked in.

"What are you doing here?!" Asked Jez, just as Delos was about to reply Iliana walked in.

"What's going on?!" Asked Iliana before the Iron doors slammed close.

"It's a trick. We're trapped." Came Delos's cold voice through the darkness.


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