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Sydney squinted against the blinding sunlight as she stepped off the blacked out boat. As she raised her hand to block the glare she felt like she had been thrown back into one of her dreams. Of course, she was wide awake but the island hadn't changed in the slightest even over the 10,000 year period and Sydney found this eerie. She moved forward ignoring her friends; well aware of Hannah's careful gaze on her. Sydney felt odd, it was like déjà vu; yet she had seen this all before. The Island had prospered over the years and as it was uninhabited it should have grown unruly and wild, but it had contained that same order of ten thousand years ago when the land was used by Cesan's clan. Ancient trees towered over the Island, and the island itself had a steep incline once you got off the boat which then levelled out for a while before a steeper drop. Sydney sent a message to Alec, I'll find you later, I need to look around.

His reply came immediately. Stay safe. Keep to our half of the Island and call me if anything happens.

Sydney nodded absentmindedly as she began her climb up the mountain. She had to use her hands at times and she felt sorry for the people who had to carry heavy materials up.

Sydney was panting by the time she reached the top and she took a moment to sit on the grassy plain and survey the world around her. The island was pretty, but Sydney had mixed emotions to it. This island was her home 10,000 years ago and all she had known, but the Island had seen such chaos and destruction, and it would again. She ran the thick grass through her fingers and closed her eyes.


Sinnie was running through the long grass, she had to join the rest of the four. Her side was doing badly. Without Cesan there to guide them they faltered in their attack, and were messy and disorganised. She couldn't help them, Cesan was busy. They would have to learn to work as a team or else they would die. And millions more if I don't get to Cesan in time. She said to herself grimly. She wished she had her mare, galloping through the long grass and uneven ground would have been effortless for her, but Sinnie found it difficult and nearly fell over a few times. She battled against the thick undergrowth and scurried down the steep side of the valley. When she reached the bottom, instead of running into the fight she turned left sharply and ran down to the coast.

After a few minutes of jumping over bodies and weapons with no owner, Sinner arrived at the long stretch of golden sand. It burned with a majestic glory, and was one of the few places on the Island where blood had not yet been spilled.

Sinnie ran to her three best friends, panting heavily.

"Took your time." Said Anya tersely.

Sinnie could only nod as she bent forward, trying to regain control of her panting.

Suddenly a flash of light flashed in front of her face. A charred spear lay on the ground. "You ought to be careful." Said Dea before sending a flaming orb of light into the undergrowth where it was met by a howl of pain. Sinnie suddenly realised that Dea had managed to stop the spear from killing her, and killed her attacker.

"Thank you." She said; her breathing beginning to slow.

"You are welcome child." Spoke Dea carefully. "Though I must leave you soon, for the time is near."

"Why must you go?" Asked Flecha. "Why must everyone go, I understand that it is our fire that will kill Arach, but having you lot throwing your spears and such would help." She said, tossing her thick hair back.

Cesan looked at her seriously. "This is our fight, they will do what they can, but the fight has always been between us and Arach."

Anya dipped her head slightly. "Dea, go to safety. We will manage."

"Oh, you will do more than that child." Spoke Dea with a twinkle in her eye. "The fight is not quite out of me yet. I may be old, but as such I have learnt much and do not fear death. I will fight. And I wish you all the best of luck." And with that the old woman nodded once to the four of them and slowly walked away, her back hunched, but the fire alight in her withered hands.

"I do hope she is alright." Whispered Anya.

Sinnie put her arm around Anya comfortingly, though she said nothing.

They stood in silence for a minute or two before Cesan spoke. "They're coming."

And so they were, in a slow procession of the victorious. A huge black dragon, its teeth dripping blood and its eyes hungry for more. Sinnie stood with her friends in front of them. It was a dragon, and it was flanked by two male witches, though it was obviously that the witches would not fight, since their only purpose was to control the dragon, Sinnie still didn't like them.

Sinnie could hear Cesan's voice in her head. Although a human, he held a gift of strong telepathy. "Kill the witches." Sinnie understood, although they were there to control the dragon, nothing could stop them from trying to kill one of us if things got hairy. Sinnie looked directly at the first witch, calling an enchantment in her head and sending it at the witch. The witch spasmed, and fell to the floor, twitching violently. Sinnie moved her glare to the next one, and was annoyed to find his mind blocked, obviously wary having seen the other witch. Sinnie pressed against his mind, finally feeling it break against her will. The power flew from her body, destroying the witch's defences and filling his mind with such force, that he didn't spasm, his eyes just slowly glazed over before he fell to the floor, dead.

Sinnie looked to her friends and to the ever increasingly angry dragon and held out her arm. Cesan, Anya and Flecha all followed her lead. Sinnie smiled as she met the maddened gaze of the dragon.


Sydney opened her eyes. Sitting in front of her was Winnie. Winnie smiled gently at her. "Welcome back."

Sydney let out a puff of air and lay back against the grass. "How did you find me?" She asked.

"I was just wondering around, Alec's worried about you, it's been an hour."

"Shoot!" Exclaimed Sydney before taking Winnie's hand and running to where their campsite was.

The campsite itself was basic, there were hundreds of white canvas tents in the forest, and in the clearing there were two large canvas tents, and two medium tents. Alec passed the crossbow he was holding to Delos and ran over to Sydney, engulfing her in a hug which took her feet of the ground. "Why didn't you reply?!" He asked urgently.

"I was Sinnie." Spoke Sydney sheepishly.

Alec nodded in understanding. He motioned to Delos before leading Sydney into one of the large tents. The space was obviously used as a meeting room, and Thierry, Iliana, Jez and a man she didn't know was there. Delos had entered the tent from behind her and had sat down next to Jez.

"Alec, you can stay." Spoke Thierry. "Sydney, I don't believe you have met this man, this is Adam Stafford. He is in charge of the Circle Daybreaks outside of us."

"I thought you were in charge Thierry." Interrupted Delos.

"I am." Replied Thierry before he was interrupted smoothly by Adam.

"Thierry is in charge of Circle Daybreak, but he focuses on your house and the wildpowers, I oversee the international Circle Daybreak as a whole." He said in his deep voice. His scruffy hair and striking features made it obvious he was a vampire, and his twinkling eyes gave him a sense of likeability.

"If I may," Interrupted Sydney. "I became Sinnie again, that's why I was so long." And she told them all she saw.

"Fascinating." Murmured Adam.

Sydney flushed slightly from the approval of this new figure. "Thank you." She said, unsure of what else to say.

"Well." Interrupted Thierry, though Adam's eyes did not leave her. "This is interesting, we now have your venue, and unfortunately Sydney woke up before she saw how the dragon was defeated, though I must admit I wonder if it will be the same dragon, or even the same technique that needs to be used to kill it." He paused. "We also know that we can't interfere or help. It's their fight."

Sydney heard Alec grit his teeth at this. "There are several issues needed to be addressed, but this can be done at the next meeting. Sydney if you go to the hospital tent, they will give you a job, the rest of you continue with what you were doing before." Finished Thierry.

So Sydney left the tent and walked into the other large tent which Alec had told her was the hospital tent. In the hospital tent was hundreds of beds, some made out on the floor and people working busily on them. Mare walked over to her, smiling happily, her belly was now well and truly visible and she had the definite look of someone pregnant, (since her baby was due in a week) yet she still moved surprisingly well.

"Hey Sydney!" Greeted Mare, before pulling her into a gentle hug. "All the nurses here are really nice, and most of them have soulmates who will be fighting, so it won't just be me who will be worried during the fight."

Sydney smiled and squeezed Mare's hand as Thea walked over with a stunning girl with smoky eyes and a figure to kill for. "Sydney, meet Blaise."

Sydney smiled shyly at the awe-inspiring girl.

"Thea has told me lots about you." Smiled Blaise before reaching into her bag and stepping forward. "Take this." She said, before passing over an intricately braided bracelet with small stones and spirals woven into it."

"Blaise has a gift with making jewellery. She's made them for loads of the witches here, they're designed to help heighten your powers, but you know how they work, right?" Asked Thea.

"Yeah." Replied Sydney. "Winnie let me use one once." Sydney attached it to her wrist where the cool stones lay against her tanned skin.

A young shifter that Sydney didn't know ran into the hospital tent. "There is a meeting in the main tent, now." He said breathlessly before jogging off to tell others.

Mare took Sydney's hand and led her out of the tent; her pregnant belly let her move through the crowds easily as people parted to let her through. Sydney entered the tent that she had been in earlier, this time looking around it in curiosity. It was a large rectangular shape, with a grass centre, and raised benches around it. Sydney climbed the stairs with Mare and sat on the second row with Ash, Galen and Keller. The first row was for only the most important and senior members of Circle Daybreak.

She felt a nudge against her mind, no doubt Alec telling her to come to the meeting. She focused her mind, pushing him away gently. To her surprise he didn't leave it, but a stronger force came back, trying to force itself into her mind. She gasped out in anger. And used all her strength to expel the force trying to penetrate her consciousness. Thankfully after a few seconds of battle between herself and Alec, she felt him stop suddenly, and she exhaled in relief.

Mare was still talking to Ash and hadn't appeared to have noticed anything. She saw Alec across the room, to find that he was looking at her. She glared at him, still angered by his brutal attempt to access her mind. He tilted his head, seeming puzzled and Sydney felt a gentle touch against her mind. She pushed it away, making sure that some of her anger leaked into Alec's head. Although he sat across from her in the large tent her vampire sight meant she could see each detail of his face perfectly. And he was livid. Sydney snarled under her breath and sat back against her seat, angrily watching the people on the grass below her.

There were 10 seats in a row on the grass, seven of which were filled with Adam, Thierry, Hannah, Aradia and Galen's parents. It made sense that they would be here; the shapeshifters wouldn't follow the witches or vampires. There were four empty seats standing next to each other.

Thierry stood up and the room quickly hushed. He stepped forward and waited a moment.

"Welcome, it is an honour to have you all here together." Thierry started and Sydney cast her eyes around the tent, there were hundreds of them all here, possibly thousands. "Some of you have travelled many miles to be here, and I thank every single one. I would first like to clear up some rumours that have been going around."

He paused again and lifted his gaze to look at the rows of people above him. "Many of you have been wondering about the wildpowers. It is not a secret that they are needed to help us win this war, but some of you are lacking in information, and some of you believe rumours spread by the dark side."

He walked around to the left side of centre slowly. "Many of you know of Delos. The first of the four. A prince in his own right and the man who defeated Hunter and some of his closest friends with the help of his soulmate. I call Delos down here, to join the centre."

Delos stood up, his gaze straight and looking powerful and controlled. He moved down the stairs and sat next to Galen's parents, every much the ideal of trust and strength.

"Many of you have also heard of the second. Jez Redfern." Spoke Thierry, ignoring the groups surprise at Jez's surname. "She defeated Lily and has been in service to Circle Daybreak for many years. I would like Jez to join me here."

Jez stood up, a huntress. Her slim and powerful body moving in a similar cat-like relation to that of her family member. She didn't bother with the stairs as she was only in the third row, instead standing on the seat back in front of her and jumping down gracefully onto the grass. Sydney could see what she was doing, and what Delos was doing, they made sure to appear powerful and confident. So that they could give faith to anyone who doubted their abilities or that were nervous about the fight.

Thierry waited for the audience to be quiet again. "The third wildpower. The witch child, who also has a blood bond with the shapeshifters, uniting the two species. Iliana, come join the centre."

Iliana stood up in a simple white dress that made her look as if she was glowing. She moved quietly, gracefully and carefully down to the chairs in the centre. She smiled and nodded once to Galen's parents and sat down next to Jez, composed and beautiful.

Sydney panicked a little then, few knew that she had been found, and everyone had an impressive introduction, and she had done nothing of much importance to date.

"Many of you think that we have not found the final wildpower. Many of you think that he or she has been captured by the dark side. You are wrong." Thierry's voice ran out through the tent.

"Some of you are familiar with the prophecies, some of you are aware that the last must unite the five. The five is a reference to the species, humans; vampires; witches; shapeshifters and old souls. The last of the four is all of these, and has used her powers to help us to be far better prepared for the war that will follow in two days."

He made eye contact with Sydney and gave her a reassuring smile. "I call the fourth wild power to the centre."

Sydney took a deep breath and stood up; but someone else stood up too.


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